Extraordinary: Soul Walkthrough – Wooden House Chapter

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Join me on another puzzle game and check out this walkthrough for Extraordinary: Soul Wooden House chapter, where I’ll make sure you have all the answers and clues to help you solve all the puzzles.

In Extraordinary Soul the story takes place in a shamanic legend of the town of Mutuso, you will follow a naughty robot Moe to investigate an unusual disappearance case.

Extraordinary Soul intro

After the intro tutorial that helps you understand the game and how to interact with objects, you’ll be able to wander around and find more clues to solve this first chapter.

Extraordinary: Soul Wooden House Chapter Walkthrough

Extraordinary Soul Wooden House 1
  • The third drawer on the cabinet has a candle you can take.
  • Move to the right to see more of the house.
Extraordinary Soul Wooden House 2
  • Take the tongs and look inside the trash to get the empty can.
  • Take the oil lamp from the fireplace and move to the right again.
Extraordinary Soul Wooden House 3
  • Move the pillow out of the way and take the key.
  • Move the blanket to the side and read Pedro’s book, remember the symbols:
    • 4 corners star – rhombus – hexagon
  • Use the key to open the left side of the bedside cabinet.
  • Take the knob from inside and rip the poster on the wall to find another clue.
  • Pull the drapes over the window, then away to find a plain paper
  • Take the crowbar from under the bed then move to the right.
Extraordinary Soul Wooden House 4
  • Check out the lamp, put the plain paper on the desk, and press the button to turn on the light, twice.
  • Remember the symbols shown on it:
    • Circle – triangle – rectangle – curled line
  • Take the wooden boat from the shelf and the spray bottle.
  • Take a look at the plant on top.
    • There are 8 circles – 7 triangles – 8 rectangles – 3 curled lines.
  • Look at the lock on the cupboard underneath and enter the code 8783
  • You’ll find another knob.
  • There’s a piece of paper underneath the cupboard with numbers and Roman numbers on.
  • Go to the fireplace and use the crowbar to take the piece of flyer from the loose brick.
  • Put the wooden boat inside the fireplace and light it up with the oil lamp.
  • Light up the candle from the fire and use the tongs to get another key from the fire.
  • Go to the door, put the lit candle in the candle holder, and put the empty can on top of it.
  • The numbers IXXV will show up on the wall.
  • Enter that code into the drawer below: 915 and take the fish jerky.
  • Go to the crab bowl and fill your spray bottle with water.
  • Use the key on the locked door here, and get another knob from inside.
  • Go to the plants and spray some water on them to get a worm.
  • Go feed the worm to the crab and use the tongs to take the business card.
  • Now go back to the plants, put the piece of flyer on the board, and remember 3 June and 578.
  • The business card goes next to the flyer and it says 25 May and 925.
  • The other note says 18 May and 716.
  • Go to the door and feed the fish jerky to the little pet door so the cat gives you a key.
  • Use it to open the locked drawer here and find the last knob.
  • Go to the area with the lamp and put all knobs on the device.
  • Notice the 6 on the device and go to the clue on the wall (where the crab is)
  • If you put the numbers in date order you’ll have:
    • 925
    • 716
    • 578
  • The tic-tac-toe on the wall if we follow the 6 shape on the device and all the colored Os, we’ll be able to figure out the code to the device:
    • Yellow 2
    • Red 5
    • Purple 8
    • Green 6
    • Green 1
  • Go to the device and set up that code.
  • You’ll find a pendant and you’ll be able to finish this chapter and move on to the next one.

Wrapping up

I can already see how amazing this game is and how much fun we’ll have playing it. If you too like escape puzzle games you’ll enjoy this game and come back here for more walkthroughs.

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