Snapchat Update Brings Replays, New Selfie Lenses

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Selfies have just gotten better in Snapchat following the latest update that hit the app a few moments ago. The developers have introduced new selfie lenses to allow you to express yourself more freely and definitely in more ways. Because, yes, Snapchat is also used to send images of your face only. Or at least so say the developers…

Back to Snapchat and the latest update, all you have to do when taking a Selfie is to tap and hold on your face and the new Lenses options will appear. They are actually insanely cool as you can see for yourself in the images in this article (thanks, gizmodo for them!)

snapchat lenses 1

At the moment, these are the available lenses in Snapchat: Heart Eyes, Terminator/robot, Puke Rainbows, Old Wrinkles and monocle, Rage Face, Scary Face and Heart Avalanche. Pretty fun, check them out:

There is also a pretty interesting feature that might spark some rage over the internet: you can pay for replays of missed Snaps. So if the free replay that the app is offering you is not enough, you can always buy 3 more for 99 cents. You won’t be able to replay the same snap more than once, but you can use more replays per day starting now… if you want to pay for them. I’ve got a few friends who are not happy with this!

Finally, there are Trophies introduced to Snapchat following this update, which rewards you with different Trophies for doing (usually crazy) stuff in the app. So, yes, even more ways to play with Snapchat following this latest update! Do you like it?


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