Fallout Shelter Guide: How to Sell Weapons / Items and How to Explore the Wasteland

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Even though not as fun as the main games in the Fallout franchise, Fallout Shelter does manage to keep us busy for a while and offers us a chance of being a perfect Overseer in the game. Or just any type of Overseer you want to be, actually…

I am writing this guide to help you with two different things that some people are having some trouble with: how to sell weapons / items in Fallout Shelter and how to explore the wasteland properly to increase your loot and make sure your Dwellers survive the experience.

We’ll start with the first thing, which is easier to do – but difficult until you know exactly how to do it:

How to sell items and weapons in the game?

All you have to do is tap the Menu / Pipboy icon in the lower right corner then select the crates icon. This will take you to the storage and it is there where you can start selling your items from: weapons and outfits.

But do have in mind that a weapon or outfit has to be unequipped in order for you o be able to sell it.

Now let’s move to our second topic:

How to Explore the Wasteland in Fallout Shelter

First off, you have to send a dweller to explore. In order to do so, simply tap and hold, then drag the dweller you want to send out to the area outside the vault. There you will get the option to choose extra equipment (like stimpacks and med kits) and send them to explore.

Make sure that you send the best equipped Dweller out there: using the best armor and also a very powerful weapon is what you need for them to survive a lot longer.

Do check them out from time to time though: simply tap the area outside and you will see a diary showing all the events during the trip.

Also check the health of your Dweller – if he dies, you will also lose all the loot that they have collected (but you will have the option to spend Caps to revive them).

However, it’s a lot smarter to recall them when their health bar is at half: they will survive and bring you a lot of loot. Also have in mind that they require half the time they spent exploring to come back.

So these would be our two new guides in one – if you need help with babies, check out how to get babies in the game – and if you have other questions, let us know by commenting below.


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    • I currently have an explorer carrying 17 items. I’m not sure if there is a limit, but it may be affected by the dweller’s strength stat.

  1. the last 2 times my explorer arrive i tap on the collect button but the items are automaticaly selled , i have 0/20 storage space . any1 with this issue too ?


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