Shadow and Bone – Enter the Fold – Chapter 1 Walkthrough [Alina Starkov]

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Another walkthrough for Shadow and Bone Enter the Fold Chapter 1 – Rude Awakening, with all the necessary clues to finish it successfully.

For the next few chapters, you’re going to play with Alina Starkov. Follow the objectives she has and find out what happened to finish this first chapter.

Shadow and Bone - Enter the Fold Walkthrough Alina Starkov

Follow my lead to solve all the main quests and side quests you find in this Chapter, as Alina discovers what happened to her and who destroyed everything around her.

Shadow and Bone Chapter 1 Rude Awakening Walkthrough – Alina Starkov

  • Lying in the middle of a crater, surrounded by ashes, head hurting, you’ll start Looking around.
  • You notice the bodies around you and a damaged village in the distance.
  • You will Identify the bodies (Gaining 1 attribute point) and notice they are dead Fjerdans, Druskelle.
  • Now you can Try to remember (probably fail)
  • Next, you will Search the bodies and find a water canteen.
  • Now you will Leave the crater.
Shadow and Bone Chapter 1 Rude Awakening Walkthrough Alina Starkov Devastated Village
  • You head towards the Devastated Village.
  • Your Main quest will get an update that you need to solve.

Main Quest – Look for someone who knows what happened

Search each place inside the village to maybe find answers. I’ll tell you below what you can find in each place.

Scorched Garden:

  • Seeing movement you can Gently call out (gaining 1 attribute point) and a young boy comes out.
  • You will now Empathize (gaining 1 attribute point) and you can now choose which attribute to upgrade,
  • I went with Perception and then Promised to find his parents (which unlocks a side quest)

Side Quest – Find the boy’s parents

Craftsman’s House:

  • The man is trying to rebuild his place and you will Ask what happened here.
  • Tells you the damage that was done and you can Ask him to tell you more (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • He says he thinks it was a Grisha and you Ask what kind of which it was.
  • One particular witch, who charms people with her magic, and the only Grisha around.
  • You will Tell him about the crater then Say you did go inside and saw Fjerdan bodies.
  • Now you can Leave him alone.

Collapsed Dwelling:

  • You will Ask what happened here, but he’s not willing to talk much so just Leave.

Destroyed Church:

  • Looks like the wife of the man before is here praying.
  • Tell her You’re a traveller then Ask what happened here and you’ll get a new Main Quest.

Main Quest – Speak to the craftsman in the Devastated Village about rebuilding the church.

  • Go to the Craftsman House once more and Ask for help with the church
  • He feels weak so try to Offer Food, but he sends you to catch fish.

Main Quest – Bring the craftsman fresh fish

  • He sends you to the fisherman who lives in the Riverbank Lodge.
  • Before leaving to find the fisherman I went to see the last place that I hadn’t checked.


  • You will go to the road sweeper and Ask what happened here and then you should Demand to know more.
  • He will tell you even if you fail the Intimidation.
  • Then you will Ask about Juri and then About the Witch.
  • Leave him alone and Leave the Village to find the River Bank.
  • Walk east of the village and take the trail that goes south at the fork.
  • Here you find a man fishing and you can go inside the Lodge.
  • You find a scared little girl inside and you need to Apologize.
  • She introduces herself as Galina and you Ask why she isn’t allowed out.
  • It might be safer to Empathise with her as the chances of success are higher (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • You will Ask about the old lady before Agreeing to get Galina a cake from her.

Side Quest – Get a cake from the village across the river

  • Before you go on any quests many check out the Jetty and Say your names Alina.
  • You should Ask what happened here and he blames the witch as well.
  • You can Leave him be and Leave the River Bank for now.
  • Hurry up and reach the Old Farm before the day ends.

Farm House:

  • Talk with the woman and Look around more closely (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • I put it in Charm because she does a lot of talking and seems to need it.
  • You can Ask about what happened here (gaining 1 attribute point) then Ask about her child.
  • It gives you a side quest that relates to the other one.

Side Quest – Find the lost boy

  • Promise to find her son and Leave the Old Farm.
  • Go back to the Devastated Town and look for the boy at the Scorched Garden

Side Quest – Convince the boy to follow you

That will not be difficult at all.

Side Quest – Take the boy back to his mother at the old farm

  • So go back to the Old Farm and give the boy to his mom.
  • She gives you some coin for bringing her son back.
  • Leave and follow the trail to the bridge.
  • Might be best if you try and Rest and Forage for food (gaining 1 attribute point): +4 to Food.
  • Cross the bridge and look at the sign before going to talk with the man there.
  • You can Offer to help but you might not be strong enough for that.
  • You can Browse his wares to see if there’s anything you want to buy.
  • I just took one bread (-6 coins) and one health potion (-3 coins)
  • Then I left towards Lake Kalini and found an Abandoned Hermit Farm.
  • I chose to Take a closer look and that failed so I Searched the building to find more clues.
  • Don’t go west because you can’t cross the river there, the bridge is broken.
  • Go south till you reach Lake Kalini and decide on using light to catch fish.

Small Science Minigame

  • Use the joystick to move the stone.
  • Touch the particles that your Character has (the orange sun symbol) to fill the stone before the timer runs.
  • Make sure you don’t touch other particles and you’ll manage to get some Fish.
  • You can go back to the craftsman, unfortunately, the shortest way is back from where you came from.
  • You can Rest on the way there and Forage (+4 Food) once again (gaining 1 attribute point).
  • Inclined to update my Perception.

