Wendy Full Walkthrough

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This is the walkthrough for Wendy, a new puzzle adventure game filled with mysteries and dark magic waiting for you to discover them all.

You’ll have to find important items and decipher clues to catch the dark sorcerer and unravel the mystery behind the strange ritual performed in Wendy’s crypt.

A game released by Symphony Games (SMF Games) will captivate you with every step you take and put your mind to work into solving all the puzzles.

Wendy Walkthrough

Wendy Walkthrough Crypt
  • Take the magnet and use it on the screw on the right side of the stone bed.
  • Take the broom and wipe away the spider web to find a scissor part.
  • Take a closer look at the books on the edge and get the other scissor part from one of them.
  • Put the two scissor parts together, and the screw, to fix the scissor.
  • Take the blade from the rolled blanket.
  • Move the pillow in the middle and take the lever.
  • Put the blade and the lever on the guillotine on the left.
  • Move away the bedsheet and use the scissors to cut the sawed part.
  • Take the key and use it on the green box to find the tweezers.
  • Use the tweezers to get your eye back.
  • Take the fuel from the box and tap on the play button above the eye on the bottom right corner.
Wendy Walkthrough Pentagram
  • Take the can of Cola on the stairs and the bandage on the floor.
  • Look at the pentagram on the floor and take the lighter on the left.
  • Look at the table next to the pentagram and use the guillotine to cut of a piece of liana.
  • Check out the knight armor and use the liana to hook the halberd, and the cola to clean the rust.
  • Pull on the liana to make a hole in the floor that looks like a passageway.
  • Take the broken handle from the knight’s hands and use the bandage and fuel on it to make a torch.
  • Light it up with the lighter.
  • Use the torch to go down the hole and discover another room.
Wendy Walkthrough Ossuaries
  • Look at the pile of bones at the end of the stairs and pick the ones at the top, that aren’t stuck by others, one by one.
  • Take the bowl (1/2) and the stone skull.
  • Take the glass skull on the left and the pedal (1/2) next to the stairs.
  • Take the wooden skull on the chair in front of the organ.
  • Take a closer look at the organ and get the ring (1/3)
  • Get the bawl to the right, next to the column.
  • Look at the puddle on the ground and fill the bawl with water.
  • Go to the mushroom next to the stairs and take one of them.
Wendy Walkthrough mushroom
  • Get a closer look at the skulls above the desk and find all the bone nails around.
  • Use the chisel to get one out of his eye.
  • Use the match to light the candle to see another nail and the iron skull you need.
  • Use the jar to catch the green beetle and take it to the spider on the green gem to lure it away from there.
  • Put the green gem in the eye of the skull in the middle.
  • Use the match again to light the tiny coffin on the right and find the last nail.
  • Press the nails in this order: 1st – 4th – 5th – 2nd – 6th – 3rd
  • You’ll find another green gem for the other eye.
  • Now that his mouth is open take the bowl (2/2)
  • Look at the altar next to the stairs and put all the skulls you found around there.
  • Add the two bowls on the scale and fill the empty glass skull bottle with water.
  • Ballance the scale: glass skull, wood skull, stone skull – skull bottle, iron skull
  • Take the pedal (2/2) from the drawer and the music sheet.
  • Go to the organ and use the music sheet in front and the pedals underneath.
  • Play the melody by pressing the keys in a certain order.
Wendy Walkthrough Organ
  • Take the boards and check out the door up the stairs.
  • Put the boards here and move the plank with Charon’s image to the latch.
  • Go through the door and to the cemetery.
Wendy Walkthrough Cemetery
  • Take the bandage (1/2) from around the statue.
  • Look closer at the tree and take the stick that is holding the branch.
  • Look between the tree and the statue and take the trowel from the tree on the left.
Wendy Walkthrough Lake
  • Look at the waterlilies on the lake and find all the pairs.
  • When you’re done you’ll get a lily.
  • Go to Charon (the man by the lake) and give him the stick.
  • Check out the fishing gear at the pontoon.
  • Open the second top drawer and take the wire.
  • Use it to open the bottom left drawer and take the elastic.
  • Open the thermos and use a worm to catch algae.
  • Now throw in the algae to catch a fish.
  • Go back to the cemetery and give the cat, that’s sitting by the big tree, the fish you caught.
  • Now you can take your hand back and use it to grab the sparkly coin inside the trunk.
  • Now go to the right side of the statue and find all the hidden items needed.
  • You’ll get acid and a shuttlecraft.
  • Go back and use the acid on the moss below the statue and the trowel to remove it.
  • Move the sliders to open the fingers of the statue and take the gate key.
  • Go back inside and up the hole you made.
  • Go to the table where potions are made and look at the alchemical recipe.
  • Put the mushroom and algae in the pestle and mortar and crush them.
  • Put the substance into the brewing machine.
  • Move the empty bottle underneath the dripping tube.
  • Squish the lily and add the juice to it as well.
  • Turn on the machine from the red nub underneath.
  • Put the cork on the bottle and take the sleeping potion with you.
  • Go to Charon and use the stick with the elastic to make a sling.
  • Then add the wire to make it better, and the potion to use it as a projectile.
  • Aim it at the crocodile and go to Charon to pass you over the lake.
  • You’ll need to pay a coin to get to the pyramid.
Wendy Walkthrough Pyramid
  • Go to the treasure pile and find all the objects needed.
  • Take the chips (1/2), yarn, bandage (2/2), and ring (2/3)
  • Now check the chest on the right an raise the hands of all the figures.
    • Press the figures in this order: 12-10-11-3-6-7-1
  • Take the chips (2/2) and the statue.
  • Look at the able by the water and put the chips here.
  • Move the chips to the cells marked with a cross.
  • This puzzle was one of the hardest to solve so far, but it will give you another ring (3/3)
  • Check out the threads on the left next to the fire and untangle them.
    • red – yellow – 5 greens – 2 empty – red – yellow – 3 green – 1 empty – 1 green – 1 yellow
  • Put the yarn on the shuttlecraft.
  • Use the shuttlecraft to make an elegant bandage.
  • Go to the Paraoh’s tomb and give the bandages to Nan Nef.
  • She’ll give you another key.
  • Go back to the organ room and tap on the floor where the rings need to go.
  • Put the skeleton puzzle back together by turning the rings around.
Wendy Walkthrough Skeleton Puzzle

Note: I believe this had a bug (not the first one I met while playing the game). I had to watch 5 ads to afford to skip this, so that’s not fun.

  • Here you’ll find the third key you need and another statue.
  • Go up through the hole and the table next to the pentagram.
  • Put the two statues on the table, take the note, and read it.
  • Go to the cemetery and insert all three keys into the gate.
  • Press the buttons in the correct sequence to unlock the gate.
  • From the note you’ll know to press the buttons like this: N – S – E – W

Wrapping up

Another spooky puzzle adventure game ends, and I’m sure we all are looking forward to playing with Wendy some more and join her on new adventures.

Until next time, I’ll see you around with more walkthroughs for escape room games, or puzzle adventures.


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