Island Experiment Cheats: Tips and Strategy to Explore the Entire Island

Island Experiment is a really nice game for iOS, a title where you have to explore and build on an island, using some really nice graphics. There’s a lot to do in this title, which means that you might have a lot of questions and hopefully we have the answers, in the form of our Island Experiment cheats and tips for a perfect strategy to explore the island and get all the buildings in the game.

So if you got stuck, are just starting out or you’re simply looking to improve your game, check out our Island Experiment cheats and tips below and have fun!

Follow the missions
One of the most important things to do in order to make sure that you progress smoothly through the game is to follow the quests that are given to you and complete them one at a time: they take you through the game’s story and make things all the more interesting!

Focus on food production
Make sure that you upgrade your plots to the maximum level and that you get as much food produced as possible since you’ll need a ton of it throughout the game. Don’t wait for the game to tell you to upgrade the plots and do so as soon as possible, producing as much food as possible.

How to get keys in Island Experiment
Probably one of the most difficult resources to get is the key in the game. You can get more keys by completing the tasks and simply finishing missions: they are limited and offered scarcely, but if you are active enough and keep playing, and complete missions, you will get your keys!

Clear all the debris in the game
It might seem that you get a lot of useless resources from cleaning up all the grass and other things that the game keeps spawning, but you will actually need them eventually, so make sure that you always clean up as much debris as possible. And if you really have too much of a particular thing, you can always sell some from your warehouse for some nice coins in return!

Upgrade your buildings
Focus on upgrading your passive resource producing buildings first (like houses) because you will get more resources from upgrading them. eventually, you will want all buildings upgraded as much as possible, so make sure you check out the requirements and have the materials required for those upgrades.

Move plants blocking the way
Some things in the game might seem to stay there forever and block your way. Simply click the green arrow that allows you to move the buildings and you will see which other objects like plants and berries you can move – this is also a good strategy to pile them up in a certain spot and harvest them later, just making room for exploration!

There are a ton of things to do in Island Experiment and trying it all is basically all that you have to do. Just stay in the game and play often and get all the nice rewards and resources and you will make it really far!



  1. stuckonwarehouse Reply

    My warehouse is at level 16. My question is, how many more upgrades can I do on the warehouse? Or is this an infinitely upgradable thing?

      1. kalaki427 Reply

        I’d also like to know how to get the keys to the 2 chests I’ve had since start of game, seems like they’ve forgotten all about them lol

  2. Colinda Reply

    I have to build my supercomputer, but everytime I get the message Check your internetconnection. But the connection is just ok!
    How can I complete this mission?

  3. Warehouse issues Reply

    I was super curious as to if we get another warehouse or not? Because it’s getting annoying to have to sell things I need to complete one quest and build it all back up simply because I didn’t have space. I lost a gear today because of if. 🙁

    1. Charles Kafka Reply

      just have to pick and choose your priorities.
      pick a building to upgrade, or get the supplies needed for removing obstacles,
      just don’t get too many programs going on at once, .

  4. dyscea Reply

    About to go to Level 20, upgraded all buildings that had limits, and i still can’t do Weiss’s battery quest, only 4 workers, cant get to pyramid, no other special quests other than Christmas, sell off items, upgrade storage. What did i miss? I do have a set of coordinates sitting in storage i dunt know what to do with. I have already rebuilt the supercomp 3x already. Thx in advance.

  5. Jenny Reply

    If you want to produce food, water, wood, or other objects, often the lowest level production is by far the fastest! Rather than upgrading all your fields, only do what the missions require, and only produce 6 rations at a time. Check the stats, but if you don’t want to wait, the lowest level is by far the most efficient!

    1. sleeper Reply

      Efficient as in most food asap. The farm upgrades don’t make much difference as to coin to food ratio, the best deal is lvl 4 but only slightly. I use lvl 4 farms because I want to set my workers on a task and check back in 12 to 24 hrs. This is efficient with MY time. If I remember right lvl 2 and 4 are good deals but lvl 3 gives you less food/coin than lvl 2 and lvl 2 is barely higher food/coin than lvl 1, while lvl 1 is really fast. So if you have plenty of money and are jonesing for food right now lvl 1 is great. In conclusion don’t upgrade your farms past lvl 2 until your houses are upgraded, when you do upgrade farms push straight for lvl 4, lvl 3 is worthless. For me efficiency means waiting for the load screen as little as possible, maybe this game isn’t the best fit for me, lol.

  6. Kayla Reply

    I’m stuck on level 21! Nothing el to do….. When will this game move on up and open next levels or clouds???? PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. Dlege Reply

      I’m also at level 21 and have gotten a new mission in a while. The only award I haven’t achieved is getting to level 25.

  7. Error msg Reply

    Is anyone else watching the “movies” and then getting an error message that the movie was interrupted and not immediately completing your task? Happens all the time to me! Anyone else?

