Fallout Shelter: How to Reach 100% Happiness and Keep Your Dwellers Happy

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Raising your Dwellers’ happiness to 100% is one of your main goals in Fallout Shelter – and usually a mission you will get early on will require you to increase a Dweller’s happiness to 100%.

However, the game doesn’t make it very clear on how to achieve this and what to do to keep your Dwellers happy inside the Vault, so I’ve decided to come to your help and share with you some tips and tricks on how to reach 100% happiness in Fallout Shelter and how to keep your Dwellers happy.

First, you should know that your Dwellers are directly influenced by the number of resources that you have. They are happy if you are well over the minimum, but they start to get extremely unhappy when the bars go in the red.

So if you want to have happy Dwellers, make sure you always have enough resources. A way to get there is to minimize the number of rooms that you have and upgrade them instead of building more of the same type.

Keeping dwellers happy in Fallout Shelter

The fastest way to increase your Dwellers’ happiness by a lot is to send them in the Living Quarters. Send a male and a female to have a baby: keep an eye on their status and read the messages to see if they get it going nicely.

If the messages that appear there are positive, they will eventually go in their own room to do the wild thing and their happiness will increase greatly during the process (plus, the lady will get pregnant and you’ll have a baby soon!)

Finally, there is another way for you to increase the happiness of your survivors, but it’s not guaranteed. However, it’s worth knowing that a successful Rush in any room will raise the happiness of the Dwellers working there.

You can increase your chances of getting that by simply going for the Rushes in rooms where the chances of failure are the lowest (because happiness decreases after a failure).

These would be our tips and tricks on how to keep your Dwellers happy in Fallout Shelter. If you have other strategies to achieve this, please share them with us in the comment section below!

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  1. The radio room increases dweller happiness as well as calling people from the wasteland. I built a small radio room when I had a mission to raise the happiness of 12 dwellers to 100. I put one guy with charisma 8 in and immediately accomplished the objective.


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