Fallout Shelter: How to Get More Dwellers to Your Vault

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We’ve recently talked about how to remove Dwellers from Fallout Shelter, but the truth is that most of the time you will want to bring people in and not take them out. So I’ve decided to create this guide too that will help you get more Dwellers to your Vault – and hopefully help you have a fully staffed, flawlessly running Vault and happy survivors.

So if your numbers are low, here is how to get more Dwellers to your Vault in Fallout Shelter:

The easiest way in my opinion, and the way you should exploit to the maximum is by having babies. If you don’t feel like reading the entire guide, to put it short, you have to make sure that you have a man and woman in the Living Quarters, give them some time and if they bond nicely, she will soon get knocked up. Then you should send them to work and add another couple (you can use the same man, though but from personal experience it seems that they get lower chances the more you use them with different ladies).

Either way, make sure you have all the women in your Vault pregnant. This will always ensure that you have a steady flow of survivors and new people for your Vault.

The second method of getting more Dwellers to your Vault is by building a Radio Station. You should actually do that as soon as possible and assign somebody with high charisma there. It will take some time, but you will usually get a new Dweller – plus, the happiness of the ones inside the Vault raises a bit, so it’s a Win-Win situation.

Finally, if you want to spend some real money, you can always buy one or more Lunchboxes. These won’t guarantee you a new Survivor, but there are some chances that you’ll get a new Dweller – and a rare one (with better stats) too.

These are the ways of getting more Dwellers to your Vault and even though the methods are time consuming, you’re in no real hurry so make sure you start using them!


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