Fallout Shelter Guide: How to Remove Dwellers from Your Vault

We are back with more helpful guides for Fallout Shelter (or at least I hope that you find them helpful). After learning how to have babies and how to sell items in the game, it’s time to move forward and see how to remove Dwellers from your Fallout Shelter Vault.

I know that it’s usually the other way around – you actually need MORE dwellers, but in some cases you might have some waiting with better stats, you might want to actually remove some. Unfortunately, you can’t directly kick somebody out of the Vault – but there is a trick that I will teach you which is just as good!

All you have to do is to select the Dweller that you want to remove and place him or her in a room that you can rush: so either a Diner, a Water Treatment Station or the Power Generator will work. Next, start rushing production as often as possible and with each failure, the Dweller’s health will decline quite a bit. Keep doing so until they will eventually die and then don’t choose to revive them.

And there you have it! You have now managed to remove your unwanted Dweller from the Vault and free up some space for new and better ones!



  1. Dylan Cerini Reply

    Put dwellers into a storage room until you have a room that allows you to train them with a S.P.E.C.I.A.L.This way, you can have TONS of dwellers.

  2. Hunger Games Reply

    Agreed Kwistas… send them out unarmed, check on them in an hour; if they do well, great, recall them, if not, remove them.

  3. The Overseer Reply

    Hello there. There’s a method to kick your dweller directly, just drag your unwanted dweller outside of your Vault. And then, there will be a red icon that you can press to evict / kick the designated dweller.

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