Escape from the Shadows Part 1 Childhood Home Walkthrough

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I’m going to help you Escape from the Shadows with this complete walkthrough that will give you all the clues you need step-by-step.

This is another dark story from the ones that made Haunted Laia and it comes with yet another spooky mystery to solve. You can check out that walkthrough here.

Find out in the walkthrough below what happened to Bastian and where the shadows took him as you explore his childhood home.

Escape from the Shadows Walkthrough

  • Carissa gives us two clues from the start:
    • “Bastian was cursed as a child in a cabin in the woods.”
    • “He is now in a place in the afterlife called ‘Penumbra’.”
Escape from the Shadows Entryway
  • Check the table with the pictures on the left.
  • On the third photo’s back there’s a key.
  • Enter the room up ahead where you can hear the footsteps.
Escape from the Shadows First Floor Area
  • On the board to the right, there are some drawings you can turn around.
  • Rember these so you know where to move the chess pieces in the entryway after you find the missing piece.
  • Go up the stairs to check the area.
Escape from the Shadows Upstairs Hallway
  • The calendar on the wall has some clues for you.
  • And if you go more to the right you’re going to find another door.
Escape from the Shadows Upstairs Hallway2
  • Check the box on the middle shelf and take the mobile device charger.
  • The shelf above the desk here has a scotch tape on, take it.
  • Look at the folder on the desk and take the clue note.
  • Now go back downstairs and put the charger in the mobile device on the desk in the backroom.
  • Use the clue note to solve the puzzle on the mobile device.
Escape from the Shadows Arrow Pattern
  • If you follow the arrow patterns you’ll get one symbol for each set.
  • These are the symbols you’ll find and you can use them to open the pink box by the door.
Escape from the Shadows Tablet Symbols
  • You’ll find another blue key inside and a latex glove.
  • Go upstairs and use the blue key to open the first door and go inside.
Escape from the Shadows Upstairs 1st Room
  • The nodes on the clothes inside the closet and the nodes on the drapes are your clue to open the microwave on the shelf.
    • Red 1
    • Blue 3
    • Pink 5
    • Green 4
  • You’ll find an external hard drive inside.
  • You’ll find a black cat behind the loose pink drape.
  • Use it on the laptop you can see on the desk.
  • Take a look at the pictures on the hard drive.
Escape from the Shadows Symbol Tattoo
  • Go outside and use these symbols to open up the red box outside.
  • You’ll find some acid to remove rust inside.
  • On the red table, there’s a bowl.
  • Put the rusted key inside, pour acid over it, and use the glove to take the white key out.
  • Use the white key to open the red door on the right.
Escape from the Shadows Upstairs 2nd Room
  • Take a look around and get the clue note from the bottom drawer of the red cabinet.
  • Now move to the right inside this room.
Escape from the Shadows Upstairs 2nd Room Part 2
  • In the brown cabinet, there’s a book you should look at.
    • A photo of a sports player with the number 10.
    • A photo of 4 snails.
    • A cake with candles shaped like 23.
    • And a note with 12 Zodiac symbols.
  • Go take a look at the calendar and see the symbol for each number.
Escape from the Shadows Calendar
  • Go downstairs to the back room and check the locked cabinet on the left.
  • Enter those symbols in the same order you found them in your book.
  • You’ll find a wrench inside and a chess figurine.
  • Go to the chess table in front of the entrance door and set the figurine in the spots marked with a red X on that board.
Escape from the Shadows Chess Pieces
Escape from the Shadows Chess Clues
  • The drawer under it will open if you have it right.
  • Inside there’s a large battery.
  • Go upstairs in the 2nd room with the red door and go to the right to check out the TV there.
  • Use the wrench to open up the little drawer under the X-Ray TV.
  • Insert the large battery and check the TV.
  • Remember the symbols on your clue note in your inventory:
    • Duck – Vase – Alarm Clock – Rocket
  • Put each item on the left and press play so you can see the symbol inside.
Escape from the Shadows X-Ray Symbol
  • Enter these symbols on the cupboard to the left of the TV.
  • If you run the tomato can through the X-ray you’ll find another black cat.
  • You’ll find a bag of flour and sandpaper.
  • Now go to the backroom on the first floor and spread some flour on the floor.
  • The footprints will lead you behind the bookcase.
  • You can go to the hidden room behind it.
Escape from the Shadows Hidden Room
  • Use the sandpaper on the wall above the mouse hole.
  • Use the symbols revealed there to open the cabinet on the left.
Escape from the Shadows Hidden Room Wall Symbols
  • You’ll find a blade cutter inside and a paintbrush.
  • Check the glass on the table to the right and notice it has a fingerprint.
  • Use the bag of flour on the paintbrush, and use the flour paintbrush on the fingerprint.
  • Use scotch tape on the clear fingerprint to take it.
  • Go upstairs in front of the red door and use the tape with fingerprint on the desk in the hallway.
  • You can open the drawer now and take the vacuum hose.
  • Go down to the hidden room and use the vacuum hose on the vacuum.
  • Put the hose through the mouse hole and turn it on to suck something out.
  • Check the vacuum bag and cut it with the cutter.
  • Inside there’s a magnetic card.
  • Go upstairs to the room with the red door and use the magnetic card on the safe box on the red cabinet.
  • You’ll find a folder inside with Bastian’s drawings.

Now he’s going to go visit Laia at the magic shop to find more about Penumbra. Ypu can ask her all the questions you want to learn more. You also learn something about Laia.

  • Solving the puzzle of the map will reveal the location of where the cabin might be.
Escape from the Shadows Puzzle Map
  • Just switch the 4 and last pieces from the map above to get it right.

Wrapping up

The developers from Dark Dome are working on more stories like this one, so if they release any new ones I’ll be sure to check them out and write their walkthroughs for you.

Till then you need to stay tuned for Part 2 of Escape from the Shadows walkthrough as we’re going on a journey with Laia and Bastion inside the Penumbra.


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