Angry Birds 2 Guide: Level 15 – How to Beat with Three Stars!

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Angry Birds 2 has finally been launched by Rovio and the first real challenge that we get in the game is the level 15, or Angry Birds 2 level 1-15 as some refer to it. Either way, the thing is that we’re talking about a boss battle and an extremely difficult stage, especially because you are not allowed to use spells to make your life easier. I have struggled and lost a ton of lives trying to get three stars in Angry Birds level 15 and I think that you might have the same problem, so I am here to help you get past the level easily.

So if you are stuck, like I was, in Angry Birds 2 level 15, here is what you have to do:

1. A bit of luck is involved and placement of the pigs matters, but you should always start with Red and aim it at the top of the big brick, as you can see in the screenshot below:

angry birds 2 level 15 guide 1

2. If you don’t manage to get all the piggies in your first shot, then you will probably have to aim to the upper tower – use the blues to do so and you should also get an extra card.

3. We move to a new stage: the boss battle. Use Chuck to hit the base of the cart the boss is on, to get it moving and have the boss fall.

angry birds 2 level 15 guide 2

4. Now, it should be ideal if you had the Blues as a new bird to shoot at the glass pieces, but you can do it with basically any other bird and some solid aiming.

There is also an YouTube video that shows you what to do, if my instructions are not clear enough. Start watching as 36:15 for the actual three star rating:

Now you have all you need to know in order to easily beat Angry Birds level 15 – hope it helps and you can finally move in to the next stages!


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