Room Escape Game – Pinocchio Part 2 Walkthrough

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I have lots of answers and clues for you in this walkthrough for Room Escape Game – Pinocchio, so you can finish this part as well.

Here’s a link to my last article with a walkthrough for Pinocchio Part 1, in case you needed help with that.

Follow the walkthrough below to find out all the clues you need to solve the puzzles and find the pass codes.

Room Escape Game – Pinocchio Walkthrough – Part 2

Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Part 2 Second Room
  • Check the window on the right side and grab the snail on it.
  • Look at the barrel under and notice the 4 coins with ships on it.
    • 4 ships – 1 ship – 2 ships – 3 ships.
  • Now go to the box on the other side of the room and enter that code 4123.
  • Take the wood horse from inside an take a look on the left side of the room.
  • The carousel on the ladder is missing a horse, put the one you found here.
  • Take note of the numbers the horses have: 236587
  • Check the carriage cage in front of the window to the right.
  • Drag a line following the numbers on the horses starting with 2.
  • Take the candle inside.
  • Look at the bags on the right next to the window:
    • Notice their position: 2314
Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Bags Pattern
  • Now go to the other red and white box on the right and arrange the nubs like the bags.
  • You’ll find a hammer and nails inside.
  • Go to the left wall, where the fallen paper is, and use the hammer and nails to fix the poster on the wall.
    • Notice the card symbols:
      • club – spades
      • heart – diamond
  • Now go to the crates on the left side under the window and insert those card symbols.
  • Inside you’ll find a matchbox.
  • Go to the lamp next to the red curtain and set the candle inside, then light it using the matchbox.
  • The curtains will open and you can go inside.
Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Behind the Curtains
  • Check the wooden donkey on the barrel and use the matches to light up his pipe.
  • Take note of how long his smoke blowing is.
    • medium – long – short – short – long – medium
  • Test that pattern to the chest in front of it pressing the buttons accordingly.
  • Inside you’ll find a screwdriver, so go back to the first area and look at the ladder on the left wall.
  • Use the screwdriver on the screws there to get to the book under the wooden plaque.
  • Remember the Truths and Lies in the book.
Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Book Truths and Lies
  • Go to the Pinocchio sitting in a box to the left and answer his statements:
    • Eating – True
    • Trick – True
    • Drinking – Lie
    • Playing – Lie
    • Friend – True
    • Wandering – Lie
    • Brave – Lie
    • Sleeping – True
  • Getting all right will make his nose grow and birds sitting on it.
  • Notice their colors from the start to the tip: yellow – black – white – blue
  • Go behind the curtain and tap on the red and white box and enter those colors.
  • You’ll find a box with a code you need to decipher.
  • Check the other barrel in this room and set the snail on the balancing bean.
  • It will give you a key to use at the music box in the first room on the barrel.
  • Turn it and it will give you a note for the bags next to the right window.
    • The circles there need to be set in the same order:
      • First: half white – half black (1/2)
      • Second: completely black (2/2)
      • Third: 3 quarters black – 1 white (3/4)
      • Forth: 1 quarter black – 3 white (1/4)
Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Circles Pattern
  • You’ll be given a money bill you need to put in the top hat on the chair, behind the curtain.
  • The puppet show will open up so pay attention to the letters and their order:
  • Enter that pass code in the box in your inventory.
  • It will give you the key you need to exit this room and go outside.

Wrapping up

There’s more to the story of Pinocchio for you to discover in this Room Escape Game, and I’ll be here every step of the way.

Come back from more tips on how to solve these fun puzzles in my next article for Room Escape Game – Pinocchio part 3 walkthrough.


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