Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Best F2P Deck

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Having a free-to-play deck card in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is very important. You don’t want to spend too much money on your favorite game.

Here’s the best deck you can have without spending money. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened made it easy for all Harry Potter fans to have a few of the good F2P cards early on.

You’ll get some nice rewards and keys to open up free Magical Studies cards in the shop. The golden keys are better than the silver key. I like to wait until I gather 10 of one kind before I use them at the same time.

Make sure you set your F2P card deck for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened as I’m going to show you below. I’ll provide some good info about all the cards you need, just so you know what to expect.

Best F2P Deck in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Thunderstorm – Legendary: Awesome for multiple enemies. No matter the number of summons or companions your opponent has on the floor, this card covers the entire area and deals damage to everyone.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Thunderstorm

Sectumsempra – Epic: Attacks the target and closeby enemies. This can be repeated up to 3 times.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Sectumsempra

Incendio – Epic: Another good spell for multiple enemies that gives you a chance to get away and send some ranged spells at your opponent.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Incendio

Ventus – Epic: A great controlling card that keeps your enemy away from you and gives you a chance to do some real damage from a distance.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Ventus

Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-Bangs – Epic: Deals a lot of damage on the ground or air to all enemies within range.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-Bangs

Three-headed Puppy – Epic: A good defense summon that will attack the enemy and can resist for quite some time due to its high HP.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Three-Headed Puppy

Confringo – Epic: Best used on multiple enemies and summons as it jumps from one to another dealing damage to both.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Confringo

Glacius Maxima – Epic: This line of ice will be cast not only by yourself but by your Companion, if any present, or future self (if you have the Time-Turner card). If your enemy is hit by multiple ice tracks it freezes them.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Glacius Maxima

Having this card deck is very useful in all kinds of situations, you can see which deck card is best for PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened in my last article.

You also need to know how to use it right, otherwise, you miss your chance to deal a lot of damage if your spell misses the target.

Wrapping up

Don’t forget to upgrade your cards as soon as you can, I always save my money for important cards rather than using them to upgrade low-level common cards.

Here’s how to increase your spellbook level in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, make sure you do that whenever you can so your stats are up to the task.

If you have another favourite deck you can share it in our comments section below. I’m sure everyone has at least one favorite card in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.


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