Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Walkthrough [Chapter 1]

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Today I’m starting a new walkthrough for Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery, beginning with chapter 1. You’ll get all the details you need to finish up the chapter.

The Prologue is like a tutorial. You learn how you can find clues, how to move around, and overall how to play the game.

Tiny Room Prologue walkthrough

I’ll go ahead and skip that because the game gives you a lot of indications and highlights exactly what you need to do, so there’s no need for me to mansplain it more.

If, by any chance, you need a bit of help, take a look at the video I made while playing it.

We can start with something more fun, and below you’ll find the entire walkthrough for Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery chapter 1.

Tiny Room Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Chapter 1 House
  • Before entering the house in Chapter 1, you need to pick up the ladder.
  • Use it on the right side of the house to get the key from inside the mailbox.
  • Open the door with the key and go inside.
Tiny Room Chapter 1 1st Room
  • Swipe left to see the entire room.
  • In the bowl on the drawers, there’s another red tag key.
  • Take the green book from under the table.
  • Open the drawer under the flowers and take another green book.
  • Rotate the room to look at the bookshelves.
  • Open the cupboard under the red books to pick up a red book.
  • Now go through that door next to the bookshelf to enter the kitchen.
Tiny Room Chapter 1 Kitchen
  • Take the green book from the kitchen counter and a knife from there.
  • And take a look at the laptop on the table.
  • Look at the oven knobs to see how they are positioned when they are on.
Tiny Room Chapter 1 Kitchen knobs
  • Now go back to the first room, open up the lowest drawer closest to the closed white room (bedroom), and rotate the knobs there like the oven knobs.
  • You’ll get a paper with a clue about TV channels inside.
  • Move the couch and go beside it to rip off the patch with the knife and take the book.
  • Use the key to enter the bedroom.
  • There’s another green book on the bed, that you can take.
  • Take the TV remote from the floor.
  • Open the drawers of the nightstand and take the screwdriver.
  • Rotate the room, lift the laundry basket to get another red book, and take another one from inside the closet.
  • Use the screwdriver on the wall lamp next to the closet, and unscrew the lightbulb to make the room dark.
  • Rotate once more and use the TV remote to turn on the TV.
  • Look at the clue notes and enter 234 first.
  • 2 drawers will open, notice which one is first and 2nd and go to the laptop and enter those symbols.
  • Then 563, notice the drawers, go tap them on the laptop, and last 221 and repeat.
Tiny Room Chapter 1 TV pattern
  • Now that the Laptop is on, tap on the picture folder.
  • Notice how the books need to be arranged and go to the bookshelf.
  • Put the red books on the red books shelves, and the green on the green books shelves.
  • Look at the clue on your laptop and move the red books:
    • First row: 4 to the left and 4 to the right.
    • Second row: 1 to the left and 7 to the right.
    • Third row: 7 to the left and 1 to the right.
  • Now move to the green books using the clue:
    • First row: 5 to the left and 3 to the right.
    • Second row: 3 to the left and 5 to the right.
    • Third row: 6 to the left and 2 to the right.
  • Now enter the door next to the books, that just opened.
  • Take the crowbar, go outside, climb to the roof, and use the crowbar on the window up there.
  • Take the painting, move the big crate, and open the trapdoor to go there.
  • Arrange the painting on the wall in an empty spot.
  • If you move the paintings to straighten them up, a secret wall will open up for you.
  • Turn on the light and shut the water off so the water goes away.
  • Rotate the room until you find the workbench.
  • Look at the back of the photo frame and remember 19.01.85
  • Turn the grey wrench around so the panel opens up to reveal a safe box.
  • Write the code 190185 to open it and take the key.
  • Now it’s time to go back to your car, more clues are in the next chapter.


Now that you have discovered some clues in Tiny Room Stories chapter 1 walkthrough, it’s time you move along with the next chapter.

Take a look at my video, if you need a little bit of visual help, so you understand how to solve certain clues.

Stay tuned for more articles as I’m working my way through Tiny Room Stories chapter 2, discovering more clues that will lead us to find out the truth.

Check out my next walkthrough for Tiny Room Stories Chapter 2.

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