Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Full Walkthrough

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This is a complete walkthrough for Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Osbert Comes to the Rescue for all tasks. This will help you solve all the puzzles.

Here you’ll find all the answers for all the mini-games and puzzles, within this adventure game. Discover stories, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests, as you explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets.

Follow closely the walkthrough for Osbert Comes to the Rescue Chapter 3 of Legendary Tales 3, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in this magical fairytale.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Osbert Comes to the Rescue Walkthrough

Task 1 – Heal the Wound

Mira is badly hurt. Her werewolf blood will help her recover, but I must disinfect and anesthetize the wound.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Mira's House
  • By Mira’s side in the bed, there’s a key.
  • Behind the flower vase by the window, there’s a figurine (1/2)
  • Use the key to open the chest and read the recipe book.
  • Take the rope and the cloth from inside the chest.
  • Look at the table and take the flask.
  • Now go to the room in the back.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Tavern
  • There’s a head under the deer’s head with a garden trowel inside and a jug.
  • The table to the left, has matches and a fish figurine (1/5)
  • Inside the pantry there’s a tube.
  • Open the door an go outside.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Outside Tavern
  • Take the firewood (1/6) in front of you and the one by the press on the ground (2/6).
  • Use the trowel to get the dirty plantain next to the press.
  • Take the nails from the cart on the left.
  • Go check out the rooster and take the pitchfork and the firewood (3/6)
  • Go to the bridge on the left side of the house.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Garden
  • Take the firewood (4/6) on the left, the one on the right, next to the garden (5/6), and the one on the steps (6/6)
  • Go to the hay on te right and take the bucket.
  • Use the pitchfork to get to the fish figurine (2/5)
  • Check the basket of apples on the right and take the figurine in resin.
  • By the strawberries on the ground there’s a dirty fish figurine.
  • Gather the strawberries as well.
  • Take the ladder leaning on the tree.
  • Go to the table right ahead and chose pairs of fried fruits and vegetables to find the dried tomato.
  • Go back to the tavern and put the ladder to get on the roof.
  • Get the gloves from there an the hammer from inside.
  • Go to the well on the right, put the bucket on the side, tie the rope to it to get a bucket with water.
  • Go back to the fruit garden and use the gloves to pick some rosehip from the left.
  • Take the drill from under the bushes and use it on the tree to the right to make a hole.
  • Use the tube and the jug to collect some maple sap.
  • Go inside the tavern into the pantry, use the nails and hammer to fix the drawer and open it.
  • Take the fish figurine (3/5) from inside.
  • Now go back inside the room Mira is.
  • Use the bucket of water to the big basin.
  • Wash the strawberries, the dirty fish figurine (4/5), and the dirty plantain.
  • Go to the oven and put the small branches underneath, the firewood and lit the fire with the matches.
  • Put the figurine in resin into the water bowl and use the fork to put it over the fire and melt the resin.
  • Take the last fish figurine (5/5)
  • Go to the tavern area and use all the fish figurines to open the cupboard on the right wall.
  • Rotate the parts to move the gold token in the notch.

Note: the puzzles are different for everyone so my solution can’t help with solving yours.

  • Take the knife and the figurine (2/2)
  • Go outside to the cart and use the knife to cut through the bag and get some grain.
  • Go to the rooster and feed him some grain.
  • Take the funnel and an egg from its cot.
  • Use the two figurines on the door at the back of the house.
  • Now solve the puzzle by bringing the green chip to the highlighted square without touching the red tile.

Note: Unfortunately, all four puzzles will be different than mine again, so all you can do is take your time to reach the square with the green chip. I prefer to get the green stuck in a place and swipe in all directions till the red chips are out of my way stuck somewhere else.

