Extraordinary: Soul Walkthrough – Flower Shop Chapter

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Check out this walkthrough for Extraordinary: Soul Wooden House chapter, where I’ll make sure you have all the answers and clues to help you solve all the puzzles.

In Extraordinary Soul the story takes place in a shamanic legend of the town of Mutuso, you will follow a naughty robot Moe to investigate an unusual disappearance case.

Follow the walkthrough below to help you get around this chapter and finish it with ease. All the clues and answers you’re looking for are here.

Extraordinary: Soul Flower Shop Chapter Walkthrough

Extraordinary Soul Flower Shop 1
  • Grab a rose, a tulip, and a white flower from the back.
  • Move the tulip vase out of the way to get a succulent plant.
  • Now you can move to the right to the next area.
Extraordinary Soul Flower Shop 2
  • Take a screwdriver and hammer from the penholder next to the cash registry.
  • With the screwdriver, you can get the fan blade cover.
  • In the last drawer of the white cupboard, there’s a shovel you can get.
  • Move to the right again to go see the flower pots.
Extraordinary Soul Flower Shop 3
  • The crooked empty pot has a key inside.
  • Take the empty watering pot and check the drawers.
  • The middle one opens and you’ll find insulating tape inside.
  • Move to the right once more.
Extraordinary Soul Flower Shop 4
  • Take the coffee cup and put the three flowers in the vase on the table.
  • When you come back here you’ll see a butterfly you have to remember the colors.
  • If you move the books from the shelf you’ll find a secret drawer and a withered leaf.
  • Go right again to reach the door and fill the watering pot with water from one of the vases.
  • Use the hammer to tap the tiles on the floor and you’ll find a notebook where they explain the rune symbols.
  • Go right to the cash register and use the shovel to get the sapling and the key that was underneath.
  • Use the first key to open the middle white drawer and take the clippers.
  • Again to the right where all the pots are and plant your sapling in the empty pot on the shelf to the right.
  • Use the key to open the upper drawer and take the bug net.
  • Use your coffee cup to scare the cricket down and the bug net to catch it.
  • Go and feed the cricket to the crow and, when you return here it’ll give you a key.
  • It opens the first white drawer in the area to the right.
  • You’ll find nutrient fluid.
  • Pour this nutrient fluid on the sapling you planted and count the leaves on each branch 342
  • Look at the pot of flowers on the fence and notice the drawing on it.
  • The drawings look like parts of the butterfly.
    • Red + blue + yellow + white
  • Looking at the flowers in the pot, you need to count only those 4 colors:
    • 2 red flowers + 3 blue + 7 yellow + 4 white
  • Enter the code 2374 on the drawer here with a lock.
  • You’ll find a paper clue of how the succulent pots need to be arranged.
  • Go to the hamster, enter that code, use the clippers to fix his wheel, and put the fan covers instead.
  • Tap on the hamster a few times to make him go to the new wheel.
  • When you return to the area, the hamster will have peanuts for you.
  • Go give them to the crow and take the plug.
  • Go to the cash register and fix the wires with the plug and insulating tape.
  • Now that the cash registry is working, it shows 75.00.
  • On the floor, there are a few empty pots and if you move one of them you’ll see a receipt: Pansy Hanging Basket x 5
  • This means 1 Pansy basket is 15.00
  • You can look at the price board in front of the board, and calculate the discount
  • The other flowers have already the 15% discount so do the math to find the real prices:
    • Fuchsia Hanging plant – 9
    • Cherry Blossom – 12
    • Butterfly Orchid – 6
  • Go to the hanging plants, where the table is, and read the notes in the notebook on the shelf: The scale of the flower pot is set to be divisible by 3.
  • Look at the hanging pots here and pull down to match the clues:
    • Fuchsia 9:3 = 3 times
    • Pansy basket 15:3 = 5 times
    • Butterfly orchid 6:3 = 2
    • Cherry blossom 12:3 = 4
  • Now you can take the other succulent plant.
  • Check out the book with runes under the tile on the floor and put them in this order:
    • Moon – Sky – Sun
    • Mountain – Leaf – Jungle
    • Stone – Earth – Lake
Extraordinary Soul Flower Shop 3 Succulent Pots
  • Then add the leaf in the middle and take the berry.
  • Go and give the berry to the crow and it’ll give you a bracelet and finish the chapter.

Wrapping up

This game is amazing and I’m having fun playing it to give you your walkthroughs. If you like escape puzzle games, you’ll enjoy this game, and come back here for more.

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