Stick Hero Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

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Ketchapp seems to be an expert developer of games that are incredibly frustrating, but at the same time insanely addictive. One of their latest releases is Stick Hero, a great iPhone and iPad game that puts you to the test. And we’re here to help you get a score as high as possible by sharing with you some Stick Hero cheats and tips for a perfect strategy.

I know that I don’t have an awful lot of things that I can tell you about when it comes to this game and strategizing, but even the little things could help, so check them out below in our Stick Hero tips and cheats strategy guide!

1. Estimate distance using clues
The backgrounds are changing constantly in Stick Hero and some are more difficult than others when it comes to setting visual clues for the distance, but there’s one thing that you will always have there: the core box. Spreading the stick all the way to the top margin of the score box is about the entire screen after the stick drops. Now that you know the longest distance that you can stretch your stick to keep it inside the screen, you can start estimating the distance needed to reach the next platform. It’s not exact science, but it’s better than a wild guess and it managed to take me really far!

2. Use your fingers to estimate the distance
Again, not something extremely precise, but you can simply use two fingers to calculate the distance between the platform and them switch them into a vertical position to see where you have to stop with your stick. Ideally, you should calculate the distance from your character to the left margin of the platform because you will most likely go a bit higher than required.

3. Combine
Use both methods listed above for an even better chance of landing the stick exactly where you need it to be. From experience, the first method works best with platforms that are far away, while the second one works better with the ones that are closer. Combine both, though, and you will double your chances of doing it right!

4. Practice, practice, practice
Even with the estimates, it’s really difficult to release the stick at the exact length you want it to be, and the only thing that you can do here is to keep playing the game and get used with the distances. Some will be sure fires, many will be near misses, but soon enough you will have an easier time getting farther and farther. So trust me, getting to 40 points is close!

Do you have other tips and tricks that you use when playing the game?


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  1. You must not be using an iphone. On my iPhone 5, I’m not even close to the score for the stick to span all the way across the screen so that doesn’t help at all.


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