Side note: I was never a fan of maxing all attributes equally no matter the game. Rather than being average at everything I rather be amazing at half of it.

  • Once you enter the Devastated Village go to the Craftsman’s house and give him the Fish.
  • Go to the Destroyed Church and tell the woman her church will be fixed.
  • Now go to Collapsed Dwelling to talk to Juri and tell him His wife sent you (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Now you have to find the Fjerdan that survived and went east.
  • I always take the chance to rest and Forage as it helps me gain more attributes sometimes…
  • Pass the bridge again and go east towards the Giant Tree and then south from it till you find another path towards Monolith.
  • Forage (+2 Food) again if you can (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Go south from the Monolith and to the west till you reach Hillside Village.
  • Check out the Granny’s house, Talk to the old lady, and Ask for the cake (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Definitely upgrade your Charm, as you can see it’s always needed.
  • She’ll give you the cake and you’ll take it to the fisherman’s daughter.
  • Before you go, you should check out the Smitty and talk to the blacksmith.
  • You can Look around more closely (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Now you can Ask if he needs help unlocking a new side quest.

Side Quest – Find the cave mentioned in the note

  • Ask who he was taking the implements to, seems that he was going to give them to the mother you helped.
  • You can complete Galina’s side quest now, and take her the cake.
  • Don’t forget to rest and forage on your way (+3 food), whenever you need to, it’s good exercise (gaining 1 attribute point).
  • It would be best if you went up north by the river bank to deliver the cake.
  • I needed to rest twice and foraged each time (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • I upgraded my perception again getting it to 4.
  • As you reach the River bank, go to the Lodge, and give Galina the cake.
  • It turns out it’s the man’s birthday, Say it’s a gift.
  • And that completes this side quest.
  • To get them to trust you you have to Show them your powers.
  • Looks like Galina had magic as well.
  • You still need to find the cave and the Fjerdan that escaped.
  • Go to the Old Farm and check the Stables, there was someone there last time you checked.
  • You’ll find an injured man and you can Take a closer look (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • He is the missing Fjerdan and you can try to offer water and ask what happened to his eyes.
  • He tells you about some bright light and he seems to recognize you.
  • He accuses you of having the light within you and causing the destruction.
  • Slowly you start to remember Druskelle attacking you before everything went dark.
  • You remember a Morozova’s Collar and light exploding.
  • You realize he was right and it was you who exploded and destroyed everything.
  • You have slim chances to try to catch him but you can always try.
  • You can also try to Run after the man playing the next Chasing minigame.
  • Avoid obstacles to not lose momentum.
  • Swiping left or right to change lanes, up to jump over, and down to slide under.
  • Catch him before the timer runs out.
  • He stumbles and falls but he’s still alive.
  • You need to go back to the Devasted Village and ask about the witch, she might be able to help you.
  • Resting might be a good idea, you haven’t done that in a while.
  • Check the Marketplace and ask the road sweeper where you can find a Grisha.
  • Say you need a Grisha’s help and then Ask where you can find this witch.
  • She tells you she lives in a dark tower in the mountains north of Adena.
  • Ask if he has a map and he’ll give you a pen and paper to help you make your own.

Main Quest – Discover four prominent locations to add to your map.

  • He tells you about 4 unusual locations across the river.
  • That will give you some landmarks for the map.
  • Go towards the bridge that crosses the river to the east.
  • Forage whenever you can (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Go to the Giant Tree (1/4 landmark), then to the Monolith (2/4 landmark)
  • I suggest you go south to the Unknown from here, and you’ll find a Giant Skeleton (3/4 landmark) that you need to Try to identify it.

Side Quest – Find the cave mentioned in the note

  • To the southeast of the skeleton, there’s the cave you are looking for.
  • First, use your Perception to take a closer look and make sure the bandits are there.
  • Then try to sneak inside using your stealth in the Sneak Minigame.
  • Press to walk, release to crouch, and hide.
  • Stay clear of the guards and reach the other side before the time is up.
  • Once you get the tools, take them to the Smitty at the Hillside Village to succeed in your side quest.
  • To the left of the Giant Skeleton towards Lake Kalini (4/4 landmark), there’s a person there.
  • Seems like refugees don’t have money to buy a lamb so you can Make up the difference.
  • You realize you’re in the region around Ulensk.
  • The hidden ravine south of Lake Kalini leads directly into the mountains north of Adena.
  • Go south till you find the Ravine and go find the witch.
Shadow and Bone Chapter 1 Rude Awakening Walkthrough Alina Starkov Map

Wrapping up

You can always start the chapter over if you’re not content with how you did things, sometimes you have better luck in your encounters and succeed when using your attributes.

You can take a look at my walkthrough below and see how I solved all the minigames, main quests, and side quests if the written walkthrough isn’t clear enough for you.

I’ll have more walkthroughs for you soon for Shadow and Bone Enter the Fold, and I’ll show you how to solve all the quests you encounter.

Here’s the Prologue walkthrough for Shadow and Bone with Alexander Kirigan, where I show you how the game works.


Shadow and Bone – Enter the Fold – Prologue Walkthrough [Alexander Kirigan]

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