Cube Escape Collection: Seasons Walkthrough [Summer 1971]

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I know you’re itching to get your hands on this walkthrough for Cube Escape Collection: Seasons – Summer 1971, so here it is.

The spookiness is getting more noticeable than the one before. Pretty sure there was no blood in my last walkthrough for Cube Escape: Seasons – Spring 1964.

But I know you’re not here for butterflies and daisies, and the edgy story is what is keeping you hooked on this game. Here are all the steps you need to take to finish up this season.

Cube Escape: Seasons – Summer 1971 Walkthrough

Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Summer 1971 Fireplace
  • Take the cassette on the fireplace.
  • Take the plug above the radio, put the cassette in, and turn it on.
  • Stop the radio and take the tape left inside.
  • Move to the right where the clock is.
Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Summer 1971 Clock
  • Get a closer look at the top of the clock and take a photo piece from behind.
  • Look at the green cabinet and take the telescope, the matches from the first drawer, and the screwdriver from the last one.
  • Under the cabinet, there’s another photo piece.
  • Tap on the pot on top of the cabinet as many times as you need till you find another photo piece.
  • Move to the right, by the window.
Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Summer 1971 Window
  • Flick on the light switch by the window and look up.
  • Take the key from the lamp above your head.
  • Move the curtains out of the way and use the telescope to look at the moon.
  • Tap to get closer and look through the window on the moon.
  • There’s a number written in reverse as you see the black figure killing the girl: 1487
  • Move to the right again, to the kitchen area.
Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Summer 1971 Kitchen
  • Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do here, just know that the oven door can be unstuck with the screwdriver.
  • Now move to the right to the fireplace.
  • Use the plug on the device and the screwdriver and plug it in.
  • Turn it on and you’ll find the last photo piece.
  • Use the key to unlock the cabinet door under the radio.
  • Enter the code 1487 and take the shrimp.
  • You can use the matches to light the candle and put all the photo pieces together.
  • Now go to the kitchen and open the oven with the screwdriver.
  • Turn on the gas, use the matches to start the fire, and put the shrimp inside, then close the door.
  • Open it to see an image inside the oven, and tap on it to look closer.
  • You’ll see a shadow in the water, but it vanishes quickly.
  • Take the black cube left and go back to the fireplace with it.
  • Put the tape inside the fireplace and light it on fire with your matches.
  • Put the black cube inside the square on the wall, and drag the photo frame back down.
  • The square will glow behind the photo.
  • You need to tap on it a few times to be able to move to the next season.

Wrapping Up

Seems like Summer 1971 in Cube Escape: Seasons was a bloody one. Lots of mysteries are unraveling as the story progresses.

If you too are looking forward to the next season, come back for my next walkthrough of Cube Escape Collection: Seasons – Fall 1971.

Let me know what other achievements have you found, or if you have any trouble finishing up this level, in the comments section below.


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