Scary Horror 2: Escape Games Walkthrough [Kidnapping]

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I enjoyed playing Scarry Horror 2 and making this walkthrough for the Kidnapping chapter. I’ll give you all the clues and steps you need to take to solve all the puzzles.

If you like escape room kind of games, I’m sure you’re also enjoying this Scarry Horror 2 game as much as I am.

Follow the walkthrough below to make sure you finish the first chapter of Scary Room 2, and help the kidnapped character escape.

Scary Horror 2 Kidnapping Walkthrough

As the title of the first chapter of Scary Horror 2 says, the character is going to get kidnapped and wake up in what looks like an abandoned locker room.

Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Locker Room
  • You can take the metal clippers on the left and use them on the lock of the green locker on the right.
  • Take the hose and check the puzzle on the floor near the body.
  • You’ll find a pipe clamp inside.
  • Check the bathtub and take the spoon from the edge.
  • You can check on the body and see it’s just a mannequin.
  • Take out its eye using the spoon and take the key behind
  • Tie the hose to the pipe in between the two sinks, and drop it in the hole.
  • As you go down the hose you get to the boiler room under.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Boiler Room
  • Grab the wrench on the floor and check the green backpack.
  • Go through the notepad and take the clip.
  • Use the key to open up the box and take the jackknife from inside.
  • Go back to the bathroom and use the clip to unzip the mannequin’s jacket.
  • Take the lightbulb and go to the locker you opened earlier.
  • Use the jackknife on the movie roll inside and get the boiler lever with you.
  • Use the wrench on the red valve by the bathtub and take it.
  • Go back to the boiler room.
  • Look at the pipes on the right, put the red valve on the first part.
  • Put the pipe clamp on the pierced pipe to hold the steam inside.
  • Arrange the round, triangle, and square valves like in the drawing behind, so the pressure lowers.
  • Rotate the round one as much as you can until there’s no pressure.
  • Go to the boiler, put the boiler lever on the missing spot, and push the lever up in this order: 1 – 3 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 4
  • You’ll get a fire box key.
  • Now you can go through the door behind the boiler.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Vending Machine
  • There’s a note with a phone number in the left crate.
  • And a screwdriver on the vending machine.
  • You can solve the puzzle next to the vending machine by pressing the pieces to rotate them in the right spot.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Painting Puzzle
  • Behind it, there’s a butterfly net (without net)
  • On the crate on the right, there’s a net.
  • Drag the net over the butterfly net frame.
  • Tap on the two arrows in the bottom left corner to go to the other part of this area.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Phone Booth
  • Use the fire box key to open up the red firebox behind and take the fire extinguisher.
  • Check out the cabinet in the corner and solve the puzzle by matching the symbols behind the chips.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Cabinet Puzzle
  • Take the medical scissors behind.
  • Check the phone booth on the right and open the phonebook.
  • Put the note with the phone number over the torn paper.
  • Dial in the number: 131 – 313 – 910 (X = 10)
  • Take the coin and now you can go to the bathroom you started at.
  • Use the butterfly net on the bathtub to grab the Coke button.
  • Move to the boiler room, move the crate closer to the wall next to the boiler, and climb on it.
  • Take the broken lightbulb and put the new lightbulb there instead.
  • Use the screwdriver to take the screws off from the vent.
  • Get the note and solve the puzzle on it.
    • 2+6=8
    • 3-1=2
    • 2+3=5
    • 6+1=7
  • The code is the missing numbers: 2631
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Math Puzzle
  • Go to the room with the vending machine and enter that code on the crate with a lock.
  • Take the hand doll and move the boxes to get the crowbar.
  • Put the Coke button on the vending machine and insert the coin, then press the Coke button.
  • Take the plastic bottle and use the crowbar to take the nails on the wood planks that are closing the door.
  • Go through the door and look around.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Hanging Mannequin
  • Take the neckerchief off the floor and the note in between those candles ahead.
  • Look at the shelves with the jars on the right and arrange them in their own shape and size.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Jars Puzzle
  • You’ll find a key card here.
  • Look at the hanging mannequin, take the triangular key from its pocket and cut the wires with the medical scissors.
  • Now go into the other room using the arrows on the bottom left corner.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Operating Room
  • Look at the mannequin’s head on the left and take the sternum expander.
  • Check the electricity panel on the right and use the triangular key to open it.
  • Turn the sections around to make a connecting circuit from the green wire on the bottom to the red button on the top.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Electricity Panel Puzzle
  • Now you can pull the lever up and the light in the cabinet will turn on.
  • Take the doll’s head off the floor and put it on the doll’s body on the chair.
  • Put the doll’s arm as well, open the seat belts, and take the doll with you.
