Pictoword Answers: Level 1 – Level 20

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There’s a new game similar to MixTwo that is taking up my free time nowadays, and the game is Pictoword, a game similar in concept, with great and inventive puzzles to solve.

Just like in the case of MixTwo, guessing the right answers can be a real challenge pretty soon, therefore I have decided to share with you the Pictoword answers as I complete the puzzles.

The first 20 are done (and it was not an easy job!), so let’s check out these answers below!

So here are the Pictoword Answers for level 1 to level 20:

Pictoword Level 1 answer

pictoword level 1 answer

Bee + Gin: Begin

Pictoword Level 2 answer

pictoword level 2 answer

Hand + Dog shaking: Handshake

Pictoword Level 3 answer

pictoword level 3 answer

Sand + Witch: Sandwich

Pictoword Level 4 answer

pictoword level 4 answer

Lips + USB: Lipstick

Pictoword Level 5 answer

pictoword level 5 answer

Fire + Dog: Hotdog

Pictoword Level 6 answer

pictoword level 6 answer

Sandwich + Soldiers: Submarine

Pictoword Level 7 answer

pictoword level 7 answer

Suit + Case: Suitcase

Pictoword Level 8 answer

pictoword level 8 answer

Clouds + Fun Fair – Airfare

Pictoword Level 9 answer

pictoword level 9 answer

King (chess piece) + Bowling Pins: Kingpin

Pictoword Level 10 answer

pictoword level 10 answer

Woman jumping + Rope: Jumprope

Pictoword Level 11 answer

pictoword level 11 answer

Pen + Window: Pencil (for this one I simply guessed and it took me AGES, apparently the window was SILL)

Pictoword Level 12 answer

pictoword level 12 answer

Cork + Screw: Corkscrew

Pictoword Level 13 answer

pictoword level 13 answer

Ear + Ring: Earring

Pictoword Level 14 answer

pictoword level 14 answer

Letter “a” on a chain (alpha) and Bets: Alphabet

Pictoword Level 15 answer

pictoword level 15 answer

Girls dancing and saw: Jigsaw

Pictoword Level 16 answer

pictoword level 16 answer

Kid’s foot and ball: football

Pictoword Level 17 answer

pictoword level 17 answer

Guy laying and power button: Layoff

Pictoword Level 18 answer

pictoword level 18 answer

Coffee Beans + Bag: Beanbag

Pictoword Level 19 answer

pictoword level 19 answer

Charts (data) and base: Database

Pictoword Level 20 answer

pictoword level 20 answer

Man and Hole: manhole

As you can see, there are several hard to guess puzzles, but hopefully me sharing the answers was enough for you to get going and help you complete all these levels. I hope you had fun and if you get stuck again, we’ve got you covered: you can proceed to check out the rest of the answers here.


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