Legendary Tales 3 Walkthrough – Chapter 2 – 7th Task

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Here is a walkthrough for Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Little Red Riding Hood – 7th task. This will help you solve all the puzzles.

Here you’ll find all the answers for all the mini-games and puzzles, within this adventure game. Discover stories, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests, as you explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets.

Follow closely the walkthrough for Little Red Riding Hood Chapter 2 of Legendary Tales 3, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in this magical fairytale.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Little Red Riding Hood Walkthrough

Task 7 – Help Grandma

My grandmother is ill, and the herbalist cannot help. But the druid can help to cure my grandmother.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 2 Task 5 Grandma's
  • The frame above the fireplace has a missing stained glass piece.
  • Rotate disks to find a match for each symbol shown on the central disk.
  • After you do that you’ll find another chip (3/5) and a carrot on the table.
  • Go outside and check the pile of snow on the left.
  • Use the shovel to find a mushroom.
  • In the stable to the right, you need to feed the carrot to the lamb and take the other chip (4/5)
  • Now go back inside and look at the cupboard on the left.
  • Put the mushroom in its place.
  • Now use the map to go back to the Hunter’s dwelling and inside the cabin.
  • You’ll be able to speak with the druid here about your grandmother’s illness.
  • He’ll give you a potion recipe that has a chip (5/5) inside.
  • Gather all the ingredients to help your grandma.
  • Go to your grandma’s house and look at the box next to her bed.
  • Put all the chips on the lid and solve the puzzle.
  • Click the center of each ring to rotate chips to their matching rings.
  • Inside you’ll find a mitten.
  • Go to the open cupboard and take the honey.
  • Go outside the house to the spiked vines and use the mitten to move them and get the valve.
  • Go to the Mill and put the valve on the wine barrel on the left.
  • Fill the jar with tincture.
  • Go to the spider cave and use the knife to cut some glowing mushrooms.
  • Use the ladder on the big spider and use the knife to get some spider mushrooms.
  • Go to the lake and check the pine tree by the water and take some pinecones.
  • Go to the mill and use the mill stone to make pinecone powder.
  • Go by the totem pole (witch forest) and take some rowan red fruits from the tree behind it.
  • Now go to grandma’s house and add all the ingredients to the potion recipe.
  • Go to the table here and mix all the ingredients in the mug.
  • Take the mug with potion and go to the hunter’s cabin to give it to the druid.
  • Now that he enchanted it you can give it to your grandma.

Now that we finished the last task it’s time we move forward to solve more in our next walkthrough. Stand by for more articles for Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 3.


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