Star Command: Guide to All the Rooms in the Game

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Knowing everything about the rooms available to be built in Star Command, especially since you won’t build them all on your spaceship, is a great idea and certainly the best way to help you make the right decisions when playing the game. So as I have promised you in the Star Command cheats article with tips and tricks for the game, I have created a guide to all the rooms in Star Command, telling you about the upgrades and their costs, so let’s check them out below!

Default Rooms


star command bridge
This is a relatively useful room as it allows you to assign crew members to it and turn them into soldiers. There is no need to keep people inside the bridge during the fights. Here are the upgrades:

– Central Command (Hull Walls 25% stronger): 1 Red, 1 Yellow token
– Command Display (Shields 20% more capacity): 1 Red, 1 Blue token
– Crew Intertube (Bridge Crew gets 15% more chances of a critical shot): 2 Red Tokens

Engine Room

star command engine
Mostly an useless room that creates engineers (yellow suit crew members). Good idea to re-assign at least one to the bridge during battle. Here are the upgrades and costs:

– Calcutron 2000 (Engineers get +20% Repair rate): 2 Yellow
– Synchro Maximo (Shields get 15% more recharge rate): 1 Yellow, 1 Blue
– Energy Tank (Engineers move 10% faster): 1 Yellow, 1 Red

Small Rooms

Laser Cannon

star command laser
One standard weapon that does not require tokens to fire. My choice in the game but I now believe that the machine gun might be easier. Initial cost is 3 Red Tokens, and the upgrades are:

– Encarta Console (Laser recharges 15% faster): 2 Red
– Minigame Emulator (Half a second longer in laser aiming): 1 Red, 1 Blue
– Delta Oscillator (Lasers do 15% more damage): 1 Red, 1 Yellow

Machine Gun
The other standard weapon, does not require tokens to fire. I will definitely try the next game with this instead of the laser. Initial cost is 2 Red Tokens and one Yellow, and the upgrades are:

– Gun Control (Does 15% more damage): 2 Red
– Tubular Tube Tubs (Target speed 10% slower): 1 Red, 1 Blue
– Power Bricks (1 Extra target): 1 Red, 1 Yellow

Plasma Torpedo

star command plasma
The heavy weapon of the game, you need to get one to do some real damage but requires tokens to be produced by the room first before being allowed to fire. Initial cost is 2 Red Tokens, 1 Blue and the upgrades are:

– Anti-Anti Chamber (Plasma recharges 15% faster): 2 red
– Quantum Computee (Plasma token production 25% faster): 1 red, 1 Blue
– Plasmatic Ionizer (Plasma damage +20%): 1 Red, 1 Yellow

Dodge Generator

star command dodge
An insanely useful room that requires tokens to run, but once activated allows you to dodge incoming fire. Initial costs are 3 Yellow and the upgrades are:

– Compugram Logic (Recharge rate 10% faster): 2 Yellow
– Focal Inhibitor (Dodge token production 25% faster): 1 Yellow, 1 Blue
– Inertia Console (Dodge crew +20% vs Aliens): 1 Yellow, 1 Red

Healing Room
When your crew are inside this room, they get healed. It can also repair your ship’s shield. Initial cost is 2 Blue, 1 Yellow and the upgrades are:

– Work Desk (Heal rate +15%): 2 Blue
– Clean Room (Crew heals +200% inside the lab): 1 Blue, 1 Yellow
– Science Futon (Science crew get 10% more life points): 1 Blue, 1 Red

Shield Booster

star command shield
Boosts the shield and reduces the amount of hull damage taken. Initial cost is 3 Blue tokens and the upgrades are:

– Armstrong Calculator (Shield Booster recharges 20% faster): 2 Blue
– Overflow Capacitor (Shield depletion threshold reduced 25%): 1 Blue, 1 Red
– Spline Reticulate (Shield token production +15%): 1 Blue, 1 Yellow

Large Rooms

Medical Room
Really useful room that allows you to revive dead crew members using revive tokens, but doesn’t work on crew that has been sucked into space. Initial cost is 4 Blue tokens and these are the upgrades:

– Gamma Ray Closet (Revive tokens produced 25% faster): 2 Blue
– MRIFBXPK (Revive Time +8 seconds): 1 Blue, 1 Red
– Franks Tank (Revive health +50%): 1 Blue, 1 Yellow

Gives grenades to crew members. Initial cost is 4 Red Tokens and the upgrades are:

– Mini Hadron (Grenade production increased by 25%): 2 Red
– Antimass Condenser (Grenade range +15%): 1 Red, 1 Blue token
– Happy Motivator (Tactical crew damage increased by 15%): 1 Red, 1 Yellow

Allows your engineers to build sentry robots that will attack ship invaders. The initial cost is 4 Yellow tokens and the upgrades are:

– Whimsical Spinsical (Sentry robots have 25% extra life): 2 Yellow
– Reused CPU Asset (Sentry robots have 25% more fire power): 1 Yellow, 1 Blue
– Teredyne R-6000 (Tokens are generated 25% faster): 1 Yellow, 1 Red

And these are all the rooms that you can build in Star Command, plus all the possible upgrades. I don’t think that a “guide” on how to upgrade your rooms is necessary, especially since the availability of tokens will vary so much, but I am sure that at least having this overview of the rooms will help you plan your moves easier.


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  1. How do I add rooms to my ship. I am in the beginner mode with lots of tokens, but I cannot figure out how yo add rooms.

    • Tap the room and select it from the list. But once you have filled all the available spaces, you can’t add new spaces to build rooms into (you will get an upgrade once you complete the game).


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