How to Beat Two Dots Level 65 Without Powerups (TwoDots Walkthrough)

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We’ve received a lot of e-mails from people playing Two Dots on their iPhone and comments on this blog asking how to beat level 65 in the game.

Many people find this level impossible to beat without the use of power-ups, but the reality is that the level can be won without spending real money on it.

You just have to be patient enough and have a great strategy. We’re here to help you with the latter, so read on to see how to to beat the Two Dots level 65 without powerups in our TwoDots walkthrough!

The key, just as mentioned in our article dedicated to TwoDots cheats, is squares. Create squares and you’re all set. The idea is that you only have three colors in this level, and hopefully one will be the dominant one.

Start making matches to remove the other two colors until you get the option to create your first square. After doing so, focus your gameplay on creating squares and removing entire sets of colors – this way, you will easily put off the fire and break the ice.

There is no other working strategy, because the fire pieces to the sides would take too much luck and moves to be removed one by one. But by removing all colors with the use of squares, you are all set. As I said, you just need a good starting game.

In order to show you my suggested strategy put to work, here is a video on YouTube showing you how to beat level 65 in TwoDots without the use of powerups:

So, it’s possible. Now go there and make it happen!


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    • No I’m in the same boat. I’m close to deleting the game off my phone because it’s so stupid. It seems to be completely based on what dots the computer generates and not based on skill, but maybe I’m just bitter. I’ve even bought some power ups thinking I was close only to have the game slip away.

  1. I’m on level 65 in two dots and its driving me bonkers and mad so can anyone and I mean anyone plz help me??? Beat this level !!! I hate this level !!!


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