Lost in Play Chapter 1 – Chapter 4 Walkthrough

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It gives me great pleasure to write this walkthrough for Lost in Play as it is a fun game to play that I’m sure you’re all enjoying.

You’ll find here a step-by-step guide to everything you need to do in Lost and Play as you guide the cute characters through adventures and puzzles.

I’ll be explaining how to solve all the puzzles and how to pass all encounters so you can finish each chapter without a headache.

If you follow my lead you’ll be able to finish all the levels in a heartbeat. I made sure this walkthrough for Lost in Play has all the details you’ll need along the way.

Lost in Play Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Lost in Play Chapter 1 Walkthrough
  • It seems like there’s nothing on the field except for the little frog jumping around.
  • I’m sure you figured out already that you need to catch it.
  • That little red blob is actually your character that will try to catch the frog.
  • Walk toward the direction the frog went and now try to walk over to the funny-looking bird.
  • Back and forward a few times.
  • The man with the funny bird will point in the direction you need to go.
  • Here you’ll find a public telephone that is ringing.
  • Tap on it to answer.
  • Unfortunately, the gibberish talk is no help to you, but you can keep going, straight ahead.
  • Pass the broken mirror and notice the bear, then tap on the mirror and she’ll draw on it, now the drawing follows her around.
  • You can move up ahead until you find a floating cup and two rocks in the ground.
  • Jump from one rock to another as they start floating higher and higher till you reach the cup.
  • The man appears again and you need to follow till you find 3 odd-looking flowers.
  • You need to press on them in this order: 3rd then 1st.
  • A monster will pop up from the ground.
  • You can go pet it and he’ll happily get out of your way so you can move forward.
  • You’ll find a red door with some stairs leading to it, but sadly you have no key.
  • So you have to move on till you reach the words Lost in Play in the sky.
Lost in Play Chapter 1 Walkthrough 2
  • Try to touch them and they will change into odd-looking butterflies.
  • Skipping ahead you’ll find a picnic blanket.
  • It seems there’s a pilot duck, a frog king, and an odd-looking man having a tea party.
  • Take the cup you found out of your backpack by dragging it down and put it in front of the duck.
  • Tap on the duck and the frog to give you the other two missing cups.
  • Now the man will reward you with a key.
  • Go back to the door and drag the key from your backpack to the door.
  • Complete the lock puzzle by dragging the red pieces until you make the red sun.
Lost in Play Chapter 1 Door Lock Puzzle
  • The door will open and give you a watering can.
  • Pour water into all the cups on the picnic blanket, drink with them and you’ll start floating and it will transport you back to your bed.

Lost in Play Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Lost in Play Chapter 2 Walkthrough
  • Tap on the girl and she’ll wake up.
  • Go to the window to open up the blinds.
  • Open the cupboard under the lamp and catch the toy cat to get the key.
  • Pull the box from under the boy’s bed and step on it to reach the screwdriver.
  • Take a look at the lamp and move it to under the bed where the cat is.
  • The cat will run away and leave behind a robot.
  • As you try to pick it up it will shoot and get dropped leaving behind a battery.
  • Go to the clock and drag the items in the backpack to it.
  • Use the screwdriver on the screws by dragging it along the back.
  • Do the same with the battery after you press the arrows in the bottom left corner to turn it around.
  • Move the gears in the Alarm Clock so all start turning, fixing the clock.
  • Now that the alarm clock is fixed, drag it over the boy to wake him up.
  • He’ll leave the room and the girl will follow.

Lost in Play Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Lost in Play Chapter 3 Walkthrough
  • Walk over the dog and look at the magazine on the floor to learn how to do a cardboard monster.
  • Gather the crayons off the floor and go outside where the boy is, on his phone.
  • Take the bell from behind him and wake up the dog with it.
  • Get the sheep puzzle done from his dream.
  • Go outside and scare the boy from behind the couch.
  • He’ll move and you can take the clock pendulum.
  • Check the laundry basket and take out a few things until you find a tennis ball.
  • Go inside and show the dog the tennis ball then aim with it at the target on the door.
  • Put the clock pendulum back on the cuckoo clock.
  • Look at the clock in the family picture on the wall
  • Remember where the arrows are:
    • 5:00 (and the seconds arrow is at 9)
  • Rotate the arrows on the clock to that time and the cuckoo will give you a key.
  • Use the key to open up the drawer here.
  • Take the scissors from inside and go outside to take the cardboard box that is now empty.
  • With all the supplies build yourself a monster mask outside.
  • Scare the boy and chase him.
  • Tap all the monster drawing as you run after him.
  • You’ll become a real monster and now you’ll handle the boy.

Lost in Play Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Lost in Play Chapter 4 Walkthrough
  • Get out of the tree trunk and press the button.
  • Go to the left of the screen and reach down to take the bowl off the ground.
  • Go to the right side, where the monster is, and take the knife.
  • Use the knife on the sticky yellow liquid on the first tree trunk to make the gap larger.
  • Use the bowl to gather some yellow sticky stuff.
  • Go to the right again and put the yellow stuff on the rock where the firefly keeps landing.
  • Now that the black creature is taken away you can go through the tree trunk and get those glasses without the monster seeing you.
  • Go to the black creature reading on a branch and give it the glasses.
  • Now you can take a branch and go help the frog get the party cone.
  • He’ll now help you distract the bear after you get inside the tree trunk.
  • Check out the creature inside the tree that the monster was trying to reach.
  • He wants to play checkers with him to give you the object.
  • You need to get the black piece stuck on its side.
  • Now after he gives you the lever go to the frogs and stick the lever in the rock with a hole.
  • Pull it down and go back to that can opener hanging from the tree.
  • Tell the frog to sit on the spring platform and go to pull on the lever once more.
  • He’ll grab the can opener and give it to you.
  • You go to the other frog to open its can.
  • He’ll be grateful and help you and the other frogs pull the sword from the rock.
  • You need to tap the screen really fast until the sword is out.
  • Now you can take the sword and try to defeat the monster.
  • The monster will not care about the sword and attack you.
  • As you’re down on the ground, make the frog distract the monster while you sneak in between his legs and run away.

Wrapping up

The story of Lost in Play continues and I’ll be happy to write more walkthroughs to help you out with this adventure.

Let me know in the comments section below what you think about the game. Is it worth buying the rest of the chapters?

The adventure is captivating and I had a lot of fun solving the puzzles as I’m sure you did too. Hopefully, we’ll meet in my next walkthrough article for Lost in Play Chapter 5 to Chapter 10.


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