NOX – Escape Games FULL Walkthrough

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This walkthrough for NOX – Escape Games has all the answers you need to solve the game. I have the solutions for all the puzzles and I’ll show you where to find the clues to solve them.

Follow my lead closely and you’ll be able to move around the empty house freely and find the answers to the mysterious situation the character is in.

NOX – Part 1 Walkthrough

NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Cell
  • You wake up in a locked cell and have no idea how you ended up there.
  • Check the bucket and take the bone inside.
  • Use the bone on the door to open it and escape.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Basement
  • You’ll find yourself in a basement so look around to find the clues you need.
  • Check out the crate next to the bottle rack and swipe down to look inside.
  • Take the screwdriver and turn around to see the electric panel.
  • Drag the crate down to get it away from the vent.
  • Use the screwdriver to open it and go through it (but not when you’re looking too close to it) to reach the bathroom.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Bathroom

Note: you’ll also get a map in the top right corner that you can access.

  • Now look through the drawers of the blue cabinet and tap on the glass cube.
  • Go through the red cabinet and take half drawing.
  • Open the door here and you’ll find yourself in a dark room.
  • Turn around the room and you’ll find the switch on the wall next to the door.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Hallway
  • Turn the room around again and check the frame with the weird pattern, behind it, there’s a mark on the wall.
  • There are two new doors in this room (beside the one that leads back to the bathroom).
  • Go through the brown door first that’s the living room.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Living Room
  • Turn the room around and take the other half of drawing from under the big yellow couch.
  • Tap on the inventory icon and drag the two halves together.
  • Check out the TV area and look through the cabinet to the left.
  • Take the no-title book and take a better look at it.
  • Tap on it to open and take the key.
  • Look on the shelves next to the TV set and tap on the other glass cube.
  • Go back to the skateboard room and use the key to open the double doors.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Stairs
  • Check out the red door with a lock up the stairs.
  • To find the code you need to take a closer look at the drawing.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Drawing
  • The only line that goes to 3 numbers is the purple one, so the code is 478.
  • Now you can enter what looks like the office.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Office
  • Check the bookshelf on the right and take the domino piece.
  • On the back of the photo frame with the maze is the letter A.
  • Check the desk and the corner where the files are, you’ll need to find the missing piece.
  • Take the radio as well, and take a better look to get its battery.
  • Turn the room and look at the small frame next to the door.
  • Tap it to make it fall.
  • Go back to the stairs and to the skateboard room.
  • Go to the living room and look at the domino game on the table.
  • Put the domino piece on the table and turn the pieces around as they are not right.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Domino
  • Look at the box that showed up on the armchair.
  • Take it and open it.
  • You have a ball that you need to take to the white spot.
  • In order to do that move your phone to guide it and make sure it doesn’t fall in any of the holes.
  • Inside you’ll find a key.
  • Go up the stairs to the other locked door and use the key here.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Hobby Area
  • Look at the other door here and go to the other room.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Bedroom
  • Turn the room around and check out the purple box on the cabinet next to the door.
  • Open the drawer under it and take the flashlight.
  • Put the battery to the flashlight to make it work.
  • Go back to the first room now and check the second door that leads to the Kids’ room.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Kids' Room
  • Look at the hamster cage in the left corner and take the sponge.
  • Go to the green blackboard and wipe the face drawing with the sponge, it will turn to show another weird drawing.
  • Turn the room and look at the glass cube next to the red toy truck.
  • Go to the desk and tap on the coloring book there.
  • Pick the colors that match the two rectangles and the circle and fill them with their own color.
  • Go outside the room again and check the axe that is stuck in the frame by the door.
  • Take the axe with you and go to the staircase in the hallway.
  • Notice the broken railings and use the axe to chop it off.
  • There’s a vase at the second level of the stairs that you need to move till it reaches the broken railing and breaks down on the ground.
  • Go to see the pieces and take the blacklight attachment.
  • Combine the flashlight with it.
  • Go to the skateboard room, and look at the mark on the wall with the blacklight flashlight.
  • Switch off the lights and look at the wall to see the clock showing: 10:40
  • Go to the living room and set the clock there to that time (the small arrow is closer to 11)
  • It will open and give you a key.
  • Go to the door next to the TV and open it using this key.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Billiard Room
  • Look at te vase on the cabinet, where the red light is and turn it upside down.
  • A yarn will fell out of it.
  • On the coffee table to the right there’s a lighter you can take.
  • Go back to the staircase and to the brown door upstairs.
  • Look at the frame next to the sewing machine and use the yarn and draw the symbol drawn on the blackboard.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Star Symbol
  • You can see new attic stairs and can go up.
  • Go to the window where the moon shines inside, take the pipe wrench, and go down to the basement (through the vent).
  • Use the pipe wrench on the pipe in front of the door, next to the stairs.
  • Now you can go through that door but it’s dark on the other side.
  • You can open the only door you can see in the darkness.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Study Room
  • Check the cupboard on the right and take a xylophone bar.
  • Look at the bookshelves on the wall and take the riddle from in between the books.
  • Check out the front door and unlock it will lead you to the stairs again.
  • Go to the brown door upstairs, then through the pink door to get to the playroom.
  • Take a look at the xylophone on the cabinet and fix it with the piece you have.
  • Play the xylophone in this order: blue – orange – purple – cream – brown – cream.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Xylophone Pattern
  • The chest by the bed will open up so you can take the golden object and the retro boy.
  • Go to the office room (the red door up the stairs)
  • Check the corner of the desk and drag the golden object to the spot that’s missing.
  • Take the bottle of good wine from the drawer.
  • Go to the living room and to the bar/pool room from there.
  • Look at the retro boy game and play the game to win.
  • At the end, it will show you which parts of the dartboard to target.
  • Here’s where to target the darts.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Darts
  • Push that button and the glass case where the bottles are will open up.
  • Put the wine bottle on the shelf there and arrange the bottles like the colors on the basement on the bottle rack, from left to right.
    • Yellow – red – blue – green – white – grey
  • You’ll see the room has changed one you arrange them in the correct order.
  • Take the billiard cue and go up to the attic.
  • Go to the window, close it, and block it with the billiard cue.
  • Use the lighter to light the candles.
  • Turn the room around and tap the switch on the pillar.
NOX - Escape Games Walkthrough Attic

To be continued

As we played 50% of NOX – Escape Games already, I’m going to take a little break and gather more info, pictures, and clues to help you out in the next part.

Keep a close watch and you’ll be the first to get the update of this walkthrough. See you next time with the update or maybe with another walkthrough.


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