  • Go to the other room with the hanging mannequin and use the sternum expander on its chest to take the punched card.
  • Go to the room with the bear traps, that’s next to the room with the vending machine.
  • Throw the doll into one of the bear traps and the coke into another.
  • Now you can go through the door behind them.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Fire Hallway
  • Use the fire extinguisher to extinguish all the fires.
  • You can take the forceps on the chairs to your right.
  • Look at the frame with the people on the left wall and take the sticker note.
  • Use the neckerchief to wipe out the foam on the suitcase on the floor.
  • Use the key card to open the suitcase and take the book and remember that the time written on the note is 2:45.
  • The green device on the right wall has a clock on.
  • Put the punched card inside and set the time to 2:45 to find a round handle.
  • Get outside where the phone booth is and put the round handle on the red drawer inside the emergency box on the wall.
  • You’ll find an icebreaker inside.
  • Go to the room with the hanging mannequin and put the book on the shelf over the candles.
  • Switch the books around to make the right pattern.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Books Pattern
  • You’ll find a nametag of Dr. Kilstomery.
  • Check the jars on the right again and use the forceps to grab the red ball from the biggest jar.
  • Now check the other room here by tapping on the arrows in the bottom corner.
  • Put the nametag on the cabinet in front and based on the file next to it put the three names in order.
  • I assumed the length of the names was clear:
    • 1. Dr. Montgomery
    • 2. Dr. Schroeder
    • 3. Dr. Kilstomery
  • Now the note you had in your inventory went right under the file.
  • So to find the code for the lock you need to solve that math puzzle.
    • 9-1=8
    • 2-1=1
  • So the code is:
    • 9 – 1
    • 2 – 1
  • Inside you’ll find a scalpel, take it and use it to cut off the bandages of the mannequin’s head.
  • Remove all the parts of the head and take the lighter.
  • From the other drawers of the cabinet, you’ll find a sleep gas cylinder and a file with a photo tore in pieces.
  • Put the pieces together
  • Go back to the boiler room.
  • Go up the crate and use the lighter so you can see inside the vent.
  • Take the transparent tape and go back to the cabinet to glue the photo back together.
  • Go to the room that was on fire and put the photo you fixed next to the others.
  • Now match the shape of the photos with the shadows left on the frame.
  • A secret door behind it will open up.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Science Room
  • Take the empty glass bottle from the floor.
  • Use the icebreaker to clear the ice on the freezer in front till you are able to push the green button.
  • Take the hose out of the icy water.
  • Check the cube on the floor and remake the puzzle of two circles up and one down.
  • There’s a bottle of hydrogen peroxide inside.
  • Check the white box on the right and put the red plastic ball there.
  • Make four lines without taking your hand off:
    • Start on the 7th red ball go diagonally to the 3rd red ball.
    • Move down to the blue dot under the 9th red ball.
    • Then diagonally up to the blue dot next to the 1st red ball.
    • Then to the right to the 2nd red ball.
  • Take the pencil, check the table on the left, and sharpen it.
  • Go to the room where you got the doll from, put the sticker note on the chair, and brush the pencil over it to find the number 681537.
  • Put together the sleep gas cylinder and the hose and go to the rats in the aquarium.
  • Put the sleep gas device to release gas in the aquarium and use the forceps to get the key there.
  • Go to the room that was on fire and check out the back door.
  • Punch down the code on the sticky note and press the green arrow.
  • Go inside to find the morgue.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Morgue
  • There’s a note on the floor in front of you.
  • Look at the table in the middle of the room and take the instruction leaflet.
  • Check the sink next to the cabinets and take the fire glove.
  • Next to the sink, there’s a table with a scale on, use the key to open the box next to the scale and take the insulating tape.
  • Look at the green panel on the cabinets and solve the math lock.
    • 5 + 6 + 9 = 20
    • 7 + 8 + 4 = 19
    • 1 + 3 + 2 = 6
  • Take the empty spray bottle from inside and go to the other room.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Camera Room
  • Check the camera and take the luminol recipe page.
  • Look at the crematory door and use the glove to open it.
  • Check the glass cabinet in front and solve the puzzle on your note using the clues.
    • Red is 8, blue is 6, green is 9, yellow is 7, so the code is 8697
  • Look at the red box inside and turn the chips to put them in the right order.
    • Baby – Woman – Man – Skeleton Head
    • The chips need some room to move around so they aren’t always in their spots to let others move freely.
  • You get another instruction leaflet.
  • Go to the science room through the secret door that opened in the hallway.
  • The green tank has a movie roll you need.
  • Check out the buttons and solve the code with the note from your inventory.
  • The right symbols are circled with red and have a number next to them.
  • Once solved you can take the film reel from inside.
  • Check the table on the left here and put the hydrogen peroxide on the table, the empty spray bottle, and the luminol recipe page.
  • Remove the cap off the spray bottle and follow the recipe:
