Mighty Doom Tips & Tricks: Strategy Guide to Play Better

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While Mighty Doom is pretty straightforward and your skill (and, up to a point, luck) matter a lot, it doesn’t hurt to think strategically for a bit to increase your chances at winning. And today I am here to share with you all the Mighty Doom tips & tricks you need to know to play better.

This strategy guide is generally aimed at the beginner players, but more advanced ones might find an useful tip or two, so check them all out below to become a better player.

So without further ado, here are the top tips & tricks for Mighty Doom!

1. Always be moving

mighty doom battle

This is one of the most important tips that I have when it comes to Mighty Doom: learn to move constantly on the battlefield.

But don’t move randomly! Use the visual on-screen cues to learn where your enemies will shoot and move to avoid those.

Get close or farther away from the enemies depending on your weapon type and make sure you never get your Slayer stuck in a corner or get it surrounded by enemies.

Learning to move constantly in the game will give you amazing results, making everything a lot easier!

2. Choose the best weapons in the game

Mighty Doom Crucible
An amazing weapon you can get for free

Equipping the right weapon for the job makes battles a lot easier. And the best weapon, unless you have them all unlocked and maxed out, will be the rarest one you have available.

This is the general, golden rule of thumb: the rarer the weapon, the better it is. So always choose the rarest over any other type of weapon, no matter what – it will just do a lot more damage.

If you can choose, go for one of the top weapons like the Super Shotgun, the Unmayker or the Chain Gun.

I have a more in depth article on this topic, so make sure to read my Mighty Doom weapons tier list article to learn more.

3. Learn to select the best abilities

mighty doom abilities

As you level up through the stages, you will get the option to choose one ability out of three options to improve your character. Making the right choice is extremely important, as they will offer amazing bonuses overall.

The trick here is to always select the one that gives you the best long term advantage. Choose abilities that boost your primary weapon, since that’s what you will use most: go for great ones like Ricochet or Spread Shot (if you don’t have the latter), while also upgrading your shot speed and damage dealt.

These extra abilities do add up, so learn to choose the best for your build. You can read a more in-depth guide about the best abilities in Mighty Doom here.

4. Complete the daily missions

mighty doom daily missions

Each day, you will have a set of easy missions that you can complete for various rewards. Make it a habit to complete these missions daily – and complete them all to get the extra rewards from doing so.

Also, don’t forget to regularly collect from the Vega Mining, for free goodies to upgrade your gear and character. You can also watch ads for various in-game rewards. While it’s not much, it’s better than nothing.

5. Master the boss fights

Mighty Doom Boss Battle

Boss fights are supposed to be very difficult (and they generally are), but you can make them a lot easier if you pay attention to one thing: their attack patterns.

Each boss in the game will have different attacks and learning them – and especially how to dodge them – will make everything a lot easier.

I will have an in-depth guide to all bosses in Mighty Doom soon, but until then you’re on your own to learn their patterns. Generally, staying as far away from them as possible and constantly moving is the best idea.

Also, don’t forget to use your Secondary and Ultimate weapon when fighting bosses. I would go as far as not using either in the stage prior to the boss fight in order to have them both charged and ready to cause massive damage as soon as the battle begins.

6. Grind on easier levels for quick progress

Eventually, you will progress to a point where even reaching the first boss is very difficult. Whenever that happens, you should switch to completing the previous stages to reap on the rewards and upgrade your character before coming back to try again.

Try to complete the most advanced stage that you can – the more advanced the stage, the higher and better your rewards.

Even if you can’t get too far in the current stage, I would still grind on it if I manage to get to at least around stage 20. If not, go back to a previous chapter and grind there for a while to improve your stats.

7. Be smart about upgrades

mighty doom slayer overview

Upgrading weapons, gear and your slayer are all extremely important, but since resources are limited and especially because you won’t be using your starting gear for too long, you have to be smart about it.

First of all, I would recommend to upgrade weapons and gear up to a maximum level of 4 if they are of common rarity. This is the worst type of equipment and sooner rather than later, you will start getting better ones.

Instead, try to invest coins into Masteries. These are indeed more expensive than upgrading gear is and the boosts are both random and relatively small for the amount of coins spent, but at least these are permanent.

In my case, I went up to 10 Mastery upgrades before completing Exultia (the third chapter) and had my weapons and gear minimally upgraded. I was still rocking mostly commons at that stage, so investing in those too much made no sense.

Once you get your first Uncommon weapon (and then rarer), you can and should switch focus on the equipment to grab all those amazing boosts.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to level up any and all Slayers that you have. Getting them to levels 10 and then 80 unlocks permanent boosts to ALL slayers, even if you don’t use them.

8. Use your Secondary and Ultimate weapon at the right time

mighty doom weapon

The secondary and ultimate weapons can be extremely useful in your game, as long as you have the right ones selected AND you use them at the right time.

For example, the Rocket Launcher (which you’ll be rocking for a while early on in the game) is pretty much useless if you shoot a single enemy, unless it’s the boss. Shoot it when the enemies are grouped together to deal as much damage as possible.

The same thing goes for each weapon: learn when it makes the most sense to use them in order to deal maximum damage and only use them on those occasions.

As I mentioned before, it’s also a good idea to keep them fully charged for each of the boss battles, to start with a nice boost of damage as soon as the boss battle starts.

9. Create multiple builds for your Slayer

Mighty Doom mini slayer

As you progress through the game – and as new events are released – you will see that you are facing special enemies that are weak to particular types of damage.

If you have solid enough weapons and gear to counter those enemies, it’s a great idea to switch to using them.

Have various builds ready in Mighty Doom to make the transition simple and take advantage of any bonuses you have against those specific enemies (ballistic, toxic, plasma, etc.)

10. Take advantage of the environment

Getting back to combat and my #1 tip, you should always try to take advantage of the environment.

Use barricades to avoid shots, hide behind walls, use teleporters and such to move around the map faster and gain a tactical advantage. Also make sure not to get into the damage-dealing traps, as they can cause a lot of harm.


With the top 10 Mighty Doom tips and tricks shared above, you are ready to get the most out of the game and destroy the enemy hordes with ease.

If you have additional strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.


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