Two Dots Cheats and Tips to Beat All Levels

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Two Dots has just been released on the App Store as the sequel to the popular puzzle game of last year, Dots: A Game about Connecting.

And today we are here to share with you a complete set of Two Dots cheats and tips that will help you get three star ratings on all levels (hopefully) and surely keep you going through all the missions of the TwoDots puzzle game.

So if you got stuck and can’t complete a particular mission, read on our Two Dots cheats and tips for mobile devices and you’ll hopefully get it solved!

1. The time lapse cheat

Get more lives by setting the time on your device forward. To do this, simply go to your device’s settings and move time forward by one hour and forty minutes, this is the equivalent of 5 lives.

Two Dots Mobile Game Tips

Alternately, you can simply purchase more lives from the game’s store.

2. Create squares to improve your chances of winning

The squares remove all the pieces of the same color from the board, so your chances to beat the requirements increase.

Create your gameplay in Two Dots in such a way that you will get square after square after square, by removing lines of dots so that you create the squares. Learn to see the patterns, the easy to create squares on the board and work your way to get them done.

It’s even better if you manage to create a larger square or rectangle (9 dots or above) because that will give you a power-up dot that will remove some around it.

3. There is no time limit in Two Dots!

Unlike in the original game, there is no time limit for you here, which means that you can take all the time that you need to analyze the board and make the required connections.

Keep an eye on the moves left, one on the requirements and plan your best strategy. If you only relay on luck, you won’t get too far in this game!

4. Get some power-ups!

They are extremely expensive, I know, but the power-ups are essential if you want to easily beat the difficult levels. Just make sure that you purchase them and use them to win the level and not just waste money.

Buying a power-up does NOT guarantee that you will beat the level, so make sure you make them count!

Two Dots Mobile Game tips

5. How to avoid losing lives

There is a nice trick you can try without losing a life: if you hit the restart button in a level at any given time, you will lose a life. But if you quit the level before you made any moves, you won’t lose any lives.

Then you can get back to the level and so on. Do this as many times as you need to until you get a board that seems easier to beat.

There’s no guarantee, but at least you save precious lives and time from playing and failing.

6. Turn on Zen mode

That’s not a game feature, but something that you should turn on in your mind and body. Be as relaxed as possible when playing the game and you will get the most out of it.

If you are frustrated and angry, you won’t be able to think straight and concentrate and as a result you’ll just increase your losing streak. So play the game – especially the difficult levels – when you are very calm.

These are, for now, our Two Dots cheats and tips for you to beat all levels and get as many stars as possible. Do you have something extra to add? Let us know by sharing your thoughts below.


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59 thoughts on “Two Dots Cheats and Tips to Beat All Levels”

    • There are three powerups: one extra life that you can purchase when you run out of lives. Also, we have the Bomb and 5 extra moves which can be purchased at the end of a failed level.

      • I cruised through without power ups until level 65- how do I beat the fire? It feels impossible! Please give us some tips!

        • I’m having the same problem, Lauren! glad it’s not just me. I breezed through to level 65 in the past 3 days, but now cannot beat the fire. It seems like you have to knock the fire dots down…or drop anchors on them to snuff them out?? It’s not consistent though–sometimes that works, other times no!

        • The key to beating level 65 is to create squares. Focus on removing one color until you get squares and from that moment on, with a little luck, you’ll be getting square after square and you’ll be removing the fire easily. There are no anchors in that level! Stay tuned with us and we’ll post a walkthrough for level 65 soon!

  1. I beat level 65 with no problem but level 67 is killing me. Even when I’m making squares, the fire envelopes on me and I can’t seem to knock all the fire out without them regrowing again. Any tips? I haven’t really figured out the fire..

    • I have the same problem with level 67. Stuxk there for days but got within 1 move to beat it. Trick is that squares are not enough. You have to clear dots down the middle to get to the bottom, and then clear horisontally at the bottom. And make some square. Tricky business. Hope to succeed fully myself soon

      • I’m at the last current level 85 and can’t get on top of the fire on this one. Trying to figure out how fire works but can’t see any pattern or consistency in putting it out or the re-sparks

  2. To beat the fire, you have to clear the color of the dots next to the flame dot. So if there is a purple dot next to the flame and you make a purple square somewhere else, because that other purple dot was next to the flame, it will extinguish the flame. To extinguish, you need to clear a dot directly next to the flame. This worked for me and I got through 65 pretty quickly.

    • Whoops- meant to say that I breezed through for level 64. That’s still how you clear flame dots but I just tried 65 and it still kicked my butt within seconds. Good luck everyone!

  3. hi
    talking about two dots level 42.
    i dont understand how to break the ice.
    do you 1st need to crack the ice and then the 2nd time clear it out of the way?
    to crack it first do you just need to jam a 2nd dot of the same colour against the one enclosed in the ice?
    do clear the ice away do you need to hit it 2nd time?
    the usual move of joining 4 dots of same colour has only the same affect of clearing that colour, right?
    im lost….

  4. to break ice, you have to crack it three times . . .

    im stuck on level 59 . . . any suggestions to help get thru it?!?!?!??!

  5. nevermind . . . i did it.

    now, im in hell.

    seems as if these levels are timed . . . if you dont get what you need fast enough, all the dots eventually turn to fireballs.

    this humidity isnt helping the matter as my fingers are sticking to my screen. lol

  6. I am stuck on level 26. It shows on all the walk throughs I look up that there is only 3 colors to remove. Mine has 4 colors. Does anyone know why??

