Age of Apes: Best Fighters in the Game (Tier List)

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13 is a lucky number in Age of Apes, as that’s how many Fighters you have in the game. And you know you want them all for maximum options when it comes to having skilled heroes leading your troops in battle. But since some are better than others, you might be wondering which are the best Fighters in Age of Apes.

There is no single Fighter to be considered the best. It all depends on the role you want them to play and based on that you will have the best fighter for gathering, the best fighter for fighting White Mutants or PvP and even the best support fighter in the game. Lots of options and things to consider.

I will not list them all once more – I have a list of all Fighters here if you want to check it out. In that article, I share more details about each of the fighters, analyzing their skills and strengths. In this article I will only talk about the best of the best.

Age of Apes: Best Fighters

Initially, I wanted to create a tier list but decided against that. Since there are multiple roles that a Fighter can have – either a gatherer, a support unit, an attacker, a defender… it would make it impossible to just put them all in the same basket and pick the best. You simply can’t compare Maximus with Laurent – they each have a different role.

Therefore, I have decided to offer you a choice for each of the most important roles in the game. This way, you will know what kind of hero to focus on depending on what you want to do – play a more peaceful or more aggressive type of game.

It’s also worth mentioning that rarer heroes like the Legendary (Orange) ones are by default better. Their active skills and bonuses are bigger than those of the rest. At the same time, though, Legendary heroes are more difficult to get, so starring them up is going to take a lot of time and resources. And probably real life money. It’s up for you to decide if it’s worth doing or not.

With these in mind, let’s see which are the best fighters in Age of Apes depending on the role you need them for.

Best Fighter for Gathering

1. Laurent

Age of Apes: Laurent

He is by far the best choice. You can get him all the way to four stars and have an amazing gatherer – three of his four active skills are related to gathering, while he also has the talent tree “Gather”. Goes without saying that he’s the top choice.

2. Sir Francis

Age of Apes Sir Francis

Much easier to star up and upgrade than Laurent. You will most likely need to work on both anyway, as you won’t only send one Gatherer after resources. He’s got solid skills, you can only upgrade him to 3 stars to get the most out of his gathering capabilities and focus on the Gather talent tree as well.

Best Fighter for PvP

1. Maximus

Age of Apes: Maximus

As I already said in my list of heroes, he’s an absolute beast. He’s so incredibly overpowered that I personally feel he will be tuned down a bit in future updates. But until then, he’s the perfect PvP destroyer. He deals a ton of damage, has extremely strong skills and is the only Fighter that can be specialized on attacking cities. If you’re serious about PvP, you can’t get a better choice than Maximus!

2. Bruce

Age of Apes: Bruce

I wanted to choose an Epic for the second place and I think Bruce is the best option you have. Not ideal like Maximus or the honorable mention below, but he can be used to be very good against other players. Deals direct damage and is focused more on the offensive part of things. Just make sure that you have lots of Hitters in his army!

Honorable mention: Louise Armstrong

Age of Apes: Louise

The only reason why I didn’t give this Fighter the second place is that it’s also a Legendary, so difficult to get and rank up. I wanted to offer an Epic as an alternative. But Louise is really, really good too. She is focused on Shooters, that’s true, but still deals a ton of damage, heals… is a great choice for PvP.

Best Fighter for PvE

1. Oscar

Age of Apes Oscar

He’s created specifically for PvE and is one of the easiest Legendaries to get and skill up if you have some spare real money. Get him to 4 stars at least, focus on the “Hunt” talent tree and you’re all set with your top Mutant destroyer. Easy choice here.

2. One of the other top heroes

Honestly, right now, the only other hero with the Hunt talent tree is a Blue hero, Scott. He’s just too weak to waste resources on, especially early on. Instead, I recommend using any of the other top heroes recommended above and below to fight Mutants. They will do just great. So go for Maximus, Bruce, Louise, Korutopi or Maverick.

Best Support Fighter

In the support position (the second hero slot), most heroes would fit well and are helpful – the higher their level, the better for the team. I recommend going for healers if possible. You have a lot of options here, but let’s see my recommendations.

1. Maverick

Age of Apes Maverick

I place him at #1 mainly because he’s the easiest to skill up if you’re an active player and complete those Rocket Missions. He’s also a decent hero with good skills. Defensive minded, he gets healing capabilities at 4 stars and works well with Pilots. In other words, due to all the circumstances (eg. easy to get) he’s my top choice in this category.

2. Korutopi

Age of Apes Korutopi

While he is better suited for defending your city, he can easily fill up an open slot in an offensive army. You need him at three stars at least to get his healing skill, though.

Best Defensive Fighter

1. Korutopi

Again this guy! He’s actually really good to use as your main city defender. He has the best skills for this and is worth investing in a little bit, especially since you can use him as a support as well.

2. Rodriguez

Age of Apes Rodriguez

He’s almost the same thing as Korutopi, but with slightly different and less useful skills. His 3 stars skill is less useful when defending, but otherwise, the second best choice when it comes to keeping your city safe from pluderers.

What fighters to train?

With so many different heroes recommended above, it won’t be easy to keep up with upgrading them and leveling them up. You will have to prioritize and focus on the heroes that are the most important for your style of play and plans for the future.

For example, if you are like me – more defensive minded and peaceful, you should focus on investing more in your gatherers and PvE heroes. If you want to constantly attack other players, go for the offensive fighters and get the most out of Maximus. I would recommend you not to focus too much on the city’s defenders as you will most likely be attacked very little. The same goes for the support heroes since you can use anything you have as a support.

Have 1-2 main heroes that are maxed out (ideally the offensive ones, not gatherers) and you will do really well. Level them up faster by sending them to fight Mutants as often as possible, but also invest your XP items to quickly improve them.

Are your choices for the best Fighters in the game similar with mine or you have other favorites for any of the spots?


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