Dream House Days Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

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I absolutely love games created by Kairosoft and Dream House Days is one of my new obsessions. And I am here to help you get better at it by sharing a bunch of Dream House Days tips and tricks.

You will learn how to play the game better, increase revenue from your tenants and avoid going bankrupt, while at the same time maximizing everything else.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Dream House Days tips for new players and veterans!

Note: These tips apply both for the mobile version of the game, as well as the Steam version titled Dream House Days DX.

Dream House Days / DX Tips and Tricks

I have 16 tips and tricks to share below, in no particular order. Make sure to read them all in order to get better at this game.

1. As soon as you start the game (or add an expansion), don’t start adding furniture for all the apartments.

Make sure that you furnish up one, rent it, and only afterwards start working on another. Otherwise you end up paying maintenance costs on things that are not producing money yet.

2. Don’t overdo it with furnishing your apartments. You will usually get students and adults with crappy jobs at first, so a rent too high might be too much for them and they won’t pay, which means a loss for you.

Dream House Days tenant tips

3. The expansion that I recommend getting is 1 medium room and 2 small ones. This way you can get a freak apartment for a large rent and comfort, and also two smaller ones for the students.

4. When looking for tenants, you have the option to pay premium currency for a Comic artist (usually).

Have in mind though, that this doesn’t automatically mean that he or she will become a resident – they will still have to tour the apartment and if they don’t like what they see, they will be gone!

So make sure you have a good enough one if you choose this route. Nothing is worse than wasting premium currency on tenants that won’t even end up in your place.

5. Try to build special rooms in your apartments. It is very easy to have 3 special rooms in the small apartments (bathroom, bedroom and shiny room). Keep an eye on the Special Rooms tab and make sure you add them up accordingly.

6. Help your tenants get better jobs – this way you will have them make more money, which means that you can invest in an apartment for better rent.

Even more, when they retire, you will still get all the rent and won’t risk having them go broke and without money to spend on rent.

7. Pay attention to the advice they need – sometimes the best rewarding advice is that which comes with a deadline (usually by the end of the year).

Make sure you have some research points available to advise them and you’ll get boosts in rent and extra goodies!

8. Don’t always give your tenants wedding permits. If you don’t, they don’t get upset, so it’s not really a huge problem.

Dream House Days tips wedding

A couple means that you must have an extra bed in the room, but you won’t automatically get a better rent.

So only do it for tenants you love and for places where you know you can accommodate more people (usually, they will want to have kids afterwards, which needs even more space).

9. Use the youth scrolls wisely! It’s better to use them on the stars, to make sure that they are young and can work forever.

The rich ones, unfortunately, have to live longer for us to make more money too.

10. When it comes to jobs and weddings especially, a high charisma is a must. So if you want to help a poor soul get married, make sure you invest a bit in items that increase their charisma.

11. There are some items that must be “purchased” by researching them (like the clock or calendar) so make sure you get a few of those as well.

12. Keep researching. Although it’s best to always have a few spare Research points for advice and whatnot, you need better furniture to increase your rent and make people happy.

Dream House Days high rent

13. Try placing the same type of furniture in all rooms. The more your tenants use the same type of furniture, the faster its level will rise.

Leveled up furniture means better stats for your apartment, and that’s something that you can always put to good use.

14. When searching for new tenants, using the first search option means that you will mostly get students and office workers.

The second option already has a better chance of bringing you a person with a higher income – I got a stage actor this way and I have never used the third option because it was too expensive, but I do believe that it has the potential to bring even richer people.

15. Try to play long sessions, then log back in. You receive Premium currency for every X minutes played, so the more you play, the more money you will get for premium stuff.

16. Be patient. Dream House Days is an amazing, but relatively slow paced simulation game, so you have to be patient.

But I promise it’s well worth it, since your rooms will start looking amazing with top notch things in them!


Now you know the basics, as well as some more advanced stuff in this game. I hope that these Dream House Days tips and tricks were useful.

In a day where you can play games with ChatGPT or other AI or focus on high-intensity puzzle games like Legendary Tales 2, a game like Kairosoft’s sim comes like a fresh breath of air.

If you have additional advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share your own tips and strategies below.


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  1. Gold Card Scratch is very important to the game because you can get random premium items especially CLOTHES and it costs 20 tickets but you can acquire it for free by making your tenants successful to their job. Usually tenants whose job percentage of 95% usually triggers this. Unlocked clothes can be transferable to the next new game so it is very important.

    It’s my 6th time repeating the game, every time it ends at year 20 I always start new game because that is the faster way to grind it up. My first main character developed and improved throughout repetitive games and I can acquire almost 20 Titles and win many great stuff at gold card scratch by switching high-odd jobs.


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