Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Walkthrough [Chapter 4]

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This Tiny Room Stories Chapter 4 Walkthrough has all the clues you need. Follow these steps to be able to find the answers you need.

In this chapter, we’re going to explore the underground, pass through the catacombs, and find the other entrance.

Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Info

Check out my video walkthrough below to get a better picture of how to finish the game. And if you need more explanations you can look at the written walkthrough that follows.

Tiny Room Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Catacombs
  • Move the carpet to the side to find a red key.
  • Use it to open the door.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground
  • To navigate this place, it is best to have the map close by.
Tiny Room Chapter 3 walkthrough Map
The red X near the church is where you start.

Note: However, I’ll be posting constant photos of the areas and specific viewpoints to help you coordinate your moves with mine.

  • Now while you are in the exact position seen in my picture above, go left.
    • You’ll also go left on the map, just follow the red spot.
  • Turn the red valve to the left till the arrow goes all the way.
  • Turn the room around till you see the closed door.
  • Press the four panels in the correct order to light them up.
    • Bottom right – top left – bottom left – top right
    • They won’t stay lit if the pattern is not correct.
  • Enter the storeroom you just opened.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Storeroom
  • Go to the device there and press the buttons in this order:
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Storeroom puzzle
  • Now you’ll be able to open that door and look inside to take the key.
  • Turn around to see the shelves here and look inside the bottom cardboard box.
  • Take the matches (you might find them in a different box)
  • Get outside again and follow the hall going left from the storeroom.
  • Head towards the F1 area on the map and follow the arrow along the water.
  • Use the key to open the door at F2 area and go inside the Lounge Room.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Lounge Room
  • Take a closer look at the table and the note with the rules.
    • White makes the first move.
    • Players take turns
    • The moves are written with symbols.
  • This is the placement of the chess pieces:
    • 1st Move: White Pawn to E4
    • 2nd move: Black Pawn to H5
    • 3rd move: White Queen to H5 (took the pawn)
    • 4th move: Black Knight to F6
  • Enter this code into the lock of the box and take the key from inside.
  • Turn around and check the other table and solve the puzzle by coloring only the right squares.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Lounge Room Puzzle
  • Turn around again, move the locker and table out of the way, and open the door.
  • Go towards the gas-feeding room and draw that pattern from your clue puzzle on the door.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Gas-feeding Room
  • Turn off all the pipes and turn around.
  • Open the cabinet on the wall and take the valve.
  • Get out and move down towards the church, where two valves are drawn on the map.
  • Turn both pipes off, move toward your starting point, and move toward the Power area where the fire is burning making it impossible to pass.
  • Use the valve on the pipe next to the fire and turn it off.
  • Now you can open the door and enter the Power room.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Power Room
  • Look at the monitoring table to see there are 4 different items on it.
  • Look around the room, in the lockers, and count the items:
    • Blue can: 3
    • Bottle: 8
    • Grey and red can: 4
    • Toilet paper: 7
  • Add the ones on the table as well and enter the code in the computer: 4958
  • Pull the lever to B2, move to the F areas on the map all the way to F3, and take the pallet there.
  • Now move to F2, set the pallet on the water, move the other pallet near so you can reach the fan, and take the lever arm.
  • Go back to the power room, and open the green electric panel with the blue key.
  • Use the lever on the third device and pull it down.
  • Pull on the yellow lever to C2 so the F5 fan shuts off.
  • Now you can go all the way to F4, turn around to see the other fan and go through the fan and through the pipe.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground F5
  • Open the first aid box and take the yellow key.
  • Turn around, remove the plank that holds the door closed, and go through.
  • Go towards the gas-feeding room and use the yellow key to open the closed door.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Propane
  • Turn around and take the propane tank.
  • Go to the Power room first and move the lever to shut off the F7 fan (to C1)
  • Go back to the Ventilation area near the church, where the other x-mark is.
  • Put the propane tank against the wall where it looks like someone cemented an entrance.
  • Go through the fan right next to the propane tank.
  • Turn around and go up the red stairs.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Big Fan
  • Go to the panel and press all the buttons needed to overload the system.
    • The two yellow levers in the middle are pushed up, while the other two are down.
    • The big red lever is pulled down.
    • The yellow buttons need to be pressed like this (X is yellow O is black):
      • XOX
      • XOX
    • Now turn on the + – nubs to get it to blow up.
  • The fan will stop working and now you can go down and blow up the propane tank using the matches.
  • Once it blows the wall off, go through the hole.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Catacomb Entrance
  • There’s a torch on the wall that you can light up using the matches.
  • Turn the statues around and look at the destroyed statue on the floor.
  • Take notes of the letters on them:
    • Winged destroyed statue: S
    • Headless statue: NE
    • Winged statue with a scythe: N
    • Cloaked statue with a sword: W
  • Now look at the device in the middle and set the statues following those coordinates.
    • The figurine of the first big circle is down (North is at the bottom)
    • The second circle figurine should be to the left (West is left in this case)
    • The third circle figurine is up, facing the bottom one (South is that way)
    • The last figurine in the middle should be at the bottom left of the North one.
  • Now the stone doors will open and you can use the last match to light the firepit in the middle of the room.
Tiny Room Chapter 4 walkthrough Underground Secret Hiding
  • You can check out the tables and turn around to go at the stained glass.
  • The table in front has a note talking about visiting Stone and a project named “Olympus”
  • Take the pass and look at the map.
  • Pull down on the torches of the other closed stone door to open it.
  • You’re back where you started so now you can go out and take your car to go to the next destination.

Wrapping up

The story gets more interesting with every chapter of Tiny Room Story Town Mystery. I’m ready to get further and discover more answers.

Follow me to see my next walkthrough for Tiny Room Chapter 5, I’ll make sure to give you all the answers you need to finish it.


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