Rise of Kingdoms Unique Troops Guide & Overview

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Each nation in Rise of Kingdoms has a unique troop that they will unlock throughout the ages. This particular troop which is unique to each civilization will have better stats than the regular unit other players can unlock.

And today we’re going to talk about them: the unique troops in Rise of Kingdoms – mainly to satisfy your curiosity to see how they look like and what their stats are.

Before we even begin looking at the unique units in the game, I have to say something: you shouldn’t really choose your starting nation in the game based on these troops alone.

Each unique troop is a Tier 4 unit, meaning that probably the vast majority of players in the game will never get the chance to unlock them (or will after a TON of play time).

T4 troops require you to be Level 21 (and have a matching Academy) and then the research alone for each unit is about 1 real life month. Yes – 30 days to research T4 troops!

In other words, this is some real end game stuff here and the unique units are not as important for your progress as you might believe they are when you start playing.

So if you’re not sure what civilization to choose, choose one that offers the best commander and general boosts, and not just the best unique troop!

With these in mind, let’s take a look at the unique units in Rise of Kingdoms and see their base stats. I know that many people are curious to see these because you don’t have access to their info unless you have them unlocked.

Legionary (Rome)

rise of kingdoms legionary

Focused a bit more on Defense than Attack, these are the infantry units unique to the Roman empire. However, their increased defense is balanced a bit by their lower health compared to similar units.

Samurai (Japan)

rise of kingdoms samurai

The unique infantry unit of the Japanese is, as one would expect, more focused on increased attack.

They have regular defense and lower health, so they’re great for an attack-oriented empire (despite the fact that the infantry units are generally considered defense-oriented).

Teutonic Knight (Germany)

rise of kingdoms teutonic knight

Also receiving a bit more in terms of Defense and Health, these knights are the special cavalry units of the Germans.

Throwing Axeman (France)

rise of kingdoms throwing axeman

Although I initially thought that they’d be ranged units, these are actually infantry troops. They have more balanced stats, with almost even numbers for Attack, Defense and Health.

Mamluk (Arabia)

rise of kingdoms mamluk

Thanks to our reader Viliam, we have the information for this unique troop. A really strong cavalry unit that definitely brings up a lot of havoc on the battlefield. Great unit!

These would be, for now, the unique troops that I have data for, but I am working on gathering the rest of the unique units in Rise of Kingdoms.

If you are able to send a screenshot with the unique troop of a nation I haven’t featured (please make sure to tap the “I” button to see their stats in the training screen), please do so by sending an email using our contact page.


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