Extraordinary: Soul Walkthrough – Studio Chapter

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Here it is, another walkthrough for Extraordinary: Soul Wooden House chapter, where I’ll make sure you have all the answers and clues to help you solve all the puzzles.

In Extraordinary Soul the story takes place in a shamanic legend of the town of Mutuso, you will follow a naughty robot Moe to investigate an unusual disappearance case.

Follow the walkthrough below to help you get around this chapter and finish it with ease. All the clues and answers you’re looking for are here.

Extraordinary: Soul Studio Chapter Walkthrough

Extraordinary Soul Studio 1
  • There’s a blue gear on the stairs and another gear behind the boxes.
  • Move to the right to explore more.
Extraordinary Soul Studio 2
  • Open the first drawer and take the key.
  • The second drawer has a glass bottle.
  • And the third drawer has a lubricant.
  • Next to the desk, there’s a circular saw.
  • On the shelf, there’s a tape and a screwdriver.
  • Move to the right again, to explore the bear head.
Extraordinary Soul Studio 3
  • You’ll come back to this a bit later, and you’ll be able to fix it.
  • Move to the right, to the mechanical door.
Extraordinary Soul Studio 4
  • Fill the glass bottle with sand and gravel from the bucket.
  • Tap the box next to the bucket, put some lubricant on, use the screwdriver to open the lid, and get the other gear.
  • Move the jacket hanging there a few times until another gear falls on the ground.
  • Go to the stairs, use the key to open the toolbox, and get the electric drill.
  • Use the circular saw to cut off a steel pipe from the stairs.
  • Go to the desk and put the gears under the desk in your sand and gravel bottle.
  • Put the steel pipe on the edge of the desk, then put the drill next to it.
  • Use the tape to tie the drill to the pipe and add the bottle with the gears.
  • Go to the right, and back to the drill again to get your sand and gravel + gear.
  • Dump them in the strainer on the right and pick up the gears from there.
  • Now you can go to the mechanical door and put your gears inside.
  • They all need to turn in order for it to work and open the door.
Extraordinary Soul Studio 4 Gear Door

Note: keep note of which gear is on top, and which is under.

  • Now you can enter the room.
Extraordinary Soul Studio 5
  • Open the first top drawer and take the mechanical eye.
  • The second one has a glass tube.
  • Go to the bear head and give him the mechanical eye.
  • Insert the glass tube into the device under it.
  • Look at the screens above and remember the Roman numbers on each side.
    • Left: XCIV – 94
    • Right: XLVI – 46
  • The code will go to the last drawer in the new room 9446
  • You’ll find a winding key that goes to the music box on the desk.
  • Start it and remember the lights and the order they light up (from left to right).
    • 1st: 6
    • 2nd: 9
    • 3rd: 4
    • 4th: 5
    • 5th: 2
    • 6th: 8
    • 7th: 4
    • 8th: 3
    • 9th: 6
    • 10th: 5
    • 11th: 5
    • 12: 8
    • 13th: 5
    • 14th: 3
  • Turn the nubs on the electric panel in the same way, one by one:
Extraordinary Soul Studio 2 Electric Panel
  • Look at the board behind the stairs and figure out what each set is:
    • VA = 4
    • LE = 8 (Toppest of the valves)
    • NT = 5 (VA+IN)/2
    • IN = 6 (VA+LE+NT+IN+E)/5
    • E = 7 (NT+2)
  • Go to the pipes under the bear head and set the valves to the right numbers.
  • Inside the bear’s mouth, you’ll find a dagger and be able to finish the Chapter.

Wrapping up

This game is amazing and I’m having fun playing it to give you your walkthroughs. If you like escape puzzle games, you’ll enjoy this game, and come back here for more.

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