Star Command Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

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I recently told you that I am a huge fan of Star Command and I am sure that you will be to if you decide to try out the game. We’re also talking here about an extremely difficult game – a challenging experience that could go better with some cheats and tips sprinkled over it, so that’s exactly why App Amped is here right now: to offer you a set of Star Command Cheats: Tips, tricks and strategies to follow in order to keep your crew alive and enemies away.

We will go more in depth with guides to crew members and rooms for your ships, but until then we will check out some more generic Star Command tips & tricks that will hopefully help you get the most out of this amazing game!

Manage Your Tokens Carefully

One of the most important parts of the game is managing your tokens well. These are offered after a successful battle, randomly and are required to hire crew and upgrade rooms on your ship. You can use any token to hire crew, but you need specific ones for upgrading. Here is a strategy that proved great for me:

Early in the game, make sure that you have just enough crew members: apart from your character in the Bridge, get one engineer in the dodge room, one in the engines room, two in the weapons room and as soon as possible a medic. Always save at least a couple of tokens for unexpected deaths! After building the second weapons room, fill it with two more crew members. Now would be a great time to add a new healer (if you didn’t get the free one) and at least one more engineer. This is the basic setup that keeps you alive and you can now focus on upgrading the rooms.

Take Care of Your Crew

You can easily replace crew killed in combat, but it’s best to take care of them, especially your fighters and healers. As you probably know already, your crew gets XP points for performing role actions, and once they hit a landmark, they gain a skill that is generally extremely useful. Not to mention that taking care of your crew actually saves you tokens.

Tip #1: Keep your crew (in rooms or hallways) away from the ship’s walls. Enemy strikes on your ship can break the walls and throw your crew members in space
Tip #2: Always keep an eye on where the enemy ship will hit (highlighted by glowing red dots) and move away any crew members you might have in the vicinity if you want to keep them alive.
Tip #3: Never try to fix broken walls during a fight as you are not allowed to and you will lose your engineer. Always wait for the end of the fight to fix the walls.
Tip #4: Always keep a healer behind your soldiers and always keep your soldiers into a single group.
Tip #5: Always heal all your crew members after a fight or before jumping to a new planet.

How to Handle the Rooms

We will have a complete guide on rooms in Star Command shortly, but until then let’s talk a bit more about them, how to build them and which are the best in my opinion. First of all, you will have the bridge and engine room which are a must. Then, the Dodge Generator is an obvious one – you simply need it to stay alive. Regarding the weapons rooms, I recommend starting with the Laser Room and only afterwards upgrade to the Plasma Room. The advantage of the Laser Room is that you don’t need tokens to shoot! Finally, I went for a Shield Booster room that regenerates shields with tokens.

Tip #1: Always keep your main rooms staffed with at least 1 person: the engineer in the Dodge room should never leave unless threatened and with nobody to defend him or her. I also prefer to keep one healer in the Shield Booster room at all times to produce the tokens non stop. You also need at least 1 soldier in your weapons room if you need them to charge and/or produce tokens.
Tip #2: Before battle, make sure you take your time to produce at least 1 token for each of the rooms that require them. This gives you some staff to play with and assign to soldier duties.
Tip #3: Don’t forget that your engineers can repair the ship! Fires can be put off during fights and you should do it constantly. Keep an eye on the engineers too, as they can take damage from fires!

How to Win Your Fights

star command cheats
Fights won’t always go well…

You need to do extremely well under pressure in order to win the fights in Star Command and multitasking is a necessity. Make sure that as soon as battle starts, you have everything ready: the rooms producing tokens (if not full) and your soldiers are ready to fight the intruders. I prefer to position them all somewhere to the middle of the ship, together with the medic, and send them towards the enemies when they arrive. Also make sure that you don’t keep your soldiers behind corners as there is a bug that prevents them from attacking.

– Regarding the weapon rooms, each comes with a minigame that decides the success or failure. I found the Laser Room minigame the most difficult, but at least it loads and shoots for free and relatively fast. But do try to get as good as possible at the mini games.

– Make sure not to waste your tokens! Use the shield token only when your shield is really low and use the dodge token only when the enemy is about to shoot.

– Re-assign staff: Ideally, you will always have 2 crew members in each room, so you can reassign two engineers to soldier duties, giving you 5 people to fight off the invaders, which is usually enough.

– Use the special skills your crew gets. These skills are insanely useful, especially in the later stages of the game!

– Fire as soon as you can: don’t waste time and when your weapons room can fire, do it. Make sure that after each time you use a room that requires a token, you start producing a new one.

And I guess that this would be it in terms of tips and tricks for Star Command. Oh! Another important one: SAVE OFTEN! The game saves automatically after each successful mission, but I recommend saving right before going into a new one, just to be sure.

Do you have other tips and tricks to share for those playing Star Command? Share them in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with all your friends too!


Zoomed In Answers Level 31 – Level 60

Zoomed In Answers Level 61 – Level 90


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  1. I’ve found an interesting bug to Max out your engineers and Med crew. If you hve senturies and place them in your yellow/engineering rooms. Have the yellow suits repair forever and Max em out. For healers drop a grenade in Med room and place all blue/science crew in fire. They will heal forever maxing out. Place a few yellow crew around Med lab to keep fires contained.

    Hope it helps. And if there’s a similaur trick for the red crew let me know…


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