  • In the back room you’ll need to find a valve throughout all the hidden object.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Tavern Back Room
  • Inside the pantry you’ll find the Antlers, bird, comb, an valve wheel.
  • Use the valve wheel on the press next to the house.
  • Put the strawberries inside and crush them.
  • Go inside, next to the pantry, use the knife to take the cork off the big bottle, and fill the flask with moonshine using the funnel.
  • Go back to where Mira is lying on the bed.
  • Use the table to make your potion.
  • Open the recipe and add all the needed ingredients:
    • dried tomato, rosehip, maple sap, plantain, egg, and crushed strawberries’
  • Put them on the table, and follow the recipe exactly:
    • 1. Break the chicken egg.
    • 2. Add half a box of crushed strawberries.
    • 3. Add a root of plantain.
    • 4. Pour a jug of maple sap.
    • 5. Pour rose hips.
    • 6. Add one dried tomato.
    • 7. Boil everything in the oven.
    • 8. Moisten the cloth with the solution. (dip it in the cauldron)
    • 9. Add alcohol for disinfection. (from the moonshine flask)
    • 10. Apply a compress on the wound.
  • You’ll get a medalion and another task.

Task 2 – Go to the Chantwood

I will saddle my horse as soon as possible and head to the camp where the children are.

Task 3 – Save the Children

I need to help Mira and save her children from the witches that are hunting them.

  • Go outside, to the stable and open the gate to take the horse.
  • It will take you to Chantwood, where you have to go through the tunnels.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood
  • Take the log (1/6) on the path, and the one by the purple flowers on the side of the tree (2/6).
  • Use the knife to cut off the vines and take them.
  • Another log (3/6) is by the pond on the left.
  • Follow the path on the right around the tree to get to the bridge.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood Bridge
  • Take the log (4/6) leaning on the tree trunk to the right.
  • The last two logs (5/6 and 6/6) are by the bushes to the left.
  • Take the peanuts too.
  • You need to fix the bridge using the logs and the vines to be able to reach the other side.
  • Go to the mill on the right, take the net above the door and the rose behind the mill stone inside.
  • Cut the hand fan with the knife, hanging next to the clothes.
  • Next to the gates to the left there’s a bush on the ground.
  • Use the knife to get the wormwood plant.
  • Use it on the hive in the tree and cut a honeycomb.
  • Go back to the doors in the tree.
  • Check the pond to the left and use the net to catch a frog.
  • Go to the doors and put honey in the plate in front of the bear.
  • Put peanuts in front of the squirrel and frog in front of the bird.
  • Now you can enter the tree and search for the children.
  • Go through the labyrinth following this route:
    • Right – straight – left – straight
  • Use the medallion and you can go find the 11 fangs along the maze.
  • One fang is right here on the left wall.
  • Go back once and check under the rock on the right to find another fang.
  • Just check around all the pots and under all the rocks to find all fangs before you go back to the door to exit the maze.
  • You’ll need to use a stick to get one fang from the vines.
  • The fang caught in the vines will get down if you pull on the 3 vines in a certain order: 2nd – 1st – 3rd
  • If you press on the glowing mushrooms in the right order you’ll be able to find the last fang (or at least the last it was for me)
  • Lastly, go to the door and put all the fangs there to exit.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood Shelter

Task 4 – Open the Shelter

The shelter’s entrance is blocked. I have to get inside and find the kids!

