Island Experiment Pyramind: How to Complete the Mystic Pyramid Mission?

I feel a bit like the survivors in Lost in the Island Experiment game for the iPhone and iPad and so far I love playing the game, even though I really hope that an update will come sooner rather than later.

Either way, many people are wondering how to complete the Mystic Pyramid mission in Island Experiment, as it is the first mission that you get when you start playing and one that seems impossible to complete. And right now, that is completely correct: you can’t complete the Island Experiment pyramid mission!

This is like the main story of the game: consider the title a TV show and the pyramid its greatest, final mystery. If you find out everything about that, you get the series finale, and we’re not ready for that just yet. It’s true, other things can come and new story lines can develop, but for now, the Mystic Pyramid in the game is a mission that can’t be completed.

There’s no word if a future update will make this mission completable – or when such an update is about to come – but fortunately there’s a lot to be done in the game to not worry about this specific mission.

And if you’re having trouble, we have here at App Amped a pretty nice coverage of the game, starting with tips and tricks, as well as advice on how to increase population, where to find the gears and how to get more keys.



  1. Michael Byrnes Reply

    I disagree with the last part of the end paragraph. You do have to worry about when an update is coming or isn’t for that matter. Other than a couple of pillars, totems, and however many more times I can upgrade my warehouse I’m at a stand still. The developers don’t seem too interested in keeping people playing the game. There’s not even a slight suggestion at their being some kind of update anytime at all.

  2. BettyC Reply

    I have cleared everything around pyramid…. I have all the “parts” for the pyramid, it keeps telling me to “clear the way”…. there is NOTHING left to clear! HOW do you get to pyramid??????

    1. Kerry Reply

      To get to the pyramid, you need to break through the wall. You have to do this in several positions. I can’t remember what prompts that to happen because I did it quite a while ago. Sorry!

  3. Nate dislikes IE Reply

    Has anyone received the replicator?
    Its odd that there’s no information on it.. seeing as how its available once the quest is completed. But after reading this i doubt anyone has ever finished

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