Cube Escape Collection: Seasons Walkthrough [Spring 1964]

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I know everyone who plays Cube Escape Collection – Seasons, needs this walkthrough. I started with Spring 1964, the first part of the Cube Escape Seasons.

I found this game to be best played during the day unless you’re not so easily spooked (like me), then you can play it at night (and don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Follow the walkthrough below and make sure you don’t miss any steps. You might even find different achievements than me.

Cube Escape: Seasons – Spring 1964 Walkthrough

Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Spring 1964 Clock
  • Tap on the green cupboard and open the first drawer.
  • Take the matches, close the drawer, and open the third drawer as well.
  • Take the spoon and go back to the room.
  • If you pick up the phone you’ll hear a voice on the other side “All that you touch, you change!”
  • Press the right arrow to look to the right of the room.
Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Spring 1964 Window
  • Tap on the curtains twice, then on the window and a photo piece will fall.
  • Turn on the lights by the switch next to the curtains.
  • Look up at the ceiling to get another photo piece.
  • Tap on the right arrow again to see the kitchen part.
Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Spring 1964 Kitchen
  • Open the cupboard under the sink and take the wood, the bird food, and the pot.
  • Tap on the faucet and put the pot there to get a pot of water.
  • Put the pot on the stove, turn the gas knobs, and light it with your matches.
  • Again tap to the right and get to the fireplace.
Cube Escape Collection - Seasons - Spring 1964 Fireplace
  • Use the matches to light up the green candle.
  • Put the wood inside the fireplace and light it, then drop the photo frame over the square in the wall.
  • Check the radio closer and take another photo piece from behind.
  • Look at the picture above the fireplace and put all the photo pieces in their place.
  • Now if you go back to the window and get a closer look outside, you’ll see the woman in the photo right outside.
  • Tap on her and put some bird food in the parrot’s cage.
  • Tap on the parrot to make him eat some food and take the uncooked egg.
  • Go to the kitchen and put the egg inside the pot.
  • Take the cooked egg and put it in the egg holder by the sink.
  • Use the spoon to crack the egg all the way till you get a black cube.
  • Go back to the fireplace and put the black cube in the square on the wall.
  • Drop the photo frame down and tap on it a few times until you finish the first part.

Wrapping up

Here’s a video of how I solved Cube Escape Collection: Season for Spring 1964. Maybe it will help you understand better the steps I took, even if they are in a different order.

Now that you finished Spring 1964 in Cube Escape: Seasons, you can reset and play it again. No, I’m not crazy! This way you can find even more hidden achievements throughout the game.

If you’re done with this though, you can always check back here to see me play more Cube Escape Collection: Season and write the walkthrough for Summer 1971.


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Cube Escape Collection: Seasons Walkthrough [Summer 1971]


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