My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts Cheats & Tips

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If you have decided to download My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts and play this game on your iOS-powered device, then you know already that you’re up for a treat. However, the game is not as easy as it seems to be at first and we are here to help make the experience a bit more pleasant by sharing with you some My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts cheats and tips that will guarantee you win all contests and keep your Sweet Bakery on a roll.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts cheats and tips!

1. Wait for the customers to come in before starting to bake donuts at the beginning of each day. They won’t leave and you will know exactly what to prepare for them to get the biggest value after you serve them.

2. Watch videos to unlock new ingredients: that’s the secret to doing it for free and you should watch as many videos as you can in order to unlock as many goodies as possible. These will give you a real advantage in the game, especially in the daily contests where you will have more choices.

3. Don’t worry about what people are asking from the shop: if you haven’t unlocked the full version of My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts and you can’t really prepare exactly what they want, it’s still not a biggie: just bake your best donut and give it to them! You will still get some money as a reward and you can keep playing!

4. Winning the head to head contests is the most difficult, but also easily achievable thing. I saw from personal experience that the rolled donuts tend to perform best, especially if you mix and match flawlessly and come with a great, colorful presentation.

In order to see what works, pay a lot of attention to the votes you will cast: see which are winning and remember how the donuts are made, then simply replicate the designs. Basically, all you have to do is to make sure that you add complementary colors, items that others don’t have (that’s why it’s best to unlock all ingredients) and keep trying. It’s easier to win than what might seem at first!

So these would be for now our tips and tricks for My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts players. Do you have other strategies and advice? Let us know by commenting below!


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