Shadow and Bone – Enter the Fold – Prologue Walkthrough [Alexander Kirigan]

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Here’s the first walkthrough for Shadow and Bone Enter the Fold chapter 1, with all the clues you need to finish it successfully.

In Prologue of Shadow and Bone, you will play with Alexander Kirigan. It’s the only choice you have as you’re starting this adventure.

Shadow and Bone - Enter the Fold Walkthrough Prologue Alexander Kirigan

If you’re not familiar with the Netflix TV Series, you can still play the game and will probably want to binge-watch all the seasons after.

You’ll be introduced to the story and the game’s mechanics to get an idea of what to expect going forward, so keep reading to find out what options are best as you complete the first chapter.

Shadow and Bone - Enter the Fold Walkthrough Prologue

Shadow and Bone Chapter 1 Prologue Walkthrough – Alexander Kirigan

Shadow and Bone - Enter the Fold Walkthrough Prologue Start
  • You’re going to investigate the smoky location, moving Alexander towards it.
  • While talking to Carter (the cart’s driver) you need to pick the right options for conversation:
  • What happened? – He traveled too close to the fold. Volcra’s screech scared his horse. Hoping a rider will come along.
  • Ask Where he was headed – You feel pain, making you groan. The carter was heading to a farmstead, delivering supplies. He advises you to rest. That makes you leave and go to the farmstead looking for aid.

Main Quest – Reach the farmstead further along the track

You have a journal in the bottom left corner that you can check as often as you’d like. Here is a recollection of what happened to you and the actions you are taking. Check out the main and side quests, and decide which are you going to try and solve.

There’s also a map here with only the parts that you discovered, it will make it easier for you to know where you are and where are you heading.

  • Move up and follow the road while keeping your distance from the fold.
  • Now that you reached the farmstead you can ask for help here.
Shadow and Bone - Enter the Fold Walkthrough Prologue Farmstead
  • You ask the woman for help with your injuries, and you can:
    • Insist she let you in – Persuade: Success
    • Allay her fears – Sense: Success
  • You’ll gain a point for your attribute, at 3 points you can upgrade one of your attributes.
  • Both ways will convince her to open the door for you, but seeing you she gets scared and backs away.
  • Ask who she is – Her name is Dina and this is her farm.
  • Your health gets worse so you need to Ask for a potion.
  • She’ll not hesitate to give it to you.
  • If you Demand a potion you gain 1 point to your Intimidation attribute.
  • Drag and drop to take the potion and restore your health.
  • She tells you more about herself, her husband, and how the First Army set camp nearby.
  • Ask where they’re camping – you will receive information about a friend being taken hostage.
  • She also insists on giving you a flask.
  • Tap on Alexander’s photo in the bottom right corner to check out his attributes and learn about resources and what they do.
    • Coins: These can be used to buy or sell items in shops, bribe guards, and more.
    • Supply: The party consumes 1 a day. If you don’t have them, you’ll starve and your health will be affected.
    • Health: You can lose health from failing minigames and not eating. If 0 you fail the chapter.
  • You can check out your attributes and see what each does:
    • Physique: Helps to perform feats using strength or dexterity, and survival skills.
      • Skill bonuses: Dodge, Force, Snatch
    • Perception: Helps you see details that are not easy to see and insight into people’s personalities.
      • Skill bonuses: Identify, Notice, Sense
    • Mind: Mental acuity, knowledge, deduction, and convincing others to go your way.
      • Skill bonuses: Decipher, Intimidate, Recall
    • Charm: Charisma and persuasion are going to need this attribute the most.
      • Skill bonuses: Negotiate, Persuade, Compel
  • Alexander Kirigan starts off with 1 Physique, 2 Perception, 2 Mind, 1 Charm
    • Trait: Fearsome

Main Quest – Rescue the Grisha imprisoned in the ruins in the north

  • As you follow the trail up north after leaving the farmstead, it might be best for you to go to the campfire.
  • As you are here you can rest (replenish HP) or Forage/Hunt (for food).
  • To be safe I recommend you Rest to play it safe.
  • The next day you can keep moving towards the ruins.
Shadow and Bone - Enter the Fold Walkthrough Prologue Ruins
  • Certain locations contain sublocations, some of which are accessible imediately, while others may be gated behind quest progress.
  • You can move from the ruins to Outskirts.
  • Here you are seen and decide to try and summon your shadow but fail.
  • The soldier calls for backup and you’re now facing a lot more soldiers.
  • You decide to hide as they are trying to shoot you.
  • You can try out the Minigame to prove your skill. Just don’t fail or you will suffer the consequences.
  • Pick Attack to play the Minigame – Ranged Combat.
    • Press hold to shoot when your attack meter is full.
    • Release to take cover and reload.
    • Shoot and take cover at the right time to defeat the enemies.
  • The army is still coming even if you’re successful.
  • Your nichevo’ya (show monsters) scared them away and then vanished.
  • It’s best you start at the Seargent’s Tent and convince him to give you the Grisha.
  • Threaten him to get more answers.
    • The threat is a success and you earn 1 attribute point in Intimidation.
  • He can only tell you one word Adena.
  • You tell him the truth about his unit.
  • Now it’s time to go to the Cage and meet the Grisha by the name of Uwesi.
  • You can Force the lock to help (you can try more than once) earning you another attribute point in Force when you succeed.
    • Breaking the lock with shadows will get you to another Minigame.
  • Now that you have 3 it’s best you use them to upgrade Charm.
  • Uwesi tells you what happened and how she got caught.
  • You can tell her “It’s her decision” in regards to destroying the camp before you leave.
  • After she decides not to, you start on another quest.

Main Quest – Cross the bridge north of the ruins

  • As you head out north you can check Uwesi’s traits: Quick Reflexes
  • She is now your companion and help you on your journey.
  • Head towards the Bridge and try crossing it.

From here you can go back to the Menu or select New Journey.

Wrapping up

As you finished this first chapter with Alexander Kirigan you now have a choice to go on a first chapter journey with Alina Starkov or start over with Kirigan.

I’ll be playing some more with her and I suggest you come back for more walkthroughs of Shadow and Bone – Enter the Fold as the story progresses.


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