  8. shmee Reply

    I have been playing for a while and I feel I am missing something when it comes to coins in the game. I just never seem to have enough. Is there a good way to make money that I have missed?

    1. Frances Reply

      What I do to get my coins $ up is grow food on level 1. And click on my houses every 2 mins to collect. I do this while watching TV. Yes it’s time consuming but when you need coins its helpful.

    2. Ann Hayner Reply

      Yes. Make sure to tap each coin producing item before you close the game. You’ll get a pro rated amount of coins and it will start generating again immediately. It makes a huge difference.

  9. Cookie Reply

    Best advice is upgrade your money source.Upgrading the houses is the best option once you complete a couple of your missions. You constantly need money to keep your food source up and you need lots of food for almost everything in this game. Good luck and happy gaming!

  10. sleeper Reply

    I don’t understand the advice “clear all debris”. Food is expensive and if you play often (because you have to with most houses filling up after 10min) you will get way too many items for your warehouse size (daily gear dependant). As to selling items, that’s a huge waste when you get 1 coin per item that took you at least 3 – 9 coin to make the food needed to clear debris. The only advantage is revealing more treasure with the sonar, but if you keep collecting the treasure it will come back to the old spot just as fast as the new revealed spot. Is there something I’m missing?

    1. SanFran Reply

      Don’t clear debris unless you need the product or the pathway. Often quest items are accessible when visually it appears they aren’t … Or transversely a path must be cleared when visually there is a clear path to reach the quest item. Consider the debris an alternate warehouse. It is far too costly to remove grass, bamboo, berries, and shells if you don’t need them immediately.

      1. Ellen Withee Reply

        It seems like if you have too much debris around it cuts down on the gold you get from the sonar. Remove traps and piles of rocks, garbage and fallen trees and your gold comes faster.

    1. kalaki427 Reply

      There is a quest where you end up rescuing a scientist, he ends up being your worker. Check your quests as you should’ve done it by now

      1. Stuart Jenneker Reply

        I don’t believe this is true. I have a wooden houses and stone houses at lvl 3, premium hoese at lvl 2 and brick houses ar lvl 1 – I neve ‘got’ any free worker(s). Only the recued scientist..

  11. Stephanie Reply

    Visiting island #2 I got the key to unlock the door but it won’t let me do it BC of a water hole in the way how do clear it to unlock the door?

  12. CerraJ Reply

    I’m not sure how many people know this, but there’s a certain type of bird that if you click on it (this is on pc, not sure for phones) it’ll give you one food and quite a few coins!

    1. debbie Reply

      it is the bird that is clutching a bag in his feet! Also there is a gopher or mole that pokes his head up once in awhile and if you click on him quick you get some coins.

  13. CT united Reply

    Has anyone run into the issue of the game not starting up? It flashes the developers logo, then quits. Any help appreciated.

  14. debbie Reply

    I am looking for permanent grass. I found permanent fern at bottom left of screen (to the left of the fallen log). Any other permanents would be great to know!

  15. Kala fuhrmann Reply

    Debbie, click on the green “x” at the bottom of the screen- it will highlight the grass that is permanent. You can also quickly find the stacks of coins that pop up over time. Many times, they are hidden by other items and you can’t see them or get to them. If you click on them, they will move too!

    1. Betty Reply

      I want to know this too. Plus, how can I expand the storage on the ship. I don’t have enough gems. Seems like I am getting nowhere in this part of the game.

      1. kalaki427 Reply

        you can expand the storage when you upgrade your boat. remember to empty your chests out when you go back to the main island

  16. Marg Reply

    What’s wrong with the game at the minute. I just get a black screen. Can’t see my island at all. Is there an upgrade i need to do?

    1. Brianna Reply

      When you click the move icon, the berry plants that you can move stay lit up. I’m only level 10 but I’ve only had 4 total I can move.

  17. Stephie Kay Reply

    I started this game as a I’m bored I’ll delete it in an hour thing. I ended up liking it but would like to start over since I three a lot away in the beginning and made it really hard to do anything. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling, blocking the app from my facebook, going into my phone and physically clearing the game data and cache. Still it’s in the same spot and I am beginning to get frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  18. Michelle Reply

    I have grown all my patches of food, have 0 food in inventory, but it won’t let me harvest them because I get a message that I have to upgrade my warehouse because it’s full. So I’m stuck and can’t do anything. Can’t upgrade the warehouse because I need a gear, can’t get the gear because I can’t feed my workers even though I have food but can’t put it in the warehouse. ??????

    1. kalaki427 Reply

      you can clear items in your warehouse by selling them or moving them to your boat storage temporarily. you don’t need food to get the gear, it comes from the satellite once a day.

    1. cathy Reply

      i think if you check the shop there is a machine that makes food i am assuming it is for the workers..only level 9 ..just check all of them and see what they do..havs to be one of them right

    1. Kelly Reply

      you have transfer the items needed to the ship and it was on the first map the second island on the map is a little stand.

