Escape Alcatraz Walkthrough: Part 1

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Escape Alcatraz is an amazing adventure game that challenges you to escape from the one prison they say escape’s impossible: The Rock aka Alcatraz.

The task is indeed difficult, but certainly not impossible, and I am here to help you complete the game by sharing a complete Escape Alcatraz walkthrough for the game created by FreshGames and available on mobile.

So let’s not waste any time, there’s a difficult mission awaiting! Let’s check out below the Escape Alcatraz Walkthrough Part 1!

1. Slide the door to the left, then tap the golden arrow to move forward.

2. Tap the paper in the prisoner’s hand to pick up the list of things you need for your escape, then move forward.

3. Tap the lettuce and bread to eat it, then drag the spoon over the beans to eat them too. Then wait for the guard to exit the screen and pick up the spoon. So far – it’s pretty easy.

4. Tap the clipboard in the upper left corner to see the instructions regarding the cells: 1 unlocked, 2 open, 3 & 4 closed.

Set the first cell to yellow, second one to green and the other two at red. The order in which you do it doesn’t matter.

5. What follows is a set of balancing mini games that you have to complete on your own. Make sure you don’t do any sudden movements and you’ll eventually be just fine.

For the second mini game, which is a bit more difficult, slowly tilt your device to the right from the start of the level (but barely nudge it) and the top one should hold up just enough for you to pass the level.

6. A game that tests your attention levels: look at the letters first at give Sheets for Vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and cases for Consonants. Afterwards, grab the soap and toilet paper for yourself!

7. Tap the book shelf, then arrange the books in alphabetical order: put A & B books on the top shelf, then C & D on the middle shelf. You have an image of my arrangement, but it seems that every time the letters change:

escape alcatraz walkthrough 1

8. Now tap the desk, then the bird on it. Tap the calendar until you see the Eastern Towhee entrance. It gives you some details about a book (BSDA:8467, p. 57).

Tap the book, then tap again and take the key. Use the key on the drawer at the bottom and tap the piece of paper – it has a page number on it (955 in my case).

Tap the long drawer and then tap the box – you need to enter the code and the format is PageNumber (955) + CalendarPageNumber (57).

So my code is 95557. Yours might differ, but you now know how to get it. Get the keys.

9. Try the keys until one fits and enter the door.

10. This is another really interesting balance puzzle and the idea is to get to the top by removing items at the bottom, without having them fall.

Here is how to remove them: start with the three cans in the middle, then the big box to the left. The box in the middle left – then the box that was on top of it.

Then remove all the small items in the middle. Tap the tall box on the left, the crate and get the paint.

Now we’re moving to the right side: Tap the bag and some things will fall. Take the brushes and you’re done!

11. Tap the two prisoners on the stairs and win three games by paying attention to the rock and where it’s hidden. They go faster and faster, but it’s easily done!

12. Next, tap the weight lifting guys, This is a bit more difficult, as you need to load the bar up to 185 lbs. The trick here is to have into account that the Bar too weights 45 lbs (like the large weights).

So add two large weights to each side of the bar, one 25 weight to the left and two 10s and a 5 to the right. You will get the second raincoat.

13. This is a simple waiting game: look in the mirrors and wait for both the guard and the barber to look away.

Tap and get the hair to right first, then wait for them to look away again and tap the drawer, then the box.

Wait for them to look away, and open the box and tap the scissors, finally – take the scissors!

14. Wait for the guard to look away and tap the metal plate on the desk. When the guard gets at it, tap the plug of the metal detector, then tap the scissors and tap the wire. Be fast!

15. Tap the toilet area, then use your finger to rotate the wheel to the right until it doesn’t move anymore. Pull the lever near the toilet and the water should pass.

Rotate the screw holding the pipe at the top, then tap to take it. Tap the pipe in your inventory and then tap the side of the wall when you see the musical note near the toilet. Tap it until the piece is removed.

16. Tap the table to the left and build yourself a head! Tap the soap first, then the toilet paper. Tap the resulting mixture until you have a face.

Mix some colors first – black and orange until the painting brush turns around, then swipe it over the face until its fully colored.

Finally, add the hair and solve the puzzle to get a face similar to the one below (the eyebrows will only be added when you complete the face):

escape alcatraz walkthrough 2

17. Now a difficult part begins: you have to use the spoon to dig around the grate under the sink, and do so before the guard comes to your cell with the flashlight on.

Whenever you see that the lights in the cell are starting to change, quickly go back and tap the cell’s bed.

Wait for the guard (flashlight) to pass, then go back and continue scraping with the spoon until you remove the grate. You should be able to do it in 3-4 tries.

And now you have to complete an offer to continue your escape in Escape Alcatraz, and this is where our walkthrough ends.


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  1. The hint on the door part is simple, if you see the hint it tells you that the door was twice as bad as yesterday, which means you need to use twice the strength to get it open. What do you do? Use 2 fingers to pry it open instead of one:) hope it works

    • Yeah, watch the inmates fists, when the inmate goes to punch you lean in the direction the punch is coming from then when he puts his fists down tap the inmate as many times as you can before he punches you again. Hope this helps


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