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How often does it happen that you hear a song and fall in love with it only to realize a little problem: you don’t know its name? You end up asking your self, what song is this?

Do you ever find yourself humming to the tune of a song hours later or singing lyrics that you remember from it? Sometimes, you won’t even remember anything but the beat or chords of a song, and you’d want to sing it, but sadly, knowing nothing else about it, you won’t be able to.

This mostly happens in two scenarios. One of the two scenarios in which it happens is while you’re listening to it and you want to find out what song it is because it sounds good to your ears.

Second is when you’re done listening and you want to listen to it again, download it, and make it your jam.

There are a few ways that you can use to know what song you are listening to.



Today, we have applications like Shazam which act as a song recognition software. This is for the first scenario we talked about, the one where you would want to find the name of the song while you are listening to it.

All you have to do is download this app on your phone. It is easily available for both iOS and Android.

After that, each time you are in a situation like that, just fire this application up. After it opens, press the record button on it so that it starts recording the song playing behind you.

It is going to make a little recording of the tune and will begin to transfer it when the recording has finished.

Shortly, it will present to you the name of the tune, the singer, and even extra details about the song.

It will also furnish you with iTunes or other links to purchase or listen to the tune. It’s extremely simple!



There are other ways of doing this as well when the song is playing and you do not have any of these applications on your phone.

Everyone has a built-in voice recorder on their phone. All you have to do is start recording the song that is playing.

Once you have made a small clip of the song, you can transfer it to your laptop once you go home. Then, play it again to see if the quality is suitable. If so, turn on “Stereo Mix” on your laptop.

You can do this by going down to the sound symbol on your system tray, right-clicking on it, and going to “Recording Devices” to open the best possible settings sheet. On the sheet, right-click on a clear space, and ensure both “View Disabled Devices” and “View Disconnected Devices” choices are on.

You ought to see a “Stereo Mix” choice show up. Right-click on “Stereo Mix” and check “Enable” to have the capacity to utilize it.

Once that is done, go to midomi.com, and click on the option that reads “Click and Sing or Hum.” Midomi is perfect for those tune-stuck-in-your-head moments.

Although it is not advisable to use it if you are in an Internet cafe, using the site is simple. When you click on the option mentioned above, you will get an Adobe Flash Player warning; click okay on that.

Now, Midomi is listening, so you are supposed to sing the clip. It is recommended to sing for at least 10 seconds for better accuracy.

While you are singing, you have to make sure that the song is recording. You can do this by seeing whether the spikes are being created and the bar is moving.

After you are done singing for 10 seconds, it will take some time to recognize it and upload the recorded song, after which is will present to you the details of the song such as the artist, album, year, and so on.

When Midomi identifies the song, it also offers a clip for playback so that you can check it and verify it against the song in your head, rather than take its word for it. This site is best for hummers.

What Song Is This, Google?

Yes, Google is a great resource when your wondering What Song is this. This is probably the most common way of recognizing a song. This is because not everyone has the applications we talked about, and some people are just too lazy to use Midomi.

This is the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way of finding out about the song stuck in your head.

All that you essentially need to do is recall any sentence or any words from the tune, simply type them into Google with “lyrics” at last, and you’ll be given a considerable list of songs with those words.

Since there are numerous lyrics sites on the internet, finding a tune with just a couple words from it can get you accurate results. The chances are that you will find the right tune on your first attempt.

You might still not be sure that you have found the correct song, so all you have to do is enter the title of the song you have discovered on YouTube and check whether it is the tune that you had listened to.

However, if the song you found out is not what you have been searching for, what you can do is scan a large portion of the top results to find the song you heard.

For instance, a day or two ago, I was listening to a melody on a Snapchat story, and all that I recalled out of the whole tune was an exceptionally catchy verse, practically in the middle of the song.

All that I remembered from the entire song was “I only pray you’ll never leave me behind” and that is what I Googled. I was presented with a number of results, and I soon found the song I was looking for.

I verified by opening it and seeing if it was the song I had been looking for by reading its lyrics. I also double checked it on YouTube.


The main problem comes in when an instrumental song or a song in some unknown language is stuck in your head.

