AFK Football Guide: Tips & Tricks to Build the Perfect Team

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Today’s AFK Football tips and tricks will help you understand the game better, but also how to build a perfect team and keep on winning.

We’re going to talk about unlocking new rarer players, tactics, strategies to win and make more money… and basically everything else you would expect from a strategy guide for the amazing idle game AFK Football.

And while it has almost nothing in common with the popular AFK Arena, in case you’re playing this game too, make sure to check out the AFK Arena codes to get some free goodies in the game.

With these in mind, let’s get back to AFK Football and let’s check out all the tips & tricks you should know.

1. Upgrade your players constantly

AFK Football loading screen

Start maxing out your starting five players from the beginning. Unlike many other games, AFK Football lets you reset any player you have leveled up back to level 1 for free.

Not only that does not cost anything, but you will also get back all the resources invested in leveling up the said player. This makes it a lot easier to then quickly level up any rarer player you find.

In order to reset a player back to level one and regain all the invested resources, go to Stadium – Medical Center.

2. Wait to recruit 10 players at once

AFK Football 10 Transfers

While this is not confirmed, I believe that you are guaranteed (or at least have a much higher chance) of getting an Elite player if you Transfer 10 at a time in the Transfers building from the Stadium.

It does take some time to get all the Diamonds required for this – but at least early on, you will get plenty of Diamonds for free relatively easy and in the first week of playing, you should be able to do two 10-Transfers at the very least (for free).

3. How to get more Diamonds

AFK Football diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency of AFK Football and generally, you can get more by spending real money on them.

But early on, you will get plenty of chances to grab some for free. The easiest way to get a ton is to check out the story of each unlocked player from Stars – Album. Each time you do so, you get 100 diamonds. There are 3,300 diamonds to be earned this way alone!

Other methods for getting free diamonds include completing the daily quests, the Rookie missions when you start playing, Challenges and leveling up.

4. Team formation matters!

AFK Football New Star

Initially, I thought that team formation is nothing but a formality in the game, but after losing to opponents that had a few thousand points less than my team, I realized that’s not really the case.

In most instances, simply switching the top two attackers made a huge difference from losing badly to winning 4-0.

So pay attention to the formation the opponent is playing, especially their defenders. Try to place your main scorer in the spot where he is not marked by an aggressive interceptor.

Even with an expert passer, having your striker with a glued-on defender is very bad and drastically reduces your chances of winning.

Now apply this to your defense – see which is your opponent’s main striker and assign your best defender to it and have him shadow the player for the entire duration of the game.

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5. Join a solid Guild ASAP!

Guild mechanics are very important in most idle games, and AFK Football makes no exception. So make sure to join an active guild, ideally with a maximum number of players early on.

You have the Guild Rush to complete there for top rewards, the Guild Store itself and I am sure that pretty soon, various Guild battle mechanics will be introduced. So make sure your guild members are active and have good teams.

6. Max out your friends list

It’s easy to add friends in AFK Football: simply post an “add me” message in the global chat, and you will be flooded with requests.

Make sure to max out your friends list ASAP and constantly send and receive friend rewards. These can be used in the store for pulling various players.

7. Always equip and upgrade the best gear

AFK Football reset stars

Since removing gear from players doesn’t cost anything, make sure to always equip the best items available to your best players – as these can easily be changed if their rankings change.

Focus on upgrading the Elite pieces of equipment (purple ones) as these give you the best return in terms of points, and these are the only ones you will eventually have equipped.

8. Collect your idle revenue constantly

Normally, the idle rewards only stack up for 12 hours. So make sure to constantly get back into the game to collect the rewards as they will be helpful in leveling up your players.

Don’t forget to also use any boosts you might have, and use them early on as there’s no point in delaying their use.

Final words

You’ve now gone through the entire AFK Football strategy guide. These tips and tricks hopefully proved helpful, and you will now put them to good use to improve your game.

If you have additional strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below!


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    • If you retire the common players in the medical centre you get coins and if you accumulate enough of these coins you can trade it for a rare or elite player in the mall


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