  • Go to the firepit and use the stick on the side to get the hook from the fire.
  • Check the big barrel on top of the house and take the ladle.
  • Look through the open door underneath and under the mushrooms in the basket.
  • Take the star detail, and then take the torch from the wall.
  • Go to the door on the stairs and remove the rocks.
  • Take the sieve from inside then walk up the stairs to the water.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood Water
  • There’s a handle in the nest to your right.
  • Walk on the bridge and take the brush.
  • In the sand to your left, there’s a faucet next to the snake.
  • Walk up to the boat and take the pickaxe.
  • Go to the barrel where you found the ladle and use the faucet on it.
  • Use the hammer to fix it in place and the torch to pour oil over it.
  • Go to the firepit and use the fan to reignite the fire.
  • Light up the torch here so you can go inside the house to the left.
  • Insert the torch in its place on the right wall.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood hidden objects
  • Use the rolling pin to break the glass on the floor and take only a piece.
  • Use it to cut the bag open and take the garden trowel and the blue glass.
  • Use the trowel to open the lock and take the glass cutter, the red glass, and the hacksaw from inside.
  • Use the glass cutter to cut a piece of green glass.
  • Use the blue, red and green glass on the device to the left, on the shelf.
  • Open the device, put oil inside.
  • Use the valve to wash the tray to see the symbol.
  • Take a stick from the right an light the device from the torch on the wall.
  • It will highlight another symbol for you.
  • The last symbol is already on the chest to your left.
  • Enter the three symbols in this order: 4 loops – hook – and the glowing symbol.
  • Use the hacksaw to cut a piece of the chain off.
  • Go outside and put the hook to the chain and use it on the device in front of the big boulder.
  • Rotate the lever to move the boulder out of the way to complete the Open the shelter task.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood Shelter inside
  • Use the knife to get the handprint figurine from the cradle.
  • Use the brush on the bottle to your right to see the symbols.
  • Use the knife to cut the pillow and take the rose.
  • Something will fell off the bed into the vase with apples on the right.
  • Use the ladle to fish the tweezers from the water.
  • Up the ladder and move the drapes aside.
  • Use the two roses to start on the puzzle on the box.
  • Move the pieces with the numbers of the corresponding colors to the fields with the correct symbols. (the symbols are on the bottle)
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood Shelter chips puzzle
  • Get the pliers and a pawprint.
  • Use the handprint and the paw print above the metal wolf face.
  • Go inside the hiding place to look for the children.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood Shelter hiding spot
  • Look at the blue crystals on the right, use the pickaxe to get one.
  • Go to the statue across the water and put the metal detail on the shield.
  • Solve the honeycomb puzzle.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood Shelter hiding spot wolf puzzle
  • Get the bird figurine and the key.
  • Check the shoe in the water and take the scale from the ground.
  • Use the tweezers to get the ruby from the hole.

Task 5 – Go to the druid

The children were gone, but I found a strange-looking scale nearby. The druid will help me figure out what happened.

  • Tap your map and go to the forest, at the doors in the tree.
  • Go to the river on the right and use the sieve to find the shiny gold.
  • Go to the lake and to the boat.
  • Use the pliers to remove the silver piece from the wheel of the boat inside.
  • Go to the statue in the water and put the gold, the ruby, the crystal, and the silver inside.
  • Solve the hidden objects game inside, and find the drawings of the words.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Chantwood statue hidden objects
  • You’ll find more items if you turn the star shapes around.
  • Get the feather (1/2) and the key.
  • Go to the hidden spot under the house where the children should be.
  • Use the two keys to open the chest.
  • Find the other feather (2/2) and go to the bridge leading to the druid’s house.
  • The gate on the left is where you need to put feathers.
  • Stack three identical symbols to match the symbols on the inner ring.
  • Move along the path after the gates open for you.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Druid
  • Go to the druid to ask about the scale and get a decorative detail.

Task 6 – Look for the Children Underwater

Egil said I could find everything I need in the barn near the lake to search underwater.

  • Check out the scarecrow and take the garden hoe from the fence.
  • Use the knife to get the dried flower on the ground.
  • On the right, there’s a resin you can take.
  • Go to the lake, and use the detail on the door of the little cabin to the left.
  • Slide all the chips to their corresponding slots using other tiles as bumpers.
  • Go inside the cabin and look around.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Lake Cabin
  • Look in the chest to the left and take the boots.
  • Take the diving helmet from the table.
  • Use the knife to cut the bag and take the belts.
  • Use the handle to open the closet and open it.
  • Take the weights from inside and go to the firepit in the forest.
  • Light up the dried flowers from the fire.
  • Take them to the lake and scare the snake on the left with them.
  • Take the seahorse figurine from there.
  • Go to the pontoon and look at the boots in your inventory.
  • Add the helmet, the weights, and the belts to make a diving suit.
  • Use it to get underwater to look for the children.