What if you only remember its beat or music? For this, you will have to do some manual work. Whether or not you can recall any lyric, there’s a possibility that you remember the melody of the song, and that’s what you will use.

You can use Midomi for its. Initially, it was intended to be used with actual human voice, and that is why the option said “sing or hum.” So, you can log into Midomi again, but unlike last time, instead of enabling your Stereo Mix, have your microphones enabled.

Be confident if you need to look for a song, and be sure that you can do it. Sing a song and let Midomi search it for you; it’ll soon come up with a number of quick recommendations based on what you just sang. However, it is important to mention that it doesn’t work at all times, so there’s another way to go around it.

Head over to WatZatSong.com. It is a community of people who are enthusiastic about music and can recognize most songs and tracks. Once you submit your song to them, they take some time, collectively trying to recognize it, and then produce a result.

All that you are supposed to do is visit the site and create an account. It is free and very user-friendly. Then, put a recording up and you are good to go.

In order to produce better search results and improve the accuracy of the song, indicate the genre of the song if you realize what it is. Also, it never hurts to include more fine details, like where you heard it playing, and other points of interest that may be useful. These additional details will help produce faster and better results.

You can also transfer a recorded sample if you have one, as that will make it easier for people to recognize the song.

For tracks that are instrumental, you can either hum it or play it using an instrument if you know how to and you think it is accurate enough for the community to recognize what song it is from.


Snapchat song finder

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Shazam and Snapchat have both had a major influence on the music business for quite some time now.

Snapchat is one of the quickest developing social organizations on the planet, and it is turning into an undeniably important route for performers, labels, and brands to connect with fans.

This is easily the biggest game changer of all times. The popular Shazam app has been incorporated into Snapchat to allow a feature where you can recognize songs with Snapchat.

This is the easiest and most convenient option for a lot of us. This because Snapchat is an application we all have on our phone and is active at all times. It literally takes two seconds to fire it up and start using it.

This is how you can use Snapchat to identify a song. Update to the latest version of Snapchat that offers this facility, open the app, and tap on the camera screen for a few seconds to make Shazam identify the music playing in the background.

Then, a pop-up box will appear with extra information, including the artist of the song, its title, the lyrics, an audio preview, and a YouTube clip. All of this information will come on to the screen for a little while, so be sure to remember the track details as they will soon disappear.

Share the results if you want. You can repeat the procedure when you hear another song playing that you don’t know of.

Heading into this, Shazam is, as of now, recognizing a large number of songs day by day. That has produced a totally new level of predictive analytics, with Shazam foreseeing what songs will be generally well known.

What’s more is that Shazam, all of a sudden, has the superpower of testing the capability of unknown songs. All things considered, if individuals are asking, ‘What tune is this?’ for an obscure melody, there’s a good possibility it will catch on.

Presently, Snapchat is adding fuel to that fire. As of writing this article, the application has about 150 million clients and increasing.

This spells immense opportunities for artists and labels. An appealing song can blast off significantly quicker than ever before.

Shazam, as of now, boasts 120 million dynamic clients looking into tunes consistently. There may well be a generous hybrid between the crowds of the two applications, yet there is no doubt that, since Snapchat’s dynamic client base is set to achieve 217 million this year, there will be a significantly bigger number of individuals Shazaming tunes.

With more clients, Shazam’s accuracy at anticipating a tune’s business achievement – or gauging its prevalence – will improve significantly. In the advanced age, the official music charts have been consistently substandard as they adjust to keep up.


We are somewhat hesitant to reach an accurate conclusion here in light of the fact that the outcomes were so close, and we can’t test each application on the same song test because of the present nature of the tests.

Changes in surrounding commotion (like a friend shouting in your ear) may influence the outcomes all over. Still, there are a few conclusions to be drawn.

In view of the sheer numbers, there was very little distinction between Shazam and Soundhound, the main two music distinguishing applications. Out of fifty tests (we planned the test to be very thorough), Shazam accurately recognized twenty-seven songs, while Soundhound recognized twenty-eight.

On that level, your decision is essentially a basic matter of which one you prefer more.

Google is, as we all know, convenient and user friendly, so it wins at that. On the other hand, Snapchat is the most active app on our phone right now and this is why a lot of people would prefer using it to identify songs.


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