Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District

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The walkthrough for the Antiques District awaits for you in Tricky Doors Episode 9, with new mysteries I solved for you.

If you had a look at my last walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 8, as I helped you get out of the theater, you know you need to follow all my steps to be able to get out.

The Antique district is full of magic and mystery, as you’ll need to find your way out, and you’ll learn that your escape doesn’t lie behind a common door.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Story

Follow each step of my walkthrough so that you are able to get out of this magical place and onto another cool episode in Tricky Doors.

Tricky Doors – Level 9: Antique District Full Walkthrough

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District
  • Get a closer look at the easel on the right side of the street and take the palette, and the screwdriver.
  • Check the flower pot on the left and take the handle and unscrew the metal bar from the pot.
  • Look at the drainage bars and you’ll see a key behind them.
  • Use the metal bar on the drainage to make a hook.
  • Use the hook to take the key and use it on the mailbox of the house on the left.
  • You’ll need to solve a puzzle to open it.
  • It’s different for every player, so you have to figure it out on your own.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Mailbox Puzzle
  • You’ll find a Mysterious letter and a handle you can put directly on this door.
  • Take the Eiffel Tower too and the newspaper.
  • Tap on the stairs of this door and slide the newspaper under.
  • Go up to the handle and use the screwdriver to push the other key out.
  • Check back to the newspaper and take the key.
  • Use it to open the lock and solve the puzzle by moving the pins using the arrows.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Shop Lock
  • Once you open it you can go inside the shop.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Shop
  • Check the red table on the left and move some of the object on it to get the great sphinx.
  • Look at the fireplace and take the poker from there.
  • Check the vases on top of the fireplace, overturn the vase, and take the matches.
  • Look at the desk in front of the window.
  • Close that open box there and take the lamp.
  • Use the matches to lit it.
  • Check out the golden container to the right, use the screwdriver to take off the valve.
  • There’s a kettle on the right side, that you can take.
  • The puppet hanging on the ceiling candelabrum has a loudspeaker on its head.
  • Go outside and use the poker to open up the sewer lid.
  • Use the lamp to see your way down.
  • You’ll see a Statue of Liberty on the left of the sewer.
  • Check the bottom of the sewer and put the valve on the steam system.
  • To solve the puzzle you need to set the time on the sensors to bring the ball to the red platform.
  • Here’s the correct pattern of those sensors.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Steam Puzzle
  • Put the kettle on the drinking fountain to the left of the street.
  • Bring the kettle with water inside the antique store.
  • Use the poker to move the hot coals to the side
  • Use the kettle with water to extinguish the coals.
  • Take the key and the Big Ben.
  • Go outside and use the key on the door to the right.
  • Solve the puzzle by arranging the chips in the same pattern shown above.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Fortune Teller Lock
  • Now you can go inside the Fortune Teller Shop.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Fortune Teller
  • In the cupboard to the right there’s a broom.
  • Check the table by the robes and take that paper.
  • To open the mouse box you need to enter the number of mice you saw till now all around the Antique District, for each color.
    • 5 yellow – 4 red – 3 blue (might be different to you, count your own mice)
  • Go outside and use the broom to get the key off from the sign of the Antique Store.
  • Use the key to open the chest inside and solve the puzzle by connecting all rays.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Chest Lock
  • Take a disc record from inside and a rami crystal (1/4).
  • Look at the glass showcase behind the red table and open the glass with the poker.
  • Put the loudspeaker and the handle on the record player, then add the disc record and take the gramophone.
  • Give the mice to the cat so you can take the crystal ball.
  • Go to the fortune teller shop and use the gramophone to put the snake to sleep.
  • You’ll find a flower sprout inside the snake’s aquarium and a gem.
  • Go to the red table in the right corner and put the crystal ball in the middle.
  • You need to pick the 2 cards that will make the symbol shown on the crystal.
  • Each player has different symbols.
  • Once all symbols found, you’ll get Sydney Opera House.
  • Put the paper over the crystal globe and you’ll get a landscape.
  • Go outside at the pedestal at the end of the street and put all the figurines in your inventory to open it.
  • Now you have to place famous buildings in their place on the map.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Map
  • A drawer will open and you will find a rami crystal (2/4) and a brush.
  • Go inside the Antique shop, put the red gem on the knight’s armor’s wrist.
  • It’s hand will open and you can take the key.
  • Take the key to the Fortune Teller shop and open the showcase on the right.
  • Solve the puzzle by moving the crystals in all the holes.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Gem Puzzle
  • Get another rami crystal (3/4) from inside.
  • Move the bottles on the top shelf and take the blue potion.
  • Go to the table where the mice were and put the flower sprout in the pot.
  • Then add the potion to make it grow, and pick up the magic flower.
  • Look behind the purple curtain and put the magic flower there to solve the puzzle.
  • Notice the numbers on the pots and the ones on the cabinet.
  • Move the pots around to get those numbers by adding up the pots. Each player has a different set of numbers.
  • Once solved you’ll get the last rami crystal (4/4)
  • Go to the Antique shop and put the palette on the painting, the landscape in the corner, the brush at the base and all rami crystals around the painting.
  • Dip the brush in the red paint and paint the small bits like in the landscape.
  • Then dip it in blue and paint for the walls on the right.
  • Then mix blue and yellow in the middle of the palette to create green on the left doors.
  • Dip it in yellow and paint the roofs.
  • Red and white make pink that you can add on the parts that seem lighted by sun.
  • Blue and red make purple and you add add for the shades.
  • Then blue and white to make light blue for all the windows.
  • You don’t need to restart if you don’t aim where you need to, just need to paint over.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 9 – Antique District Painting
  • Now this painting will become your way out of here.

Wrapping up

Glad that you finished this Episode 9 Antique District as well? Don’t worry, there are more levels to come and lots of mysteries to uncover.

Check back here for more articles as I’ll be writing about Tricky Doors Episode 10 walkthrough and we’ll be wandering through a Train.


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