The House of Da Vinci 3 – Chapter 3 Walkthrough

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Here we go with another walkthrough for The House of Da Vinci 3 chapter 3. The Bald Lady chapter is one that will intrigue and captivate you with its puzzles.

Every detail counts and everything will open a door. Just like my previous article for The House of Da Vinci Chapter 2 walkthrough, I will guide you step-by-step in each puzzle so you know what you need to do.

Make sure you don’t miss any hints and clues and follow me through this amazing adventure of The Bald Lady chapter 3.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough – The Bald Lady
  • The painting on the wall represents The Bald Lady (Signora Calva).
  • Check the door under her and pull on the metal chain.
  • Take a closer look at the bigger hole you made and take the wooden peg from the right so you can pull on the lock and drag it to the right.
  • Go to the door to push it open and enter.
  • Knock on the door and you’ll be let in by a man to go upstairs.
  • Door number 1 and 2 are locked, so you can go ahead to door number 3.
  • Push it open and the men inside will greet you as you give them the Chronicle.
  • I’ll skip the story so you can watch for yourself without me spoiling the cool plot that’s revealed.
  • You’ll find yourself outside after all that, on an empty street.
  • You’ll have to go ahead until you reach some stairs.
  • Go up, through the opening, and use the Oculus to go back in time.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Villa
  • Go to the tables on the left and go behind the bar.
  • Steer the wheel so the meats turn around till you can see the hanging bowl.
  • Look inside and take the handle.
  • Steer it again and stop at the big pouch.
  • Use the handle on the mouth and turn it so no you can take out the pin and the water will extinguish the candle.
  • Now you’re back to the present day.
  • Go to the fireplace now that’s not burning and look up, tap to reach the hidden cupboard there.
  • Swing the lock from right to left and keep your finger pressed to open up the door.
  • Now you reached another secret room.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Inside
  • Look around the room and check the painting of the man to your left.
  • Move it to the side and take the coat of arms and a letter from behind.
  • Check the ladder next to the map and put the coat of arms in the box on the wall.
  • Now the map will reveal some things for you to solve.
  • Take a closer look and use the Oculus to solve it.
  • Take the symbol from above the map and find its match.
  • Each time it will change in another symbol and you have to find its match again.
  • After 4 symbols more will open up, so you have to keep going.
  • Pay attention to the colors. The white on the symbol turns to black, and the black turns to blue.
  • When you’re done the machinery will open and give you a lock pick.
  • Look on the floor and use the lock pick to open the trap door.
  • Go down the ladder and straight at the table with the machine.
  • Take the oil lamp next to it.
  • Go up the ladder and to the globe next to the big map.
  • Put the oil lamp there, open the lid and push the little button until it catches fire.
  • Put the lid back on and turn the little flame to reach the red string.
  • It will burn a few X signs on the big map.
  • Look behind the burnt curtain and take the tool from there.
  • Now check out the weird machine behind you.
  • Put the tool on its right side and turn it.
  • Now you can rotate the whole thing until it faces the locked door.
  • Look under it and push the red button and you’ll find a bead screw in a drawer that opens.
  • Go back down to the chest and put the screw on one of the arms that’s missing one.
  • Screw it in and try to open the chest by rotating the wheel at the end.
  • You’ll find a metal card inside.
  • Put the metal card on the machine in this room.
  • Close the lid over and pull the red handle over the card.
  • You need to put a stamp over the Xs shown by pressing the red button and moving it around with the brown handle (your notebook has the drawing of them).
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Map

Note: if you messed up, push the red handle back and erase by dragging down the little golden handle on the left of the card.

