Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Walkthrough [Chapter 3]

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Here are all the clues you need in this walkthrough for Tiny Rooms Stories – Chapter 3. All you need to do is follow all the steps below.

You’re here, at the Church, to investigate why you found a check with a large sum sent to your father. Maybe we’ll find more clues about how they are connected and where everyone went.

Check out my video walkthrough first and if you still have trouble understanding some of the clues, there’s a written walkthrough with explanations right under.

Tiny Room Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough
  • The doors are open so you might as well get inside.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Church
  • Turn on the lights from the wall with the cross on.
  • Take the candle on top of the piano.
  • Take a look at the left-side wall where the bookshelves are.
  • You’ll find another candle on one of the shelves.
  • Look next to the exit door at the panel and enter the symbols on the pictures on the walls.

Note: Behind the cross picture there’s an arrow to the left, so start from it and to the left.

  • Cross – Intertwined triangles – simple triangle – # – diamond
  • Now you can take the key from inside.
  • Open the door behind the altar.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Backroom
  • You can turn on the lights from the switch next to the door you came through.
  • Take the candle from the desk and check the drawers of the cabinet in this room.
  • You’ll find another candle there.
  • Move the armchair to the side and take the clue note.
  • The right password for the computer here is outside on the billboard, the last 4 digits of the phone number 2523
  • Tap the controls button and click open.
  • Check out the mail, Print it, and take it
  • Go back inside the church and to the piano.
  • Tap on the keys of the piano shown on the printed paper.
  • A secret door behind the cross will open.
  • Take another candle from there and switch the light off to look at the books here.
  • Each has some lights on and some match the symbols below.
  • Notice how some books are upside down and others are straight.
  • Find the 4 yellow symbols on them and turn them as they are represented on the book.
  • Take the new key and go back to the house.
  • Open the door under the stairs.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Under stairs
  • Turn the lamp on, check the small cabinet drawer, and take the candle from there.
  • Now go back up and to the roof.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Roof
  • There’s another clue note on the shelf.
  • Check the wooden crate and take the candle from inside.
  • Put all the candles on the candle holder but only in the spots that are lowering.
  • Take the rusty key from the little box on the candle holder.
  • Go to the bell room and ring it a few times until it drops.
  • Go to the room under the stairs and use the rusty key to open the chest there.
  • Take another clue note and take a look at the box with the code.
  • Turn it around to see it has something drawn on the bottom.
  • To open the box check the line paintings on the walls of the room above.
  • The shape of the paintings is important and work with the shapes drawn on the bottom of the box you found.
  • So the code is in the number of lines of the paintings put in the order it was scribbled on the bottom 4132.
  • Take the key from inside and go to the church.
  • Take a look at the fallen bell to find a 4th clue note.
  • Face the cross to see the benches from above and be able to move them.
  • Do the pattern on your clue notes with the benches for each row.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Bench Pattern
  • Now go to the bible, open it, and pull the lever to open some secret stairs under the altar.
  • Go to the basement under the altar and check the panel.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Secret Basement
  • Insert all the keys and turn them on.
  • Go through the open door to find more secrets.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Catacombs
  • Take the sledgehammer from the shelf and take the map from the wall.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Map
  • Knock off the wall with the sledgehammer.
  • Going through the hole you just made is the end of this chapter.

Wrapping up

Another Chapter ended and we’re still not sure where everyone went. Today’s walkthrough helped you find some mysteries inside the church but these led to finding out there are catacombs under the city.

We’re going to find out soon where the catacombs are leading us and maybe we’ll find more clues and get closer to the truth behind the story.

Check out my next walkthrough for Tiny Room Stories Chapter 4.


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