Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater

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Aren’t you glad I’m back with yet another walkthrough for Tricky Doors, this time showing you the ropes for Episode 8 as we wander around the Theater.

On our last journey together on my last walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 7, we got a taste of fantasy mystery and discovered a werewolf.

In today’s episode they kept it simple and sent us to the Theater, but the puzzles and items were a bit harder to find and to solve.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater Story

Take a peek at my walkthrough below and follow the steps to make sure you don’t miss any clues and are able to solve all the puzzles.

Tricky Doors – Level 8: Theater Full Walkthrough

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater Entrance
  • Check the sofas on the left and take the tag (1/4) on it and the plank (1/4) from under.
  • Look at the cloakroom on the left and take the porcelain mask (1/2) from the counter.
  • Check the first coat on the left and take the handle from its pocket.
  • Now go to the window on the right and put the handle to open it.
  • Take the key and use it on the clock on the left.
  • Now you can take the other mask (2/2).
  • Put both masks on the lock of the door on the other side and solve the puzzle.
  • You need to move the green chip to the green cell.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater 1st Door Puzzle
  • You can move to the stage area and check it out.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater Stage
  • By the fallen ladder on the left there’s a knife you can take.
  • And a sandbag (1/3) by the red curtains.
  • Check the piano on the stage and take the tag (2/4) on top.
  • Go look behind the red curtains, in the backstage.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater Backstage
  • Look through the toolbox in the back and get the hammer, the saw, and the pincers.
  • Look at the barricaded door on the left and use the pincers to get the nails and a long plank.
  • Go back to the first room and use the knife to cut some of the rope by the green couch.
  • Use the knife to take the crooked hook on the wardrobe.
  • Again use the knife to take the lens (1/2) from the camera in the back.
  • Combine the rope with the hook.
  • Go to the theater room and throw the hook with rope on the balcony, closest to the stage.
  • You can climb up there now and take the plank (2/4) and the broken binoculars and a clue note:
    • “The password of the safe is on the scenery.”
  • Use the pincers to open up the bag here and take the powder and the piano key (1/3)
  • Go to the harp on the right and take the piano key (2/3)
  • Use the pincers to cut some string from it.
  • Go to the broken ladder on the stage and put the long plank over it.
  • Use the saw to cut it in two and take the planks (4/4)
  • Arrange all 4 planks over the ladder, put the nails in and use the hammer to fix the ladder so you can take it.
  • Position the ladder under the first spot light.
  • Climb the ladder and smash the glass with your hammer to take the key.
  • This opens the door backstage (the one with two masks) that has 312 on it.
  • Solve the lock puzzle by pressing the bars so the fists can hit all the buttons so you can enter the changing room.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater Changing Room
  • Behind the pink dress on the left, there’s another sandbag (2/3)
  • Take a brush from the make-up desk and tweezers.
  • Another tag (3/4) on the chair.
  • Go back to the first room you started and look at the window closely.
  • The cabinet next to it has something stuck there.
  • Take the tweezers and get the tag (4/4) out.
  • Put all the tags on the counter over to the wardrobe.
  • Set the powder there and take the brush to use on the powder and the tags.
  • The numbers 36-35-34-38 will be revealed on the tags.
  • Look at the clothes with the same numbers left there: purple – green – red – blue
  • Go to the last room, check the desk drawer and enter that combination but in the right order:
    • red – green – purple – blue
  • You’ll find another piano key (3/3) and a weight.
  • Combine the weight with the string by using the pincers.
  • Before you leave notice the turned off light bulbs around the mirror.
  • Now go to the clock in the first room and put the clock weight inside it.
  • Then open the little doors around the clock that match the turned ON lights.
    • Mine were: 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11
  • The clock will lift revealing a flowery clue hint.
  • Go to the piano on the stage and put the piano keys in their spot.
  • All have some marks on them so press only the ones needed to highlight in green the dark tiles pattern on top of the keys.
  • The piano will give you a key to open the closet in the changing room with it.
  • Inside you’ll find another lens (2/2) in the coat and the last sandbag (3/3)
  • Fix the lenses on the binoculars.
  • Use the hint to solve the puzzle of the box on the sofa.
  • Inside you’ll find a metal mask (1/2) and a wheel.
  • Go to the entrance, and look at the wardrobe.
  • Put the wheel on the black suitcase there.
  • Enter the number under the portrait that has a black suitcase in it: 930
  • Once opened, take the lever and go backstage.
  • Check the sandbag on the right and add the other 3 sandbags there.
  • Put the lever next to them and pull until the first bag is up.
  • Then go on the stage and look at the background decorations using your binoculars
  • If you look to the lefts, on the rocks next to the winged winter wolf, you’ll see the numbers 4537
  • Go to the changing room in the back and enter that number onto the safe.
  • Inside you’ll find another metal mask (1/2)
  • These will fit into the lock of the exit door.
  • Solve the last puzzle to get out.
  • Arrange the masks so that emotions and colors are not repeated in each row and column.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 8 – Theater Last Door Puzzle
  • Now you’re free to escape the Theater.

Wrapping up

Now that we’re out of the Theater and finished Tricky Door Episode 8, there are more mysteries that await us.

Stay tuned for my next walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 9 as we’ll follow the clues around Antique District and I’ll help you with all the puzzles there as well.


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