Maplestory M Weapons Guide: Best Weapons & How to Get Them

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Now that Maplestory M has finally been released worldwide and everybody seems to be playing and enjoying the game, you’re probably starting to wonder what’s the best weapon in Maplestory M. Or, even more, to ask yourself if you should approach the whole weapons thing in the game differently than you currently do.

Chances are that, due to the unique way that Maplestory M handles weapons, you will indeed have to rethink your strategy and the sooner you read our guide to weapons in the game, the better as it will help you get on the right direction ASAP.

So, as the title of the article says it, in today’s article we’re going to share a complete Maplestory M weapons guide on how to find the best weapon for your class. And make sure that you keep upgrading that weapon to give you maximum benefits at all times.

Now, if you’ve been playing Maplestory M for a while, you know already that good weapons are extremely difficult to come by as you start out. But you shouldn’t lose hope as there (still) is a place where you can find some amazing deals: the Trade Station.

That is where you will eventually find your best weapon, and no place else. Despite the fact that it’s crowded and prices vary from true bargains to insanely expensive, it’s the easiest way to get your hands on the best weapon for your class.

But what is the best weapon for each class?

There is one very important thing to look at and that is getting a weapon with maximum damage. Don’t look for fancy, rare and insanely expensive weapons whose damage is actually under that of a personally leveled up normal weapon! Choose a regular, but make sure that it has Max DMG for your class and its type.

Now, there are no places (yet) where you can look for the max damage of the weapons in order to make sure that you’re indeed getting the right one, but based on extensive playing and testing, these are the values that we consider to be correct, based on the different classes in the game:

Warrior: 27
Archer: 28
Mage: 30
Thief: 29
Pirate: 28

So always look, based on the class you’re in, for a normal weapon with the damage listed above. But the problem with normal weapons is that you can’t see anything but the Scissor Cuts in their stats section when trying to buy it from the Trade Station.

Therefore, experience and grinding comes into play again and based on our experience, these are the weapons you should focus on getting in order to have the best chances for super skills that unlock when you level up your normal weapon to the next level.

These are, in my opinion, the best weapon types for each class in Maplestory M:

Warrior: Jaihin weapons
Archer: Briser Guns
Mage: Jaihin
Thief: Briser weapons
Pirate: Briser

So, combining this knowledge with the Max Damage listed above, you will be able to sort through the trash in the Trade Station (or grind your way into the game like crazy until you get it) and find your perfect weapon based on your class.

This is also the cheapest way to do it, as normal weapons are usually on sale for less than rarer weapons and you can increase their rarity levels as you play.

This also ensures that you will always have maximum damage and, even though there’s a bit of uncertainty regarding the stats, by choosing the recommended ones above you won’t go wrong.

Hopefully this helps you better plan your moves and strategy in the game and you know how what’s the best weapon in Maplestory M for your character. The sooner you get one and work on upgrading it, the easier it is!

If you have additional thoughts about weapons in the game or anything to add, don’t forget to comment below.


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