Boba Story Lid Codes [Updated May 2024]

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If you want to skip the trial and error part of Boba Story when it comes to entering them for various rewards in the Merchant Cart, I’ve got you covered!

Today, I am here to share with you all the working lid codes in Boba Story, updated on a monthly basis.

There are currently 36 lid codes that you can use with various amounts and types of honey in order to get the special lids that are currently in the game.

The list below makes it easier for you to choose your favorite or unlock them all.

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Now let’s check out the codes below. If you are still unsure what these are and how to use them (or how to get the required ingredients, read on until the end).

ALL Boba Story Lid Codes

boba story merchant

IMPORTANT: In order to actually unlock the special lids, apart from knowing the exact combinations shared below, you also need to have the required amount of ingredients.

But for now, let’s check out all the lid codes in Boba Story listed in Alphabetical Order:

  • Bee – 1000
  • Blueberry Cow – 4522
  • Brown Frog – 3331
  • Butterfly – 3110
  • Carousel – 3441
  • Chick – 2200
  • Cookie – 1110
  • Crystal – 1141
  • Cupcake – 5000
  • Daisy Flower – 1211
  • Fish – 4000
  • Flower Pattern – 2211
  • Green Dino – 3132
  • Heart Pattern – 4110
  • Ice Cream – 1111
  • Jellyfish – 1221
  • Ladybug – 5100
  • Lilypad – 4133
  • Mermaid Tail – 1131
  • Moon – 4512
  • Oreo – 3100
  • Panda – 3224
  • Peach – 2000
  • Pig – 5010
  • Pineapple – 4111
  • Pink Dino – 3225
  • Pink Frog – 4151
  • Puppy – 2110
  • Purple Cat – 2221
  • Red Panda – 2111
  • Rose – 3000
  • Space – 3215
  • Star Pattern – 1331
  • Strawberry Cow – 4053
  • Turtle – 2201
  • Unicorn – 4555

These are all the codes/combinations you need to know to unlock all the codes in the game. Now, let’s learn how to use these, because it’s a bit different from other games.

How to use the lid codes in Boba Story

Unlike in regular games that share similar mechanics, like Roblox Doors Codes or the Levistone Story Codes that we’ve shared in the past, you need more than just knowing these codes in Boba Story for them to work.

These codes only tell you how much of each specific ingredient you need in order to unlock the rewards. And getting the ingredients is up for you by playing the game.

mermaid tail lid

So, in order to use the lid codes, you need to go to the in-game Merchant and trade various amounts of different types of honey in order to get the rewards. The codes above always represent these types of honey, listed from left to right:

  • Yellow Jar: Regular Honey
  • Blue Jar: Blueberry Honey
  • Red Jar: Strawberry Honey
  • Purple Jar: Lavender Honey

For example, looking at the codes above, we have this: Mermaid Tail – 1131. This means that if you want to unlock this particular lid in Boba Story, you will need 1 yellow jar, 1 Blue Jar, three Red ones and 1 Purple Jars.

Wrapping up

This is it! It’s a lot easier now that you know all these codes. They will make your life easier when it comes to unlocking all those special lids in the game to increase the value (and cuteness rating) of your drinks.

If you manage to find one or more codes that work and I haven’t listed them above already (most likely after a game update), please let us all know by commenting below.


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