    • Drag the H2O bottle to the spray bottle.
    • Then drag the C8H7N3O2 to it.
    • Then H2O2 to it.
    • Take the spoon and get some K3[Fe(CN)6
    • Then take some NaOH with the spoon as well.
    • Put the lid back on the spray bottle and shake it, then take the Luminol bottle.
  • Go back to the morgue and then to the room where the camera was.
  • Use the film reel and watch the movie.
  • Check the left corner of the room and move the boxes out of the way.
  • Rotate the circle till these symbols are aligned.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Safe Puzzle
  • Now you need to remember the symbols on the big circle that are drawn in red on the side and see which other symbol is associated with each one.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Safe Symbols Pattern
  • Now you’ll be able to enter the back room.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Factory
  • Take the metal stick on the right and check the boxes there.
  • Inside the box there’s a hook you can attach to the minecart.
  • Next to the box there’s glass everywhere.
  • Use the insulating tape to tape a piece of glass and make a glass knife.
  • Put the chains with the hooks on the area to the left.
  • Check out the panels with lots of buttons on the left, the instruction leaflet will help you figure out which buttons to push.
  • On top of it, there’s a spray hose you can take.
  • First, check out the electric part under the panel and put the wires in their place.
    • Red at 2 – 2 (column first + row second)
    • Green at 2 – 4 (column + row)
    • Blue at 4 – 3 (column + row)
    • Purple at 5 – 1 (column + row)
  • The green light turns on so now start pressing the buttons as instructed.
  • Make sure you turn the 4th and 6th nub twice each, while the 5th just one time.
  • Now you can go on the cart through the tunnel.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Birthday Party
  • Take the green hairspray can and use it on the candles on the cake to get a fire can.
  • Use the fire can to burn the bugs on the cake.
  • Check the toolbox on the other table and take the batteries from the device inside and the wire.
  • Pop the balloons on the left with the glass knife until you find an electronic key card.
  • Check out the other side of the room.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Cafeteria
Forgot to take screenshot before doing things… ooops!
  • Take the UV flashlight and put the batteries on it.
  • Check the garbage on the left, take the can of grain and remember that pyramid puzzle.
  • The missing numbers are 3 and 4.
  • Check the mixer on the kitchen area and scare the bugs away with the fire can.
  • Now take the olive oil from inside.
  • Go to the morgue and check the bloodied sink.
  • Put the spray hose on, wash the organs, and pick them up.
  • Also, fill the empty bottle with water.
  • Go to the scale and put the brain, the adrenal gland, and the right lung (it’s important because they weigh differently)
  • It should add up to a total of 1.784kg and will reveal a glass eye.
  • Go to the crematory door you opened earlier and combine the metal stick with the wire to get a stick with a hook.
  • Use it to get the metal piece you can see inside the furnace.
  • Pour water over it to be able to take the magnet out.
  • Go with it to the glass you made the glass knife and use it to take some lock picks out from under the broken glass.
  • Go to the morgue area and spray some luminol over the table, turn off the lights, and use the UV flashlight to see the word written there.
    • (Also, nice HP reference, did not expect it)
  • Now go back to the party and to the door in the cafeteria.
  • Use the electronic key card on the door and spell DEAD for the code.
  • To solve the wire puzzle you need to press all the buttons connecting to the one before so you don’t go over any of them twice.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Lock Wire Puzzle
  • Before you go through this door, go back to the birthday party.
  • Check out the gift on the table and open it.
  • Put the glass eye in the missing spot and match the eye pairs.
  • Inside you’ll find a glowing stick.
  • In the cafeteria area where the cleaning items are, there’s a closed cabinet.
  • Use the lock picks to open it and take the metal brush from inside.
  • Now you can go through the doors and find the security room.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Security Room
  • Take the bandana from the desk and look at the numbers under it.
  • The missing numbers are 6 and 7
  • With the other numbers in mind, that you need to remember, the code to the lock on the gates to the left is: 3467
  • Put some oil on the hinges and open the gate.
  • Look at the jacket inside and take the wire cutters from the pocket.
  • There’s a game on the desk to the right, right next to the sandwich.
  • To remove towers they need to jump one over another until there are only 5 left on the table.
  • You’ll find a cake knife and go with it at the cake, use it to find what’s hidden inside.
  • Now use the bandana to wipe it out and take out the CD.
  • Go to where the minecart was.
  • Check the device on the wall and use the metal brush to clean it.
  • Scroll the discs so that the line runs continuously from left to right.
  • Take the crowbar you find behind.
  • Go to the Security Room and use the crowbar to open up the cabinet behind the jacket.
  • Take the letter S and go to the computer.
  • Insert the disk into the computer at the desk and move the two keys by pressing the arrows.
  • They both need to get to the locks without touching any mines.