    • Mine looks like a capital “I” just as this one does, only with two squares on each side–all which don’t contain dots. However EVERY time I google this level (26), even here, they have different colors showing (only the three instead of mine having four colors that I need 50 dots of each ) and they have an extra two boxes below the “I” shape that don’t contain dots….how come ours looks different and has different rules for this level? Probably why it’s so hard. Another whole 50 colored dots to collect than the ones they show in all these videos! Argh lol

  7. Got to level 69 easy but stuck for a week now! Came very close once but so difficult! It always gives me a lilac square in top centre so it starts u off but need help

  8. I cannot for the life of me get past Level 59; that’s after 690 points on a previous level. I’ve been stuck for three days.

  9. Also, I have an iPhone and I cannot get free lives by setting the time forward. Nor can I stop myself from losing a life if I leave a level. Has anyone successfully done these things on their iPhones? My software is up to date. I even tried exiting app completely. And I’m STILL stuck on 26. Mine looks different than every other level 26 I google. Is it because it’s an iPhone? Is the program different for different phones/devices?

  10. I have both an iPhone & iPad & have easily been able to get more lives simply by setting the time on my device forward. I am also completely STUCK on level 26!! Mine also has 4 colors! Doing the math, that seems nearly impossible! I would love to know if anyone has actually beat level 26 with the 4 colors/50 times EACH!!

    • Just beat 26 on an iPhone with 4 colors showing. It was tricky but I did it by making squares. You have to watch where the dots are coming from as the are replaced in order to strategize. Also I used the Exit to Map option from the pull down to restart without losing a life several times until I got a usable board, but that method only works if you haven’t made a move yet.

    • I finally beat the level without a hitch. And found out how to turn the clock forward too 🙂 I’m stuck on 85 I think now. But yeah, that four dots of 50 each is ridiculous in level 26. Can’t remember how I did it, but I did. Finally. Just takes patience

  11. Help please for level 85!!! I had very few problems getting to this level but have been stuck here for a week?!? Anyone else had this problem? Any clues or cheats for me? Have got very close 5 times but no joy. It’s driving me mad…. Thanks !

  12. Level 85 was so far the hardest one for me. I beat it after 4 days. And the answer is…squares. Try to get as many as possible and watch for the colors on the sides. Remember that each ‘separated’ fire will spread with 1 dot/1 round speed so it means if you have divided fire into 3 groups you will get 3 more fire dots every move!! Watch out for that.

    • Hah I thought I was on level 85, but I’m beyond that to level 102. And I’m furious! It’s taking me too long. I can handle one day or so, but not much longer than that. The fire just keeps spreading and I don’t understand it. Even In other levels, I put it out and nothing flames up again, and other times I put at least one flame out but another one lights up, or even two or three at a time….I just don’t understand how you can win like that!

    • I have been playing this game for a few days when I have the extra time. And usually I can figure it out no problem, however level 33 for me is 9 anchors in 31 moves. I’ve probably played 30 times and can’t get it. And all of the cheats for it say 7 achors. So I’m confused.

    • I’ve been stuck on 59 for a few days too. None of the cheats look lol my starting screen, so they don’t help. 🙁 It seems impossible.

  13. I’ve. Even stuck on level 110 for a couple weeks now. To see how others beat the level I looked up some YouTube videos and discovered everyone had 71 moves available to best the level. I have 51. How does that happen?

  14. I am at present playing 2 dots version 2 and am stuck on level 42 which is called dousing the flames! I can’t figure this level out, I am making squares and breaking the ice cubes but I’m using all my moves and not even getting one goal achieved!! Can anyone give me any help or info as it’s driving me crazy now!!

  15. Daisyloverdonna, I’m having the same problem. I’m not seeing any flames. I’ve tried everything, tons of squares and breaking the ice and nothing that looks like whats required. And I need 24 of them!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hello,
      Im playing for +- 2 months now and got true to level 134 without powerup. Just keep calm and try to find the system in each of the levels.
      You can do it!!

  16. I just do not get the ice thing? Are they in the grey squares? If they drop down they loose their cracks. So must you play horizontal? Two colors crack against each other? Do you just try to crash the grey squares? I think I may be going crazy! Thanks for any help. I am on level 40.

    • I have finished all the games on and levels 107, 115 and 123 were the only ones I got 1 star on! 115 start by making a yellow square or blue square in the last column and pray from there! I usually pick the color that there is more off so if more yellow then make a yellow square etc. …

      • I have got three stars for all levels except levels 107, 115 and 123 (without buying extra turns). Has anyone got three stars without buying extra turns? Is it possible?

        • Yes…it’s possible to get 3 stars on all levels. I have done it! Level 123 was by far the hardest to 3 stars of the 260 levels. You need to have the level completed with a lot of turns left. I came close with a completed board with 19, 20, and 21 turns, but only got 2 stars. I got 3 stars when i had 26.

  17. I got by Level 120 it took me 3 days of trying. The Fire keep getting me. I had a hard time making or finding squares to make. A couple of times I got no pints and a few times I got up to 11. The I hit the Squares just right and made it on my last try.

  18. I am completely stuck on level 66- I’ve been at it a week now. Finally gave in and tried to look at a walk through but my level 66 doesn’t seem to be the same as anyone else’s. I don’t have any flames and the board is blocked by 5 sections, 1 in the middle, and two on each side. Has anyone else had this problem of the level being different to what walk throughs have described or have got any tips for a level 66 with no fire and five blocks?!

    Thanks for your help!

  19. I am STUCK on Level 65. My issue when looking for help online is that the Level everyone shows and says is Level 65 is NOT my same Level. Maybe I have an updated game where the levels are different? Can someone please help me find help in passing the Level 65 that I have?

    My level is 24 Moves Only. You have to Break 32. AND Gather 82 Navy Blue Dots. All in ONLY 24 Moves?!

  20. I am stuck on level 107 it’s driving me crazy is there any help out there I watch the walkthrough videos but they’re all from 2014 and the board is different so it really doesn’t help


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