iPad Air or iPad Air 2: Which Should You Buy?

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The recent launch of the iPad Air 2, the new flagship tablet from Apple, means one extremely important thing: the “old” iPad Air is now cheaper, but if you want some extra performance and the latest in terms of technology from Apple, you can get the iPad Air 2. But which one should you buy, in the end? We’ll try to find out in this article!

Truth be told, there aren’t many differences between the two products. In terms of design, they are almost identical. The only notable change is that the iPad Air 2 has a new Home button with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor… and that’s about it! Also, the Air 2 is thinner than the previous table, and a bit lighter, also coming with reduced glare, which is a big bonus.

The biggest changes are related to the tablet’s performance. The processor of the iPad Air 2 offers 2.5x faster GPU performance and 40% faster CPU performance than the iPad Air, and that’s a pretty nice jump forward! It also has the M8 motion processor, just like the iPhone 6.

However, with a price difference between the two tablets of at least $100, is the latest model really worth it? If you really want to be up to date and price doesn’t really matter for you, the iPad Air 2 is clearly the best option for you. However, don’t expect the increased performance to be extremely visible. Your apps and games will run pretty much the same, so even though the improvements are there, they’re not something to blow you away.

Since probably all apps will work without a problem on an iPad Air for at least a couple years (probably more), and since it still is a really good product, if you’re looking for a good deal and you don’t mind not having the latest gadget, the iPad Air is the clear winner and the better choice over the Air 2. As an example, my wife is still enjoying her 32GB iPad 3 and doesn’t have a problem with any of the apps and games, and I personally tested it with some of the latest games released on iOS and it still performs decently. So if the old iPad 3 can still run today’s apps and games without driving you crazy, the iPad Air is certainly here to stay and make your life a lot easier.

Plus, with Black Friday coming, you’ll probably see some iPad Air deals that will save you even more money. So keep an eye on Amazon for the best iPad Air price – and if you really want to have the latest model, you can get the iPad Air 2 here.


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