        1. kalaki427 Reply

          it went into your boat storage, you have to remove it and put it in your warehouse for it to be available on the main island

      1. Martha Reply

        Hi Kelly,
        My problem is…once I have created the gear and click on it, it I have been unable to complete the quest. This also happens when trying to retrieve the seed of a carnivorous plant and am unable to completed the egg quest as well. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong as I am getting tired of wasting well needed resources…Thank yo

        1. Glenn S. Reply

          How do you get the rocks out of the way to open the cave so you can enter it? I just about have that whole segment of that part of the island cleared and can’t open the spider tomb or the statue or the cave. Thanks for any advice.

    1. Stuart Jenneker Reply

      From the obsidian cave to the right of the spider and egg statues. You’ll first have to get rid of the obstructions in front of the cave, and then dynamite the stone barrier. Hope I remember correctly

    1. Eileen Reply

      To feed the people I just click on the bubble above the head and send a food gift to someone. If there is another way I would like to know as this way is a bit annoying, but it gets rid of the food bubble for a while.

    1. tricia Reply

      You have to get the acid off of the 3rd set of Islands. I forgot which one but it should tell you. You need to take supplies with you to make it, go to the Island and then click on it to see what you need.* Note i do this when all my workers are busy so that it doesn’t cost me a trip to the Island.

  19. paris Reply

    I have got the halloween update and I have travelled to the halloween island and started making my way through then I am asked to use a cupcake to destroy the witch but I don’t have any and I can’t produce any until I have finished the quest. Some one help me out please x

  20. sam Reply

    Start ed holoween isle ran out of time says I can’t go in any more says something about a magic key I can buy for 3000 coins but don’t want to waste money on it if I can’t finish the isles is that the way or is there another way?

  21. Gail Reply

    I am on the fifth archpelego, second island. It will not let me clear debris. The menu keeps popping up when I click on first thorn bush.

  22. Marie Reply

    I keep trying to move the plants that you are able to move but it only allows me to move one plant? I don’t get

  23. betty Reply

    I have been clearing the plants away and some of them are permanent on the island. I can’t move the bamboo though. I have tried restarting my phone and everything and can’t seem to get it. Can someone help me?

  24. MitZi Reply

    Iv reached the are that leads the Tie Agar lands , but can’t get to the big gray door as the fog, I have been clearing the way only to come by rocks that can’t do anything to them . Can anyone help please .

  25. linda Reply

    I have all items neede for mithril loaded onto boat but when i click on the island its saying i dont have all items what do i do please

    1. Lynne Reply

      There is a large button on the bottom right of your screen (has a saw and a mallet icon) press that , then press the stamps icon at the top of the pop up.

  26. Greta Borum Reply

    Has anyone unlocked that stupid pyramid????? im so frustrated trying to find a way to finish that mission

  27. Diana Reply

    Has anyone had difficulty in getting the ladder from Weiss? I have tried keeps telling out of reach! There is nothing left to clear. Any help would be appreciated. Have a good day!

  28. Jamie Reply

    I’m so new to the game. I am on level 5 and I can’t seem to get any quests. When do they come? I can never get anywhere as I keep having to get more money to get more food. It seems like that is all I am doing.

    1. Kathleen Reply

      You will Egypt at least one more after a certain quest after that I think you have to buy then with actual money…?

  29. Litsa Taylor Reply

    hello , can you help me , i have a problém in my game . i’m blocked in a cavern , i can’t leave this cavern ,level 19 , can you tell me what i do? thanks !!!

    1. Gin Carpe Reply

      At the bottom left of the cave is an “exit door”. When ready to leave, just click on the door. It takes you outside. It will warn you that resources are needed to re-enter. Don’t worry it just means make more shovels before you come back. (It takes 23 shovels to gather everything in the cave, so make 25).

  30. Kathleen Reply

    My biggest suggestion is to upgrade your warehouse and buildings that produce coins as early on as possible. It might keep you from completing a bunch of missions right off the bat but you will need storage and you will need money! I had to spend like 2 weeks buying and upgrading and holding money to get enough money to do a few things because I didn’t think the coins were that important except for food. I was wrong! And you will run out of storage! It is upgradable to like a 1750 capacity though, level 40/50. You can look it up on Wikipedia

  31. Heather Wilson Reply

    How do I enter the Cave of Riches? I have cleared the way to the entrance. I click on the cave and nothing happens. I don’t even get a pop up of what I need to do next. What am I doing wrong?

  32. FirstRomeo Reply

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  33. Pauline Mountford Reply

    I need to find fabric to complete wigwams and it says they are a reward for completing quest. I don’t know how to get this. I have everything else to complete wigwams.

  34. Ayre Reply

    There is a massive fog covering the island and I can’t see anything but white fog. This game is one big inconvenience at the moment. Does anyone know why this is happening????? Please remove the fog.

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