How to Breed the Fantasy Forest Story Crystal Unicorn

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Out of all the creatures that you can breed in Fantasy Forest Story, the Crystal Unicorn is the most wanted at the moment of writing, simply because it is the most difficult to get and the most impressive.

I am here to share with you some tips and tricks on how to breed the Crystal Unicorn in Fantasy Forest Story and how to know if you have actually managed to successfully breed one!

First of all, here are some details about the Crystal Unicorn in the game:

– you need to be level 15 in order to unlock it and its habitat
– the cost of the habitat for the Unicorn is 270,000 coins
– breeding time & hatching time for this amazing animal is 45 hours, so if you don’t speed things up, you’ll have to wait about 4 days before actually getting the chance to see it on your island!

How to get the Crystal Unicorn?

This is the most difficult part and if you have played the game so far, you know that it’s mostly a luck thing.

However, one thing is clear: you need to breed four different elements in order to get a chance at getting the new animal.

The most common combination should, therefore, be: Fire, Nature, Earth and Water, but mixing in Dark can also result in you getting the Crystal Unicorn (Solar Simian and a Chameneon were reported to have bred it).

What animals have been used to breed the Crystal Unicorn by other players?

The Turtisle and Armordillo seems to be the combination that has spawned the most Crystal Unicorns, but as we said before, just using four different elements should give you (eventually) the Crystal Unicorn.

Have you managed to breed one yet or you’re still trying? Let us know what combinations worked best for you!


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68 thoughts on “How to Breed the Fantasy Forest Story Crystal Unicorn”

    • Hey mr stupid you forgot that you need to wait 2 days for the breeding part then another 2 in the egg thing, please don’t write a comment like that if your 8 just read it properly and don’t try to be smart cod your not

  1. Thanks for the helpfull info but the crystal habitat is 340,000 and 45 hours is 2 days 24+24 is 48 how many times do you have to do I tried 20 times I’m on level 15 it still wouldn’t work. Thanks again

    • @Haleigh
      Quick tip. The higher level you are the higher chance of getting the rare animal. Another thing he meant it takes 4 days for it too BREED AND for it to HATCH. God people. He obviously was smarter than YOU. What’s with the smart alics?

    • I bred level fourteen Ocean Owl and level ten Zapra. Both super rare and high level with four elements and I just got it a day or two ago. I tried it less than 20 times, so it wasn’t so long a wait. Before I was told Ocean Owl and Vinotaur worked.

  2. It didn’t work I tried the turtle and the armidillo and it gave me 9 or 8 hours don’t know but I’ll keep on trying

  3. I’m on level 51 and I still haven’t been able to breed a crystal unicorn. I’ve tried so many combos that I’m about ready to forget that one all together.

  4. I’m on level 43 I’ve been trying to breed a crystal unicorn since level 14 since I can’t afford the $100 it costs to buy one This game is so expensive! Anybody know how to obtain a gem creature through breeding!!!???! Help PLEASE

  5. i have been trying cents level 15 I am now on level 45 and still don’t have the crystal unicorn. there is a website called guide for games you could use and is semi helpful you just look up fantasy forest then what animal you want at guide for gamer’s .com and it would show you the breeding formula and everything.

  6. I got the crystal unicorn by breeding tutisle and magmecore. In my first try. IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????❤️❤️?????

  7. Coral reef w/water (can’t think of the animal right now it’s breeding it’s like a mermaid holding a glowing ball in her hand) and a fire glider made my crystal unicorn first try. Good luck

  8. I just came to this website cause I saw the picture of the egg and was wondering what it was since its in my nest right now. I used Rampage and Sea Horse. I didn’t even expect the unicorn and I’m SO happy!

  9. Oh my god, you might have to try this about 3 or 4 times (three for me) but Rampage and Sea horse with work 100% hope this helps cause I just got it and I’m so happy ❤️

  10. ive tried soooooo many ways for about 4 months now and its just not working……. ive tried alll the pets that have worked for yall and soon much more and just cant sem to get the crystal uni

  11. So I am level 20… and I got my first crystal unicorn finally!!! I have read that the turtisle and armordillo would produce one… and after time and time and time again using that combination over and over in hopes of getting one, I gave up and decided to just randomly put two animals together… and I got the crystal unicorn first try with that randomly selected pair… I used the plantlers and the chromodile… didn’t expect it because it had night in there but it worked! Don’t know it helps anyone but yeah!


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