  • First row: 2 -3 – 4
  • Second row: 2 – 5
  • Third row: 1
  • Fourth row: 1 – 5
  • Now you can take the metal card and go up to the other machine.
  • Insert the card in the drawer that’s open and close it by pressing the red button again.
  • Pull the red handle down to start the machine.
  • Check the little red circle that is revealed on top and pull it up.
  • Push the red handle on the side of the machine so another flap opens.
  • Now look under it and pull on the grey handle a few times until the bottle fills.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Machine
  • Flip the switch that opens up and then start pumping again, the third flap will open.
  • Pull on the handle that was under the last two flaps and the machine will start shooting the Xs on the map.
  • Go and check it out and solve the puzzle there.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Map Pipes puzzle
  • Now push the red lever up and the wall will open up to another secret room.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Secret room
  • Go up the stairs you’ll discover a trap that will try to hit you.
  • Look at the neck of the mannequin and take the bent wire.
  • Look at the device in the back of the room and take the letter from there.
  • Look under the glass case and solve the memory puzzle by finding 2 symbols to match the one shown above.
    • The first symbol can be found: Left side 4th chip and right side 3rd chip
    • Second symbol (snail): left side 3rd chip, right side 6th chip.
    • Third symbol: left side 2nd chip, right side 5th chip.
    • Fourth symbol: left side 6th chip, right side 1st chip.
  • Now you can take the resin key.
  • Go down the stairs and use the bet wire to open the cupboard in the bookshelf.
  • Slide it in and swipe down, then open the doors.
  • Take the switch and impure charcoal powder.
  • Go to the machine gun in the other room and put the switch above the smaller bottle and turn it.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Gun
  • Start pumping so the substance travels from the big bottle to the smaller one, then take it. It’s a flacon of gunpowder.
  • Go back to the secret room and put the gunpowder in the device you found in the drawer.
  • It will fill another container with gunpowder.
  • Check out the device on the table, looks like a grinder.
  • Put the container in it and lock it by switching it to the side by the little switch under it, then start rotating the handle and take the filter from under it.
  • Now check the device next to the stairs and insert the resin key inside.
  • Close the door and it will drop a metal part.
  • Go with it under the stairs and put it on that device.
  • Move both to the side so you can tilt down the recipient.
  • You’ll find a metal part inside which you need to combine with the filter you already have.
  • Now you can put the filter back under the gunpowder and stir.
  • The glass cylinders will fill with different types of materials, and the drawer under it will open.
  • Put the charcoal powder in the device inside the drawer and stir.
  • Pick up the iron weight and pull on the handle of the drawer to get pure charcoal powder.
  • The blackboard with the chemical materials will be important.
  • Check the drawers in front of the blackboard and put the weight on the first cylinder.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Drawers
  • It will open the 4th drawer and you’ll find a letter.
  • Take back the weight and rotate the cylinder, then put the weight back so the 1st drawer will open.
  • Take the rotary switch from inside and check the writing inside.
  • Looks like 5 right arrow, 3 left, 4 right.
  • Take back your weight.
  • On the wall to your left there’s a box where you can put the rotary switch.
  • Now rotate the switch 5 to the right (clockwise), then 3 to the left (counterclockwise), and 4 to the right(clockwise).
  • A new puzzle will open for you and you need to take the pins out in the right order.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 treasure
  • You’ll find a powder flask inside and take it after you unscrew the winged nut.
  • Now go back to the little drawers and put the winged nut on the device that is keeping the other cylinder from moving.
  • Rotate the nut so it releases the cylinder and opens up a cap.
  • Put the weight on the second cylinder so the 2nd drawer opens and you can take the sulfur crystal and a small hook.
  • Take the weight, rotate the cylinder, put it back, and take the crumbled letter from the 3rd drawer.
  • Take back your weight and move to the scale next to the bookshelf.
  • Put the small hook on the scale arrow and hang the weight there.
  • You’ll find a metal symbol inside the scale’s plate.
  • Put the charcoal on the plate and take notes. The arrow is pointing at (45) so now you can take it back.
  • Put the sulfur crystal (75) and take it back.
  • Go back to the little drawers and put the metal symbol next to the glass dome where the cap opened up earlier.
  • Take out the saltpeter crystal and the strange key.
  • Go back to the scale and put the saltpeter on the plate (90)
  • Look at the other device in front of the blackboard and insert the strange key in the cross-shaped lock.
  • Open the lid and put the charcoal in and pump by pulling down on the red handle a few times.
  • Move the red arrows to the left and take the charcoal powder that falls.
  • To the right of this device is a crushing mechanism. Put the sulfur crystal there and crush it till it becomes powder.
  • Do the same to the saltpeter crystal.
  • Put the saltpeter powder in the device with the pump, and pump only one time so it gets to 75 on the weight scale.
  • Rotate the arrows to get the powder left and do the same for the sulfur powder and pump only two times to make it weigh 45.

Note: if you pumped too much and don’t have the right weight for each powder, the next step won’t work.

To fix this issue you need to go back to the measuring pump and insert the component you messed up, look at the red up and down arrows on the right, and switch the position by dragging it down.

Now whatever material you put inside, it will give some back when you pump. You need 15 (charcoal) – 45 (sulfur) – 75 (saltpeter) for the next step.

  • Go to the bookshelf and check out the device there.
  • Put each powder on a tray, doesn’t matter the order.
  • Put the powder flask in the metal support under it and drag the little brass handle up.
  • Now you can take the full powder flask with you.
  • Go and put it in the device to the left, inside the wall.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Gun Powder
  • It will empty inside the device and you can pull on the little handle under it to light up the device.
  • Now you can open the door and take the key that was inside the resin.
  • Go up the stairs and use the key on the glass chest there.
  • You’ll get caught inside a metal cage and you’ll learn more about the story.
  • At the bottom of the cage, there’s a puzzle box.
  • Take a closer look at it and remember the colors: purple – green – white – red
  • Turn the box around and press them in order.
  • After each color rotate the gear so the orange arrow moves down.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 3 Puzzle Box
  • Turn the handle when the orange reaches the end and you’ll get a special key.
  • As you are facing the glass chest check the metal bar right in front of you.
  • Use the special key in the hole and pull it up and get free.

Wrapping up

If you’re not sure how to complete this chapter, I got a complete walkthrough for The House of Da Vinci 3 Chapter 3. Follow it to get a better understanding of this chapter.

And congrats on finishing yet another chapter with me. The House of Da Vinci has an interesting story and it was nice to follow and discover its mysteries with you.

I’m sure you’ll come back for my next The House of Da Vinci walkthrough for chapter 4. We’ll be going to the Pope’s chambers, so that’s going to be another thrilling plot we’ll have to discover.

See you soon with more puzzles and mysteries in this captivating story.


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