Room Escape Game – Pinocchio Part 1 Walkthrough

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Another Escape Game walkthrough ready just for you for Room Escape Pinocchio. I’ll give you all the answers and puzzles you need to get out of each section of the game.

As we start in what looks like a wood workshop, just like the place I imagined Pinocchio being born, we will find lots of chests that need to be opened in order to get out the door.

Follow the walkthrough below to make sure you finish and find your way out. There are a lot more interesting areas that await for you outside.

Room Escape Game – Pinocchio Walkthrough – Part 1

Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Part 1 First Room
  • Right in front of there’s a small chest next to two logs.
  • Look above the fireplace and notice the number made there: 7046
  • Enter that number into the chest and take the bucket of water.
  • Pour that bucket over the fire in the fireplace and look at the box there.
  • The logs in the middle of the room have two cracks each.
  • To open this box you need to position the marks the same way as the cracks in the logs.
    • If we consider them like clock arrows they could easily be: 9:25 and 9:10
  • Take the handle from inside.
  • Go at the right window and put the handle on the music box sitting there.
  • A star behind it will start moving, so remember the pattern.
    • From top left corner go right diagonal down once – up once – right once – down twice – left once – left diagonal up once – down once.
  • Go to the other window and tap on the little house on the right.
  • Enter that patter and you’ll get a piece of gear.
Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Lines Puzzle
  • Notice the chisels on the table under the right window.
  • The order from small to tall (1 being the smallest and 4 being the tallest): 1342
  • Check the right panel above the fireplace and remake that pattern there.
Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - chisels
  • Take the brush from there and go back to the table with the chisels.
  • Brush the dirt off the paper and remember the pattern of the limbs.
Room Escape Game - Pinocchio Walkthrough - Shapes Puzzle
  • Go to the lamp next to the door and enter that pattern.
  • Take the dagger from inside and go to the left window.
  • Use it to cut the strings of the wooden toy hanging at the window.
  • On its feet the work wick is written.
  • Go at the left panel above the fireplace and write that word.
  • Now you can take the mallet from inside and go at the right window and smack the wooden cricket with it to find another gear.
  • Take both gears at the clock device in between the right window and the door.
  • The clock hands will start moving and give you a code:
    • diagonal / – sun
    • vertical | – boat
    • horizontal – – whale
    • diagonal \ – moon
  • Go to the left window and enter that code in the wooden house to the left:
    • sun – boat – whale – moon
  • You’ll find some blue thread inside.
  • Look at the red vest under it and put the thread in the sawing needle.
  • Remember the blue birds pattern:
    • Left side, from up to down: small – big – small – small.
    • Right side: small – small – big – big.
  • Now go at the chest sitting on the chair in front of the table to the right.
  • Enter the birds pattern here to open it.
  • Inside you’ll find a brush you should get to the wooden toy on the chair and paint his other eye.
  • He starts looking at his hands so pay attention to the pattern:
    • For me it was: left – right – right – left – right – right – left – right
  • Now go at the door and tap each bell in the correct order like your toy showed you.
  • Getting it right will open the door for you so you can get out.

Wrapping up

We’ve been introduced to Pinocchio’s workshop, or better said Giuseppe’s workshop. All his toys and wood items needed to be discovered and opened, so you could find your way out.

I’m looking forward to see more of this game and what the next area will reveal to us. Make sure you bookmark our page so you get first view to my part 2 walkthrough for Room Escape Games Pinocchio.


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