Hint: If one of the keys is in its place and moving the other means you take it out, or it’s in danger, you can move the key to a wall and press the arrow towards the wall, so basically only one key moves while the other stays put.

  • You found a key for the locked door here.
  • Solve the lock puzzle to open the door.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Key Pattern
  • Go through to reach outside.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Roof
  • Take the piece of brick and use the crowbar to open the wooden box on the left, taking out all the nails.
  • Take the garden shovel and check the pigeon cages on the left.
  • Open the door and put some grains inside to be able to get the headless mom doll.
  • Look at the vent on the right and use the wire cutters to cut the wires there.
  • Remove the grate and put the glowing stick inside to take the 1st-floor elevator button.
  • Go to the cafeteria and check out the fan.
  • Put the brick there to stop it and grab the cogwheel/gear.
  • Go back to the roof and put the cogwheel on the device by the fence.
  • Make them connect and turn so you can pull the lever up.
Scary Horror 2 - Kidnapping Walkthrough Cogwheel Puzzle
  • Now you can go on the other side over the bridge and finish the first chapter.

Wrapping up

The mystery of how you got kidnapped and who did it will remain for now. This is a scary place for sure, and anyone would want to escape it.

Now that you’re out of there, doesn’t mean you’re safe. There is more scary things to come in the next chapter of Scary Horror 2 – Horror House.


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