How to View Old Snaps on Snapchat

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Snapchat is an application through which users can share videos, text, photos as well as drawings. The application is free to use and can be easily downloaded on the smart phones.

The Snapchat application has become really popular with users since it has been launched and more popular with the young people. One feature that made Snapchat popular is the disappearing snaps. However, you can recover those old snaps now.

A snap is a video or a picture that a user can send through the Snapchat application to their friends. A video snap can be a maximum ten seconds in duration.

The snaps from Snapchat gets deleted after the viewers have seen them, unless the user decides to add them to their story and if they do that, they last for 24 hours long.

The snaps that are not opened get deleted after thirty days. This application only revolves around taking pictures or making videos and it has some great features that can be used to further make the snaps funny or entertaining.

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How to view deleted snaps on Snapchat

People who are avid users of snap chat obviously do not find this feature very nice most would prefer to find a way to save their snaps or at least find a way to view their old snaps. There is finally solution to this problem and following the below mentioned steps can help you view your old snaps.

  • Launch the Snapchat application and open the screen that leads you to the chat section where you can see the snaps that you have just received.
  • Click on a snap that has not been opened as yet. When you do that, it activates the first view of the snap that you have received.
  • You need to stay on the screen of the chat where the snap is or else if you close this screen the snap would disappear.
  • Now click on the snap that you have just opened and you would see the chat box become active and solid.
  • Now you must tap on the snap that you have opened just now to see it one more time.

Why would a person want to view previously deleted Snaps

There are many reasons why a person may want to view old deleted snaps.

  • It could have been a nice moment that they want to remember always.
  • It could have a really nice photo of the user that they want to keep with them.
  • It is possible that there was something important in that picture they want to keep with themselves.

To recover or view old Snapchats

In order to recover or view old and deleted Snapchats, there is no other way but to download software in your device that will allow you to do that.

There are ways to do that, whether it is an iPhone or an android device, a piece of data recovery software is the only solution to view old and deleted snaps.

This is also only possible if the Snapchat temporary files still exist and only then you will be able to recover the deleted files.

There is a software recovery tool for both android as well as for iPhone which is the EaseUS MobileSaver which works on both these devices and is able to recover files that are deleted or lost contact, messages, videos, photos, call history, SMS, etc. This is quite a useful tool with many Snapchat users and it can be easily used on the smart phones.

One way of saving the snaps can be:

  1. To save the Snapchat snaps on your iPhone, you must make sure its jail broken because this way you will be able to install a tweak in your phone that allows you to save the snaps on your phone, without the other person finding out about it. This special tweak allows you to save the new photos but you cannot however, retrieve the old snaps.
  2. You have to launch Cydia on your iPhone that is jailbroken, which is a package that is used for jailbroken iPhones and it handles all the tweaks for the jailbroken iPhones.
  3. Once you have opened the Cydia package, you need to search for “Phantom”. It is an application found in Cydia that allows iPhones to tweak options in your existing Snapchat application.
  4. Once you have installed phantom on Cydia, you should not open Snapchat on your phone and this will allow you to have access to the phantom tools directly from Snapchat.
  5. Now you can open any snap that you want to save, from the Snapchat and there will be a download icon on the bottom. Once you click download, the snap would be saved on your phone’s camera roll and the sender would not be notified.


Snapchat is an application that has recently become really popular especially with the younger generation due to its features and the possibilities of taking photos and making videos.

The fact that there is no option of saving these snaps or even keeping them with yourself is not an option, has still not hampered the popularity of this application and it remains as one of the most popular applications with smart phone users.

Like with everything else, even with this application people somehow do try to find a loophole through which they can edit or make changes in the application for their own benefits and the same has happened with Snapchat.

Now there are ways, through which users can save as well as retrieve old snaps without the users getting notified. It might not be a very easy or simple method, but requires effort. For serious Snapchat users, this is the ideal solution and a problem that is solved for them!


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