Task 7 – Remove the Magical Protection Barrier

Perhaps the creature that took the children is keeping them in a cave under a magical barrier. I need to remove the barrier somehow. Egil should know what to do.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Underwater
  • Use the knife to cut the net and take the toy horse.
  • Look at the vases an use the rock to break them and take the other bird figurine.
  • On the rock to your left you’ll see a wooden board with a drawn clue.
  • Put the seahorse figurine in that place.
  • Take the magical gem and go to the floating crate next to the cart.
  • Use the pliers to cut it loose.
  • Go back to the surface and try to open the floating crate.
  • Use the knife to cut off the seaweed.
  • Take the detail and the cable and go to the druid’s house to talk to him.

Task 8 – Create a Glow Potion

I need to make a potion according to Egil’s recipe to remove the magical protection from the entrance that leads to the children.

  • The druid will give you the recipe for a Glow Potion.
  • Look on the hammock and take the key.
  • Look at the scarecrow and put the bird figurines on its chest.
  • Rotate circles to arrange all matching-colored chips to their logical habitats.
  • Take the bronze flower and the drawing hint.
  • Use the key to open the greenhouse at the back of the garden.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Greenhouse
  • Go to the door on the left, use the bronze flower on the lock, and take the 4 flasks.
  • Go to the table and take the glove.
  • Look at the chest to the right and take the garden shears.
  • Look at the totem pole and use the drawing hint and the solve the puzzle.
  • Connect the dots with a continuous line to recreate the drawing.
  • Take the tears of verida and go outside.
  • Check the shed on the right and use the garden shears to cut the spiked vines.
  • Take the watering can.
  • Look at the bush on the right and use the flask, the glove, and the knife to squeeze some of the perphedra juice.
  • Go underwater to the net and use another flask and the knife to get red algae.
  • Go to the door in the tree and use another flask and the knife to take purple moss.
  • Go to the druid to talk to him and receive the seeds.
  • Go to the greenhouse and use the garden hoe to make a hole in the dirt to the left.
  • Cover it with the garden hoe again.
  • Put the magical gem in the glass lamp above the seed.
  • Use the water can to water the seed.
  • Use the fourth flask to get sun flower pollen.
  • Go to the table and follow the recipe for the glow potion and add each item to the recipe.
  • Put the ingredients on the table and open the cork to make the glow potion.
  • Go underwater to the magical barrier and use the glow potion to pass through.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Underwater Cave

Task 9 – Repair the Barrel

If I use an old barrel, I can put children inside and take them from the cave to the shore without risk.

  • Collect all the boars around and take the board (1/10) by the barrel.
  • Give the girl the toy horse and take the key behind her, and the board (2/10)from under the blanket under her.
  • Go to the firepit and put the resin over it.
  • Go to the waterlilies in the water and find all 15 pearls.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Underwater Cave Pearls
  • Take the round detail and go to the cart underwater.
  • Unlock the chest, use the key to unlock it, and take the rim.
  • Use the two details to the lock of the cart.
  • Rotate the disks to restore the pattern of connections.
  • Find all the items inside the cart.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3 Underwater Cart
  • Use the fork (2) to get the detail (4) inside the shell.
  • Use the glass (9) to cut the curtain (10)
  • Use the candlestick (1) and the curtain (10) to reach the other detail (5) and the net (8)
  • Use the net (8) to catch the fish (6)
  • Use the fish (6) to lure the big fish away and take the key (7) and the hook (3)
  • Use the two details to open the hatch on the ground.
  • Use the hook (3) to pull the chest and the key (7) to open it.
  • Take the key and go back to the cave to use it on the chest to the left.
  • Take the harpoon and another board.
  • Use the harpoon to get to the two board caught in the net above.
  • Go to the barrel by the fire and use the boards to put it back together.
  • Use the rim to fix it and the cloth on the ground to smudge the barrel with the resin.
  • Put the cable around the barrel so you can take the two kids to the surface.

Wrapping up

Taking the kids to Mira is the end of the story. Everyone likes a happy end. I might go on and write even more walkthroughs for the chapters to come. I hope you enjoyed this one.

If you have any questions or details you want to add, leave your opinion in the comment section below.


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